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What Does Hogfish Taste Like And How To Prepare It

There are various species of fish in existence, and it is common place for one to ask if a particular of fish is palatable. Hogfish are also known as hog “snapper” or wrasse; as it belongs to the wrasse family. It is named so because its head looks a pig’s snout.

Hogfish are mostly on grass fields around coral heads, oil rigs, etc. They are known to camouflage around big sea fans. Their “noses” are used to retrieve crabs and shrimps from reefs and also to dig for mollusks in the sand.

Hogfish converts cholesterol into fat and stores it in its intramuscular fat. Their dorsal fin flares like a crest. Before delving into what does hogfish taste like when cooked? Let’s learn:

How to Catch Hogfish

The fish is easier captured by the traditional method of spearfishing. It may prove difficult if you try to fish it using line and hook. During the peak season for crabs and lobsters, you may be lucky and catch the hogfish in your trap.

Spearfishing is ideal as you get the fish that you are after. You could either use a pole spear or a spear gun depending on your preferences. As for diving, some prefer free diving to using tanks.

During the in-season, it is as expensive as any fresh fish e.g. mutton snapper. You don’t have to worry that it will be more costly. Filleting a hogfish isn’t as difficult as many presume it to be. It is just like any other fish.

How to flay a hogfish:

  • Using a sharp flay knife, cut in behind their head just like you would, any other fish. Continue right through the backbone of the hogfish, making cute, little thin cuts.
  • Cut up and over its pronounced ribcage and cut back down when you get to the other side of it.

How to Catch Hogfish

Cooking Hogfish

If you are planning to have a homemade meal out of hogfish; there are many ways to cook your meat. You can broil, bake or fry or even saute it. The meat has a mild flavor and sweet undertones.

If you order it, it will usually be shipped fresh, never frozen. To ensure that the fish is fresh, smell it, if it has a fishy odor, then it is not fresh. Many argue that hogfish tastes sweeter than grouper.

The meat of hogfish is tender, not tough and feels like it is melting once you put it in your mouth. It holds more moisture when cooking than other fish. Their ability to convert cholesterol into pure fat adds to the oils and moisture in its flesh.

This ability then translates to a silky feeling when eating the meat. For a simple meal, you could make a hogfish sandwich with melted cheese and grilled onions. It is quite a delicacy.

Steps for Pan Frying your Hogfish

Once you have flayed the fish, it is easy to fry it. You could do this by yourself even without experience:

  • Step 1: Cut the meat into suitable sizes. Season it using your preferred seasoning ingredient and then dip it in flour. Ensure that flour covers the sides of the flesh, thoroughly.
  • Step 2: Break two or more eggs in a bowl and stir. Take the pieces of meat and dip them in the bowl. Roll it in the egg.
  • Step 3: With bread crumbs in another bowl, take the meat from the egg and into the bowl with crumbs and ensure that there are bits on either side of the piece of meat. Leave them to dry.
  • Step 4: Put oil in a pan and heat it to a temperature of around 270 degrees. Leave it in the oil until the meat turns golden brown. Once both sides are golden brown, you are good to have a bite.

The above steps are for a crispy, tasty meal. Different meals of hogfish can be found in restaurants if you aren’t willing to cook by yourself.

The Taste of Hogfish

People have different opinions on how a hogfish tastes. But they all agree that it doesn’t have a fish-like taste. Its meat is flakier than that of a dolphin and as delicious as scallops. It is a common delicacy in areas near their habitat.

The meat is lean and snow white. You should give it a try as you never know, it may be the best fish that you have ever tested.


If you still don’t know; what does a hogfish taste like, cooked? Then, you should give it a try. Its meat is snow white and flaky and feels like it is melting in your mouth. There are many ways you can prepare a hogfish meal.

You can decide to pan fry it by following the above-outlined steps. You could also make a sandwich out of it, combined with grilled onions and melted cheese. Yummy, hogfish is quite a delicacy, and the chances are that you may get addicted to it.

If you do not want to prepare it by yourself’ you can head to a restaurant that offers meals prepared from hogfish. Go and have yourself a mouthwatering, delicious taste.

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2 thoughts on “What Does Hogfish Taste Like And How To Prepare It”

  1. I live in PA and we can’t get hogfish,,, I am in Naoles for the winter and want to buy hog fish to take home from later enjoyment ….Can has it be frozen?

  2. You can actually order hogfish and they ship it to you next day. It arrives fresh laid on ice packs in a cooler box. I actually recently had 10 lbs shipped to me here in Minnesota.


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