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Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing Tips

Lake Trout Fishing Tips - Guaranteed To Help!

Fishing lake trout through the ice is a winter staple for anglers in the northern US and Canada, and these big fish offer heart-pounding opportunities throughout the coldest, darkest months. Ice-out frightens or frustrates a lot of less-experienced anglers, though, as the more or less consistently cold water gives lakers a lot of room to […]

Rigs for Trout Fishing: Spinning Tackle Options for Streams and Lakes

Not all trout anglers use fly rods, and fans of spinning tackle don’t need to feel left out of the game. Truth be told, ultralight spinning rods and ultralight reels really do outperform fly tackle when it comes to fighting big trout. They’re also far, far easier to cast well.  And with the right fishing […]

Speckled Trout Fishing Tips Guaranteed To Help

The speckled trout, or Cynoscion nebulosus as it’s known to science, makes its home in the shallow water of the coasts of much of the eastern and southern U.S. Actually a member of the drum family, and not a true trout at all, this wary fish is prized as both a meal and a trophy. […]

Kayak Fishing for Trout: Essential Tips to Get You Started

Trout anglers know that crystal-clear, shallow water demands stealth. And there’s nothing stealthier than a silent kayak sliding into a pool. Even out west, where you may be trolling for trout on a big lake, a kayak is an affordable, easily-transportable alternative to a big aluminum boat. And trust me, trolling from a ’yak is […]

Hook Selection for Trout Fishing: The Best Size and Style Hooks for Trout

When you’re fishing for trout, details matter. And as confusing as choosing the right bait or trout lure can be, hook selection is positively bedeviling. Pick the wrong style of hook, and the brookies will give even the most enticing baits a pass. Pick the wrong size of hook, and you can lose fish, end […]

Catching Rainbow Trout and Steelheads: Tips and Techniques To Make You a Better Angler

For trout anglers, there’s probably no greater prize than a big Rainbow or a massive Steelhead. Armed with sharp senses, but not as aggressive as browns or brookies, these trout subspecies are a real test of your fishing skills. But the better you understand trout, the easier they are to catch. We’d like to help, […]

Trout Fishing Tackle

The Best Fishing Line For Trout: A Guide To Choosing The Right Line

I’ll admit that I spend a lot of my fishing downtime wandering around tackle shops and sporting good stores. Even if I’m not picking anything up (which is a rarity), walking aimlessly up and down the isles is almost therapeutic. The one aisle I end up spending more time in than I probably should is […]

The Best Trout Rods: Our Picks for 2024

Trout and fly fishing go hand in hand. But what if you’re not a fly fisherman? Does that mean you have to miss out on some of the best and most popular fishing this country has to offer? Not at all. With the advancements of fishing rods over the years comes more and more options […]

Best Lures and Bait For Steelhead: A Guide To The Right Choices For Steelheading Success

When steelhead fishing is hot, it can be some of the most exciting fishing going. Steelhead are big, strong, hard fighting, and incredibly acrobatic. It’s not hard to see why their popularity has been steadily increasing year after year. But if you’re familiar at all with steelhead fishing, then you’re probably well aware that those […]

Best Steelhead Rods Unveiled: Rods with Superior Performance

I often get asked what the most important piece of equipment is when it comes to steelheading. While a case could be made for just about anything, my answer is always the rod. Steelhead are strong, acrobatic fish that can put some serious punishment on your gear, and it's the rod that takes the brunt […]

Best Reels For Steelhead Fishing: Our Picks For 2024

There are few guarantees in fishing, but without fail, each year comes steelhead migration. That migration can look different depending on where in the country you’re located, but one thing is for sure: with that migration comes droves of anglers flocking to their local tributaries in hopes of hooking into one of these magnificent creatures. […]

The Best Hooks for Trout Fishing: 6 Awesome Hooks to Cover All Your Needs

Hook selection is always important, but for trout, it’s nothing short of critical. And whether you fish for steelhead off the west coast or cast into bubbling streams in search of brook trout in Colorado, the wrong hook is going to ruin your morning. As we’ve discussed before, the right hook is going to be […]

The Best Trout Bait: 6 Must Have Baits For Chasing Trout in 2024

North America boasts the most diverse trout fishing in the world. From native brook trout and rainbow trout to introduced fish like the brown trout, the list of great trout fishing on this continent can go on and on, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are one of the most sought-after fish […]

Best Trout Lures and Soft Baits Reviewed: Spinning Tackle Trout Lures 101

Perhaps no area of angling is as dominated by fly tackle as trout fishing. That only stands to reason: trout can be finicky feeders, and the more realistic the presentation, the better your chances of attracting a strike. It’s understandable why expertly tied flies are so effective. Not only do they look like real insects, […]

The Best Trout Lures For Rivers And Streams: Our Picks For Must-Have Trout Lures

When I get asked what my favorite target species is, the answer is simple: trout. My love affair with these incredible fish stems from my younger years, hiking along river banks in search of anything willing to bite what I was offering. Brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, or steelhead, it didn’t matter. The elusiveness […]

The Best Trout Flies: Top Flies For Trout Fishing Success

Fishing can be a game of details. The finer points are often what can make or break a day on the water. This couldn’t be any more relevant than when fishing for trout. Add fly fishing into that mix, and those little details suddenly become more prominent than ever before. As someone who began fly […]

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