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Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 Review: A Trunk-Portable Inflatable Fishing Machine

Anglers who want access to the water without the expense and hassle of a traditional boat will be excited to learn about Sea Eagle’s Stealth Stalker 10.

This small inflatable is ideal for rivers, lakes, and ponds, easily outperforming Pond Prowlers and other comparable hard-hulled alternatives.

Sea Eagle knows what anglers need, and they’ve designed an inflatable to satisfy the demands of fishermen who want a quiet, stealth, easy-to-transport boat.

If that sounds too good to be true, keep reading.

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The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 Review

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Capacity: 1199 lbs.

Hull Weight: 44 lbs. or 77 lbs. With wooden floorboard and motor mount

Length: 10.1’

Width: 5.1’

Interior: 7.5’ x 2.3’ 

Material: 1000 Denier 36 mil proprietary

Seams: quadruple overlapping glued

Engine capacity: 4 hp gas maximum or up to 74 lb. thrust electric

Speed estimates: 3 to 4 mph

Inflation pressure: 3.2 psi

The Hull

Sea Eagle’s inflatables are renowned for their rugged construction, and there’s nothing you can throw at this boat that it can’t shrug off. The proprietary material they use to build these boats is simply superior tech, and try as you might, you won’t puncture or cut the Stealth Stalker.

Go ahead - land it on a rocky beach, slam it into a stump, or ram a sharp rock. Nothing’s going to happen.

When inflated to 3.2 PSI, a process that takes just a few minutes, the three independent air chambers become rigid, and the addition of a wooden floorboard and motor mount transforms this inflatable into a true fishing machine.

You’ll find our locks mounted to the hull on both sides, as well as Scotty mounting pads on the bow and stern.

Those are well placed for two anglers, allowing them to access their rods in a hurry when needed but keep them safe and out of the way when they’re not.

You’ll also see that the Stealth Stalker has been outfitted with four rod holders, two on each side. They’re not adjustable, but they’re strong and gentle on your delicate rods.

A 40-inch fish ruler is mounted to either side as well, enabling quick, accurate measurements.

While the Stealth Stalker measures a hair over 10 feet long, the interior dimensions are a bit smaller given the inflatable sides. Expect 7.5’ x 2.3’, which is a little tight in the beam, and doesn’t leave much space for gear like coolers or tackle bags.

That’s just the reality of a boat this size, hard hull or not, and no fault of Sea Eagle’s design.

The Stealth Stalker is considerably more stable than Pond Prowlers, however, and absolutely seaworthy enough for lakes and rivers, making it far more versatile overall.

Stability is excellent, and standing to sight fish or cast a fly rod is a breeze.

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 Stability

The Stealth Stalker’s stability is excellent, making it perfect for sight fishing.

The Stealth Stalker 10 deflates to just 2.6’ x 2’ x 1’, allowing it to fit in the trunk of any car or the back of your SUV. And at that size, you can store it in a closet!

That’s simply amazing convenience, something no Pond Prowler can match.

Seating options

Two wooden floorboards provide a firm deck and hold mounting brackets for the chairs. Just slide the chairs into place and they lock firmly to the base.

Of course, long anglers can choose to attach only the rear chair, providing plenty of space for tackle and a cooler, or leaving plenty of empty deck to stand, cast, and fight.

The chairs are 360-degree swivel designs, providing all-day comfort and plenty of back support.

Whether you choose to fish alone or with a friend, the balance and trim of the Stealth Stalker won’t be affected, and stability is always excellent.

Engine options

Sea Eagle’s Stealth Stalker 10 can be rowed, but I’d strongly recommend a motor.

Designed to accommodate a small outboard (up to 4 hp), you’ll scoot effortlessly across larger lakes. And with a powerful trolling motor on the stern instead, you’ll really up the ante on stealth.

Either option works well.

How does it fish?

For anglers who don’t own or want a trailered boat, Sea Eagle’s Stealth Stalker is pretty much perfect.

Easy to transport in the trunk of your car or SUV, it inflates in minutes and comes together in a snap. Two anglers can carry this small boat to the water, install the trolling seats and trolling motor, and be fishing in no time.

That’s real-world practicality at its finest.

Once on the water, the Stealth Stalker’s stability is evident, and it feels firm underfoot. Standing to cast or fight feels natural and safe, and the seats are comfortable and well designed.

The rod holders are well-positioned and useful, and with either motor choice, speed is acceptable.

The super-shallow drought comes in handy for accessing spots others need to give a pass, and from salt flats to shallow ponds, this design is a real winner.

The only downside to this handy inflatable is interior space, and with two anglers aboard, extra room will be at a premium.

That said, any boat this size shares that problem.

For fishermen who want a car-portable angling platform that can handle larger lakes and rougher conditions, there’s nothing better than the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10.

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