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Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing Tips

How To Catch Redfish - Our Best Redfish Fishing Tips

The first time I fished for reds I was hooked. Standing in a small boat as the sun sank below the marshes, I could see their tails cutting the surface of the shallows. Armed with a bit of shrimp, I sent my rig right up amongst them. My hook was swallowed as it hit the […]

Surf Fishing Tips to Help You Catch More Fish: Time, Tide, and Technique

Whether you prefer having the beach all to yourself or like fishing with a few friends, there’s something magical about the sound of the waves on the sand, the anticipation of a big bite, and fighting a keeper through the surf. Surf fishing is heart-pounding angling, but if you’re new to it, or just having […]

Flounder Fishing Tips & Techniques

Flounder are one of the most popular game fish in America, and from New England to Texas, you can find anglers looking for big flatfish. As delicious as they are fun to catch, we’ve found that a few tips and tricks can really improve your odds. Do you know which live bait flounder prefer? Do […]

Best Fishing Knots for Fresh and Saltwater - Strongest, Easiest to tie, and Fastest Reviewed

We’ve demystified the marketing hype around line before, and now it’s time to concentrate on knots themselves. Which knot is the strongest? Which is the easiest to tie? Can you use the same knot on braid as well as fluorocarbon? Which is the best choice for joining your braided main-line to a fluoro leader? Wherever […]

Saltwater Fishing Tips: Get Your Gear Right!

The heart-pounding thrill of fighting a big tuna, tarpon, or sailfish is hard to equal, and if you’re as addicted to the salt as we are, you know how it gets into your blood. And from flounder to blue, specks to stripers, the variety of species saltwater anglers chase is astounding. But some things remain […]

Saltwater Tackle Reviews

Get a Grip: The Best Fishing Pliers for Freshwater and Saltwater Reviewed

Every time I’ve forgotten my fishing pliers, I’ve regretted it immediately. Pliers are an essential angling tool, and the range of tasks for which they’re perfect is almost endless. Need to clip hard-to-cut line? Check. Need to remove a deeply embedded hook or mash a few split shot? Check and check. Need to clip a […]

Best Bait and Lures For Redfish: Our Favorites Reviewed

There’s more than a little truth to the idea that 90% of the fish are in 10% of the water. If you find reds in a school, especially if they’re actively feeding, pretty much anything you throw is going to get hit. For instance, when they’re feeding on panicked mullet in shallow water, any spoon, […]

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods Reviewed For 2020

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods Saltwater rod for surf fishing Surf fishing demands a long rod that can cast like a dream, as well as an extra-long handle clad in shrink tubing to provide a no-slip grip. Built for big fish and large spinning reels, expect medium-heavy powered rods made of fiberglass composite. Amazon Length: 11’ Action/power: medium-heavy/moderately […]

Best Inshore Spinning Rods Reviewed For 2020

Between challenging weather; long, rough rides; and big, mean fish, inshore anglers put their tackle to the test. And the right choice for an inshore rod can mean the difference between a memorable catch and a disappointing failure. From sight-casting to reds to throwing live bait specks or flounder in a channel, a good inshore […]

Best Saltwater Rod and Reel Combos Reviewed

If you’re anything like us, the pull of the salt has you by the heartstrings. And if you need a new rod and reel, a great combo can get you on the water quickly. At their best, combos offer excellent reels matched to equally nice rods, but it can be hard to know which of […]

Best Fishing Sunglasses Reviewed - Stylish Safety in the Sun

From bright sun to errant hooks, fishing is harder on your eyes than the price of a new boat. If you’ve taken to the water without sunglasses, you know exactly what we mean. And as any optometrist can tell you, it’s unwise in the extreme to neglect quality eye protection, and plenty of ER doctors […]

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