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Saltwater Fishing Knots

Best Line-to-Line Knot for Saltwater: The Bimini Twist
Best Swivel Knot for Saltwater: The Offshore Swivel

Saltwater knots are, in many ways, unique. Often required to connect lines of dissimilar diameters while still withstanding incredible pressure, their clever designs can prove challenging to tie well in a hurry.

The Offshore Swivel Knot, also known as the Cat’s Paw, is a great knot for connecting heavy, large-diameter mono or fluorocarbon to a swivel. Unlike alternatives like the Uni or Palomar that require tight bends and sharp turns, the Offshore Swivel Knot ties easily in heavy mono and fluorocarbon and can’t pull free. It’s also very resistant to breakage and can even surie one of the lines separating.

The brainchild of Alberto Knie, the Alberto Knot excels as a choice for connecting slender braid to heavy mono or fluorocarbon leader. By design, it distributes load over a large surface area, tightening the grip of the braid around the central leader as pressure is applied. Easier to tie than alternatives like the FG Knot and Bimini Twist, it’s a good choice for tying on the water.

While the FG Knot has gained a following among freshwater anglers, it was originally designed around the need to join fat fluorocarbon leader to braided main line. When tied well, it can meet or exceed your line’s test strength, making it an exceptionally good choice for hard fights. Unfortunately, it’s a hard knot to get right, requiring some practice, and no one can call it quick to tie.

The Bimini Twist is simply legendary among saltwater fishermen, having proven its strength fight after fight and season after season. A “double knot” capable of exceeding your line’s test strength - you read that right! - its weakness is the difficulty of tying it well and the time it takes to get it right. But learn to tie the Bimini Twist well and it’s truly a beast.

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