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Pike Fishing

Pike are a great fish to catch, they come in all sizes and are relatively easy to target if you know what you are doing. They come in trophy sizes and can put up an awesome fight. Their fillets are bony; however, if you know the proper pike fillet techniques you can produce a boneless filet that tastes great. The best part about fishing for pike is that many lakes and rivers in Canada and Northern USA are loaded with them. You really don’t need expensive equipment or rigs to land a few nice pike either. This makes them one of the most desirable game fish for both seasoned and new anglers.

Pike Fishing Tips

Northern Pike Fishing Tips & Techniques: Catching Pike In The Spring and Summer

There’s a monster lurking in shallow water, gently working its fins to stay still. It’s half-in and half-out of a weed bed, and it’s waiting to explode into action when a perch swims near. It’s the northern pike, the closest thing to a torpedo with teeth that you’ll find in freshwater. And if there’s a […]

Muskie vs Pike: Identification of Scale, Tail, and Jaw

Muskie vs Pike: these not-so-gentle giants fire the imagination of anglers. Known for their sharp teeth, voracious appetites, and incredible power, these apex predators are enough to give you a second thought before you take a swim in a northern lake! Close kin that share the genus Esox, E. lucius and E. masquinongy have a […]

Pike Tackle Reviews

How to Hook a Monster: Best Lures for Northern Pike Explained and Reviewed

Northern pike are ferocious predators. Known to science as Esox lucius, these powerful, sleek hunters haunt the dreams of many anglers, and they’re prized for their legendary aggressiveness, powerful fights, and acrobatic leaps. We’ve offered our best tips and favorite techniques to catch more pike before. But now it’s time to take an in-depth look […]