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Loop Knots

Best Loop Knot for Terminal Tackle: The Kreh 
Best Loop Knot for Leader: The Dropper Loop

Loop knots are perfect for attaching lures that demand a knot that doesn’t cinch-down against their eye, allowing free movement.

The Kreh or Non-Slip Loop Knot is an awesome choice for lures that demand a loop knot. It’s easy to tie, fast, and strong - routinely offering more than 80% of your line’s test strength. It holds like steel shackles in monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid, so there’s no reason to worry about line types when choosing your knot. Finally, the Kreh ends with a tag end that’s pointing back towards your lure, reducing trash and junk that can get picked up by alternatives like the Rapala.

The Dropper Loop is an unusual knot in that it’s not really a standard knot at all. Ideal for creating a leader that can be relocated relative to your main line, it’s a sure-fire replacement for a three-way swivel. Best when used with stiff lines like heavy mono and fluorocarbon, in light lines and braid, tangling can be a problem.

The RapalaKnot is the strongest of all of the loop knots in monofilament, outshining the Kreh in head-to-head testing. But it won’t hold in braid or fluorocarbon very well at all. It’s fast and easy to tie, though not as quick or easy to learn as the Kreh, and it ends with a tag that’s pointing back at your rod, encouraging it to snag salad as you retrieve your lure.