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Line To Line Fishing Knots

The Best Line to Line Fishing Knot: The Double Uni Knot

Line-to-Line fishing knots are used to connect two lines, usually your main line to your leader. They need to be strong and secure, and being small enough to pass easily through a guide is a real virtue in most cases.

The Double Uni is a popular line-to-line knot, known for its high strength - especially when subjected to shock - and for being easy and fast. It’s also pretty tolerant of disparate line types and diameters, making it a good all-around choice.

The FG Knot was designed specifically for joining fluorocarbon leader to braided main line, making it a bass angler’s dream. One of the few knots that can truly match or exceed the test strength of the lines involved, it grips like a gorilla. It’s also slim and trim, allowing it to slide through small guides pretty easily. Unfortunately, it’s a hard knot to tie well, and it’s not a particularly fast knot to tie, even at home.

The Surgeon’s Knot’s ability to hold depends considerably on the number of turns you give it, and three, four, or even five will allow it to grip in slick braid, making this an excellent knot for copnnecting braided main line to fluorocarbon or monofilament leader. Not as strong with dissimilar line diameters as the Double Uni, it relies on proper technique to avoid cross-cutting wraps.

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