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Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing Tips

Kayak Fishing Tips: Our Best Tips for New Kayak Anglers

If you’re new to kayak fishing we’d like to offer you a big welcome! A kayak is my personal favorite fishing platform, and I’ve snuck my ‘yak into places no power boat will ever reach, landing big bass and monster reds. Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two - often the hard way. […]

Canoe vs Kayak - Which is Better for Fishing?

In the right hands and conditions, both kayaks and canoes excel as platforms for anglers. But there are distinct differences that can make one option or the other better for you. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of misinformation out there, and some of the articles you might find on the internet are clearly written by […]

How to Motorize Your Fishing Kayak: The Best Options Explored and Explained

Motorized kayaks have taken a while to catch on. Expensive novelties when they were first introduced, the advantages of motor power have more recently begun to hit home as kayak fishing tournaments have begun to allow them. And for anglers who struggle with long paddles to and from their fishing spots, or who want the […]

Kayak Fishing at Night: Top Tips to Increase Your Odds of Catching a Trophy

Avid anglers know that the fishing can really turn on after the sun sets, when predators like bass and pike move shallow to hunt. Hugging the depths by day to escape the heat, avoid detection, and dodge fish pressure, darkness can draw real monsters into the shallows, where they’re easier to locate and catch. Especially […]

Fishing Kayak Setup Made Easy: A Quick Rundown of the Essentials

Before your kayak fishing adventures can begin, you need to spend some time outfitting your ‘yak.  Setup is an important step, encompassing both safety and performance. There are quite a few points to consider, and from PFDs to electronics, there are tons of important choices to make. If you’re starting the process of setting up […]

Bass Fishing from a Kayak: Our Top Tips to Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

The largemouth bass is America’s favorite species to catch, and there’s no more exciting way to do that than from a kayak. Close to the water is close to the action, and whether you choose to flip and pitch frogs into thick cover, twitch a worm along the bottom, or thump a spinner somewhere in […]

Kayak fishing for Crappie: Our Best Tips to For Slab Hunters

A kayak is the perfect platform for crappie fishing, allowing you to get close to the vertical structure that crappie love without spooking them. A kayak also places you low to the water, enabling side-arm casts that can skip a jig way up under a dock in search of fat slabs that hold to the […]

Kayak Fishing for Redfish

There we were, watching reds swim back and forth, their tail fins cutting the water. My buddy and I could see a school of them, but we couldn’t get our boat over the shallow to get close enough to cast. Kayaks are the perfect platform for sight fishing for reds. Trust me, we tried! But […]

How to Mount a Trolling Motor to a Kayak: Four Easy Options

Mounting a trolling motor on a kayak provides much greater range, vastly improved speed, and often substantial cost savings from buying a ‘yak already equipped with a pedal or electric drive. That range can get you to hot spots you can’t - or won’t - reach with a paddle. That speed cuts your trip time […]

Are Inflatable Kayaks Good For Fishing?

Kayaking is a very popular water sport. Something that you may not know is that it’s possible to use a kayak to go fishing. The reason that kayaking’s such a great option for fishermen is that it gives them the opportunity to get out onto creeks, rivers, and other hard to reach areas that aren’t […]

Kayak Fishing for Trout: Essential Tips to Get You Started

Trout anglers know that crystal-clear, shallow water demands stealth. And there’s nothing stealthier than a silent kayak sliding into a pool. Even out west, where you may be trolling for trout on a big lake, a kayak is an affordable, easily-transportable alternative to a big aluminum boat. And trust me, trolling from a ’yak is […]

How to Store Fish on a Kayak: Good Options vs. Bad Choices

Space on a kayak is always at a premium, and fish storage options reflect that. This doesn’t mean that keeping your catch is impossible - or even difficult - but it does necessitate that you think your options through pretty carefully. As an avid kayak angler, I’ve tried all kinds of fish storage solutions, and […]

Why an Inflatable Kayak is a Good Option for Your Fishing Trips

Fishing enthusiasts often find solace and adventure in exploring serene waters, seeking the perfect catch while connecting with nature. Kayak fishing has become an increasingly popular way to combine the joys of angling with the thrill of paddling through tranquil lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. While traditional rigid kayaks have been the norm for years, […]

Kayak Fishing Tackle & Accessory Reviews

Best Kayaks for Bass Fishing Reviewed: 2024 Picks and Buying Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to slip quietly across a big pond, slide over a downed tree that stops bass boats, and hammer largemouth on the other side, a fishing kayak might be just right for you. Innovations in hull design and drive options like pedals and in-board motors have transformed kayak angling, and for bass […]

Best Kayak Fishing Rod Holder for 2024: Which is the Right Pick for You?

Rod holders are one accessory no angler can be without. From trolling to security, they’re ubiquitous because they’re necessary. A good rod holder needs to be secure while gently cradling your rod and reel. It also needs to be adjustable and easy to install. The good news is that with modern composites, the top brands […]

Safety after Dark: The Best Kayak Lights for Night Fishing

Kayak anglers share the water with powerboats, and at the best of times, that can be dangerous. At night, when your fellow anglers are making long runs to get home before it gets too late, fishing without a light is irresponsible at best. Night fishing from a kayak is awesome. Large bass will move shallow […]

Best Kayak Fishing Seats for 2024: Pain Free Fishing

Most fishing kayaks these days come with excellent seating options, and from cushy bottoms to plenty of back support, they’re designed for all-day comfort. But not every kayak is outfitted with a great seat, and for plenty of anglers, the simple molded plastic seat and (maybe) a backrest is all they’ve got. And while that […]

Kayak Crates for Fishing: The Best Options for Anglers in 2024

Kayak crates have come a long way since the humble plastic milk crate, and though that option works as well as it always has, the lack of pockets, rod holders, or a lid certainly isn’t ideal. The good news is that kayak accessory manufacturers are listening, and from Wilderness Systems to Perception, they’re offering awesome […]

Kayak Coolers: The Best Coolers for Kayak Fishing in 2024

When the sun is so hot that you need to wet the shaft of your paddle to cool it down, having a cold beverage ready to drink is a life-saver. And if you’re bringing some of your catch home for dinner, keeping those fish fresh is essential. A cooler is almost always a good idea […]

Best Anchor Systems for Kayak Fishing in 2024

Fishing in rivers, tidal estuaries, or anywhere else currents or wind push your ‘yak away from where you want to be can be an exercise in frustration. I’ve had to fight currents fishing for smallmouth over rocky bottoms on the upper James River, and I know just what it’s like to suffer at the hands […]

Best Rod and Reel Combos for Kayak Fishing: The Best Picks or 2024

Rod and reel combos have always offered a lot of convenience. Paired by the manufacturer, they’ll work well together, and they almost always offer a good middle ground between price and performance.  That takes the guesswork out of buying your rod and reel, and for plenty of kayak anglers, that's a deal too good to […]

The Best Reels for Kayak Fishing: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

In many ways, kayak fishing isn’t too different from working a lure from the bank, a bridge, or a boat. In other respects, it can be more demanding. For instance, the relatively low seating position can force some changes to casting, and a rod long enough to reach around the bow or stern sure can […]

Best Fishing Gloves for Kayak Anglers: 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

The vast majority of kayak gloves aren’t designed with anglers in mind, and from materials that will soak up stink to heavy fabrics that rob your hands of dexterity, they’re just not what fishermen are looking for. Instead, in warm weather, they need sun protection that doesn’t boil their hands alive and easy-washing, hard-wearing fabrics. […]

Cold-Weather Kayak Fishing: Essential Gear & Tips

Great fishing doesn’t end with summer, but far too many kayakers store their ‘yaks once the combination of air and water temps drop below 120 degrees. At that point, your chances of hypothermia increase dramatically if you do go into the water, and without proper clothing and preparation, you can be in real trouble! But […]

Best Kayak Fishing Shoes and Boots: Keeping Your Feet Safe and Comfortable in 2024

It may sound a little strange to hear that kayak anglers need good shoes.  After all, your feet aren’t doing a whole lot of work! But if you think about it, your feet demand a lot of protection. A kayak puts them in harm’s way, and from sharp hooks, to a blazing sun, to cold […]

Best Kayak Fishing Pants - All-Weather Protection Pants for 2024

While plenty of kayak anglers hit the water in nothing more than an old pair of shorts, that’s not the smartest choice you can make. Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, it should be foremost on your mind. As increasing numbers of fishermen struggle with the […]

Best Kayak Fishing Net - Landing Your Catch In 2024

Kayak fishing offers unique challenges. In addition to handling your kayak on the water, perhaps modifying your casting technique, and taking tackle organization to the next level, you’ll need to really consider how to maximize space. The puzzle is how to fit all the things that every angler needs on such a small platform, and […]

Best Kayak Tackle Boxes for 2024 - Keeping your Tackle Organized

Tackle solutions for kayak anglers take some careful thought. Not only is space at a premium on a kayak, but most tackle bags and boxes are also designed with larger decks and unencumbered access in mind, not the realities of stern well storage and twisting to reach behind your seat. As a die-hard kayak angler […]

The Best Inshore Fishing Kayaks for 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

Inshore angling offers heart-pounding excitement. Whether you work a salt flat for reds, ply the surf for blues, hunt shallows for flounder, or head out into the open water for monsters like tarpon, a capable kayak is a must. The market for fishing kayaks is pretty crowded, and separating the ‘yaks that will deliver from […]

Wading No More: The Best Fly Fishing Kayaks Reviewed for 2024

Traditionally, fly angling meant wading into cold water with a good pair of insulated hip waders. But now, a new breed of angling kayak designed with fly fishing in mind has changed the game. No longer limited to a short stretch of a river or bank, with the tight ‘yak, fly anglers have a lot […]

Best Kayak Outriggers and Stabilizers: 2024 Buying Guide

Whether you like to stand to cast with your fly rod, take to your feet to sight fish, or bow fish from a kayak, you’ll find that not every kayak is as stable as you’d like it to be. And since buying a new kayak is not budget-friendly, you need a stability solution that won’t […]

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Whether you look for the tell-tale fins of reds on a salt flat or like to spot big largemouth waiting to ambush prey, sight fishing increases your odds dramatically. No longer guessing about where the fish are, you spend more time catching and less time casting. Long the purview of big boat owners, there’s now […]

Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks: Fishing With Friends in 2024

If you regularly hit the water with a buddy, a tandem fishing kayak may be the perfect investment in shared excitement. And if you’re a solo fisherman who needs more space for your tackle, a tandem stripped of the front seat is simply ideal. Unfortunately, the popularity of tandems seems to be waning, and they’re […]

Best Kayak Trolling Motor Batteries - Power to Spare

An excellent trolling motor needs a battery that’s just as capable as it is durable so you can make the most of it, and there’s no sense buying a top-of-the-line motor and then delivering power via a third-rate source. Instead, kayak anglers need small, light, long-lasting batteries that won’t break the bank. But that’s a […]

Best Trolling Motors for Kayak Fishing: 2024 Buying Guide and Reviews

Long paddles and strong currents can turn into deal breakers for kayak anglers.  Especially inshore or in tidal estuaries, the demands of paddling to prime fishing spots can be exhausting at the best of times and either impossible or dangerous when conditions are less than ideal. For instance, when the weather takes a sudden change […]

Best Kayak Fish Finders: Real Reviews by Kayak Anglers

Kayak fish finders have come a long way. And while the fish finder market is still dominated by huge screens, companies like Humminbird, Garmin, and Lowrance provide smaller designs that are ideal for anglers who paddle. Yes, the lion’s share of advertising and media hype still attends 7-inch and larger screens, but in the real […]

Best Ocean Fishing Kayak for 2024

Inshore fishing from a kayak is some of the most exciting angling you’ll ever find. And whether that’s standing tall while hunting reds in a salt marsh or fighting a shark beyond the breakers, big water will put your ‘yak to the test. You’ll need unmatched stability and seaworthiness, the best storage options, and you […]

Best Pedal Fishing Kayak for 2024: Speed and Efficiency in Spades

Not long ago, a paddle was pretty much the only option for kayak anglers. And if you’ve ever fought a moving tide or had to paddle miles to your fishing hole, you know just how underwhelming that option can be. But pedal-drive tech has improved rapidly over the last few years, bringing more options to […]

Best Kayak Fishing Accessories: All You Need for 2024

If you’re an avid kayak angler, or know and love one, you probably know that there’s a lot more to kayak fishing than a boat, a rod, and a reel. From gear that can keep you or a loved one safe, to electronics that locate fish, to carts designed to make transporting a heavy ‘yak […]

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Plenty of anglers don’t have the space to store a big kayak or the vehicle needed to transport one. And whether you live in a small apartment, drive an economical car, or just aren’t sure that you can handle the weight and encumbrance of a hard shell, an inflatable might be just the thing to […]

Best Fishing Kayaks - Angler's Buying Guide For 2024

The first time I took a fishing kayak out onto a pond, I was shocked by how stealthy it was for approaching bass without spooking them. And when I learned that it could take me and my tackle miles up the Chickahominy without worrying too much about the tide, it really expanded my fishing options. […]

Best Kayak Fishing Paddles Reviewed: 2024 Buying Guide

The right paddle transforms your kayak from a lumbering, lazy boat to a deadly fishing machine. That’s not hype. If there’s one piece of kayaking equipment that makes a transformative difference in performance, it’s a good paddle. Stiff, light, efficient, powerful: a quality paddle wrings every ounce of performance from your ‘yak’s hull. And whether […]

Best Rods for Kayak Fishing Reviewed: Paddle Hard - Fish Harder!

Kayak anglers know that specialized gear is often essential to success. With little room to spare on a ‘yak, traditional tackle boxes and coolers just don’t make the cut, and even ungainly tools like landing nets may crowd out much-needed space. Is this true for rods, as well? Do kayak anglers need specialized rods? I’m […]

Best Kayak Fishing PFDs Reviewed: Safe Options For Kayak Anglers

No piece of gear is more essential to a kayak angler than a good PFD. Full stop. A personal floatation device that works as it should can mean the difference between coming home to exaggerate the size of that cobia you landed and not coming home at all. Especially on big water, safety is nothing […]