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USAngler Acquires Hi’s Tackle Box Shop

hi's tackle box shop logo, a leading brand in the fishing industry, has acquired Hi's Tackle Box Shop to further bolster its position in the industry. This acquisition took place on April 10th, 2020.

"We are excited to merge Hi's Tackle Box Shop brand with USAngler. USAngler has been a powerhouse in the fishing space since 2015. We are excited for this new chapter!" Pete D. - Founder of USAngler

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Hi’s Tackle Box Shop Fish Story

Heromu Akagi (aka Hi) opened a small fishing tackle shop in 1981 within the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco. Since then, manufacturers and customers from around the world have gone to Hi’s Tackle Box shop for innovative advice on products such as fishing line materials, composite rod construction and professional reel design. Learn more about Hi’s Tackle Box:

Heromu Akagi (aka Hi) started Hi’s Tackle Box in 1981 in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco on Geary Boulevard. Hi’s quickly developed a loyal clientele and catered not only to the local anglers, but also to the long range fisherman in Baja and San Diego.

In 1982, Hi took Jonah Li under his wing by teaching him the ins and outs of the fishing industry. It wasn’t long before Jonah’s dedication to the job had him promoted to become the shop’s manager.

Hi decided to retire in 1988 and he sold the shop to Jonah. Upon taking over the shop, Jonah sought to hire Steven Lau (aka Hippo) to work in his new enterprise. Since that time, Hi’s has become the premier tackle shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. There have been a number of employees that have come and gone from the shop and each of them has contributed to the body of knowledge and experience of the shop.

In 1992 Hi’s Tackle Box moved to Clement Street and continued to expand and serve the fishing community. In December 2008, we decided to move the shop to our current location on the Peninsula.

Within the tackle industry, Hi’s has become the place for manufacturers to go to for innovative advice and design consultation. Hi’s has made its mark known in products such as line construction, and rod and reel design.

With the development of Hi’s Tackle Box’s online shop, Hi’s is now sharing its expertise with a nationwide audience. We are a real brick and mortar shop and we welcome you to come visit us whenever you are in the area! But even if you can’t make it here to see us in person, just know that our friendly service is merely a phone call away.

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