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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Tips

Fly Tying Materials

So, now you've been through the list of tools needed, let's look at the fly tying materials you'll need to get started. Again, just as with the tools, this is not an all-inclusive list of all the materials you'll ever need. This is simply a very basic list of materials that will get you started […]

Fly Tying Tools

Ok, it's time to jump right in and learn about the fly tying tools you'll need to have in order to get started tying flies. This is not an all-inclusive list of all the fly tying tools you'll ever need. This is simply a list of tools that will get you started and will allow […]

How To Cast A Fly Rod

An experienced fly fisherman is art in motion. It is so awesome to watch a seasoned fly fisherman on the stream. I remember early on in my fly fishing watching a mentor of mine on his local waters. No matter what surrounded him, he could cast his fly anywhere he wanted and land it so […]

Fly Tying Bench Plans: Step By Step Instructions with Images
Fly Fishing Terms

Table of Contents (clickable)1 Fly Tying Terms1.1 A1.2 B1.3 C1.4 D1.5 E1.6 F1.7 G1.8 H1.9 I1.10 K1.11 L1.12 M1.13 N1.14 O1.15 P1.16 Q1.17 R1.18 S1.19 T1.20 U1.21 V1.22 W1.23 X1.24 Y1.25 Z Fly Tying Terms A Abdomen - the segmented rear section of an insect's body. Adult - the winged stage of aquatic insects; reproductive […]

Fly Fishing With A Spinning Rod

There are lots of good reasons to give flies a chance on your spinning rod. You may be traveling and only have room for one rod. You might not have mastered the art of fly casting--or might not care to! It may be that you have a nagging shoulder injury that makes fly casting torture. […]

The Best Fly Fishing Books of All Time

For those of us that love the water the way a dog loves its favorite spot on a couch, there’s no dragging us away from fishing. And whether we choose to return to the same spot, year after year, or hunt for new honey holes, it’s to the water that we always return. But when […]

Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Odds

Fly Fishing small streams and creeks can offer explosive excitement, and you’ll often find me working a local river that’s about two rod-lengths across at its widest points. The trout can be thick as thieves there on the best days, but they’re as wary as a cat at a dog park! If you’re having trouble […]

Fly Tackle Reviews

The Best Fly-Fishing Nippers for 2024: Options for Every Budget

Nippers are an essential fly fishing tool. Ideal for cutting tippet, leader, and line, nippers are easy to take for granted until you realize you don’t have them. And while nail clippers can be had for just pennies, well-made nippers are far more effective, by design.  If you’re looking for the best fly-fishing nippers to […]

Best Fly Fishing Rods Reviewed for 2024: A Rod For Any River

If you’re new to fly fishing or an experienced veteran of everything from brookies to steelhead, it always pays to research the fly rod market. With recent improvements in blank tech, fly rods are getting better and better, easily exceeding the performance of top choices from just a decade ago. If you’re looking for an […]

The Best Wading Socks for Fly Fishing: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

I’m blessed to live pretty close to some of the best trout fishing in the world, and I’ve been tempted a time or two to hit the water without wading socks. On a bright, hot day, I went barefoot with sandals, and even with the sun baking my back, I couldn’t feel anything below my […]

Best Fly Fishing Waders - Hip, Pant, and Chest Waders Reviewed

From icy mountain streams in Colorado to lazy rivers in Arkansas, trout anglers take to the water with waders and fly tackle, looking to land a big one. But to access the water, nothing is as effective as the best wader. Brush-busting, waterproof, and goat-footed on slippery rocks, good waders are essential fly angling gear. […]

Best Fly-Fishing Sunglasses for 2024 Review: Protect Your Eyes While You Cast Flies

Great fishing sunglasses aren’t a luxury; they’re essential fly-angling gear. The right sunglasses cut through glare, help you spot trout you’d miss with your naked eyes, and give you a break from the dazzling sun. They’ll also shield your eyes from branches, flying insects, and the occasional errant fly or rod tip. But my advice […]

Best Black Friday Fly Fishing Deals

We've cast our net far and wide to bring you an incredible selection of black friday fly fishing deals. From rods and reels perfect for those delicate catches to robust, heavy-duty ones designed for the big game, our deals cover it all. This is your chance to upgrade your fishing arsenal with top-quality fly fishing […]

The Best Hip Waders for 2024: LaCrosse and Frogg Toggs Dominate the Competition!

A good pair of hip waders do a lot more than keep your feet and legs dry. In icy-cold streams, they’ll insulate you from the chilly water, and in murkier conditions, they’ll help keep your legs and feet protected from sharp sticks and other hazards. If you’re been searching for tough, comfortable, effective hip waders, […]

The Best Trout Flies: Top Flies For Trout Fishing Success

Fishing can be a game of details. The finer points are often what can make or break a day on the water. This couldn’t be any more relevant than when fishing for trout. Add fly fishing into that mix, and those little details suddenly become more prominent than ever before. As someone who began fly […]

The Best Flies for Panfish: 5 Sure-Fire Options

Panfish are a fly-angling opportunity not to be missed, especially if clear, cold streams are in short supply where you live. Species like crappie or bluegill are more aggressive than your typical trout - and decidedly less wary. As any experienced angler can attest, trout can be particular about which fly pattern they’ll take, turning […]

Best Wading Belts for Fly and Inshore Fishing Reviewed: Top Picks for 2024

Wading belts have long been sold as accessories to hip and chest waders, allegedly as a safety device to prevent water from filling your waders and dragging you under. As far as we can tell, that’s a complete myth that’s been debunked time and time again. But wading belts are excellent for two things. They […]

Best Wading Boots for Fly Fishing Reviewed

Walking across slime-covered pebbles can feel like balancing on marbles, and good wading boots quickly prove their value. Rather than slipping and sliding your way across the stream, when you’re able to actually creep and cast, you know you’ve made the right choice! Offering excellent grip, plenty of foot protection, and all-day comfort, a good […]

Best Fly Fishing Vests: Buying Guide and Reviews

When you’re wading in search of brook trout, you don’t have the luxury of a tackle bag. Instead, you’ve got to carry all the equipment you might need with you, and that means a good fly fishing vest. An essential buy for fly anglers, a good vest has space for your flies, leader, tippet, pliers, […]

Best Fly Fishing Reels Reviewed For 2024

While rods take the top seat in the fly fishing world, a good fly reel should enhance your angling prowess, helping you to achieve long, ultra-precise casts and fight aggressive fish with confidence. But with the wealth of reels on offer from major manufacturers, it can be tough to know which one is best for […]

Best Tenkara Rods Reviewed: A Simplified Aesthetic for Small Mountain Streams

Developed on the trout streams of inland Japan, tenkara fishing is gaining popularity in the West, especially among high-altitude backpackers and hikers. In part, this is due to the clean aesthetic and simplicity of tenkara: rod, line, and fly--the three components of fishing stripped of any excess. But the rising profile of tenkara is also […]

The Best Euro-Nymphing Fly Rods Reviewed: Long, Light, and Ultra-Sensitive 

Euro nymphing is easily the hottest technique in the fly fishing world. The reason is as clear as the water you fish: tight-line, subsurface tactics have proven themselves to be remarkably effective. And while euro nymphing is possible with any fly rod, longer, purpose-built rods are definitely the best choices for long-distance tight lining. If […]

The Best Streamer Boxes for Fly Fishing: 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

When you’re lofting flies to big fish, nothing beats a streamer. Designed to imitate small bait fish and attract reaction strikes, streamers are a fantastic option when you’re chasing large species like pike, salmon, steelhead, or even just monster brown trout. Streamers can work a lot of water quickly, too, allowing you to find active […]

The Best Lights and Lamps for Fly Tying: A Well Lit Place

Some anglers can tie flies in the dark. I’m not one of them. I need a lot of light to see what I’m doing, and I either like that light to be gentle and diffuse or focused and moveable, depending on precisely what I’m trying to do. I’ve experimented with a few different lighting systems […]

The Best Fly Tying Bobbins Reviewed for 2024

A well-crafted fly is truly a thing of beauty, and if you’ve tried your hand at following a trout’s senses, you know how important precision really is. A good bobbin is a fly-tying essential, allowing you to craft clean, neat flies by providing perfect tension and a continuous, consistent feed of thread. And as simple […]

The Best Fly Tying Vises Reviewed: Choosing Your Next (or First) Fly-Tying Vise

Tying your own flies is a fantastic idea. Not only can you customize your flies and adjust the weight of nymphs perfectly, but you’ll also come to know the special satisfaction of catching fish on flies you’ve crafted yourself. Tying flies takes a lot of practice, and the true masters have worked for years - […]

The Best Fly Fishing Outfits for 2023: Rod and Reel Combos That Are Nothing Short of Amazing!

Maybe you’re new to fly fishing, and you’re searching for a rod and reel combo that can help you learn the art while simplifying an often overwhelming selection process. Or maybe you’re a fly-fishing die-hard looking for a backup rod and reel for the trip of a lifetime. In either case, and potentially dozens of […]

The Best Travel Fly Rods for 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

A four-piece fly rod seems plenty packable until you give it a try in real life. On one memorable fish trip, I first flew to Madrid for a week, continuing on to my final destination after spending time in the capital. To keep costs down, I was traveling with cabin baggage only, and space was […]

Best Fly-Fishing Chest Packs Reviewed: Your Best Options for 2024

One challenge every fly angler faces is storage. While you're wading in a stream, returning to the bank to change flies, re-spool, or re-tie is a waste of precious time, as well as an unnecessary hassle. Instead, you want to keep your supplies - hemostats, fly storage boxes, spare spools, floatant, etc. - ready to […]

Best 5 Weight Fly Rods for 2024 - 5 wt Showdown

Fly anglers in the market for an excellent 5 wt rod are spoiled for choices. Often considered “all-arounders,” 5 wt rods are a great option for minimalists as well as anyone who wants a rod that’s capable in the vast majority of situations. Trout, panfish, smallmouth bass, and even largemouth and other similarly-sized species can […]

Best Fly Rods for Beginners: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

There’s a beautiful simplicity to fly fishing, a pure connection to nature that can’t be matched by conventional tackle. When you’re knee-deep in a gurgling stream, feeling your rod load on the back cast, and watching your fly sail through the air to land on the water, life is nothing short of magical. But getting […]

Wading No More: The Best Fly Fishing Kayaks Reviewed for 2024

Traditionally, fly angling meant wading into cold water with a good pair of insulated hip waders. But now, a new breed of angling kayak designed with fly fishing in mind has changed the game. No longer limited to a short stretch of a river or bank, with the tight ‘yak, fly anglers have a lot […]

Best Fly Fishing Nets - Buying Guide & Reviews

A good wading net is as important as your fly rod. Not only does one make landing a struggling fish much, much easier, but the best fly fishing nets also provide gentle protection to delicate fish, preserving their all-important scales and slime. Unfortunately, many of the nets suggested for fly anglers are offered by reviewers […]

Best Fly Tying Kits Reviewed: Complete Buying Guide and Component List

Fly tying isn’t just a way to beat the cost of buying pre-tied flies: it’s an art in itself. But it can be a tough transition from buying those beautifully crafted nymphs to creating your own, and where to start can be confusing. We’re here to help, and if you want to get started tying […]

Best Fly Fishing Line

A fly line is another crucial component of any fly fishing outfit. The wrong type of fly line can lead to poor fishing and very unpleasant casting. Any fly line you use should match up in weight perfectly with both the fly reel and the fly rod. Why is the best fly line so important? In […]

Best Fly Tying Hooks

The beginning fly tyer can really sink some serious money into fly tying hooks if they are not careful. So that you don't spend a lot of money foolishly on hooks you'll never use, let's spend just a minute determining the hooks you should start out with. The first step is to determine which flies […]