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General Fishing Tips

Fishing Before, During, and After the Rain: When Cool Weather Means Hot Fishing

In the hot, withering days of summer, clear blue skies invite lots of people to the water, including anglers. But veteran fishermen know that bright sun and cloudless skies can kill the bite, making a fishing trip little more than an exercise in frustration. But when the weather turns cool and clouds move in, they’ll […]

Zombie Fish: Pacific Salmon and the Spawn of the Living Dead 

On rivers and streams in salmon country, Halloween brings horrors that rival The Walking Dead. Terrifying “zombie fish” swim these cold, shallow waters, offering a spooky sight that hard-core fishermen know all too well. And while this sounds like fake news, it’s anything but. If you want to know about these real-life zombie fish, keep […]

How to Fish a Fluke: The Overlooked Finesse Trailer

Experienced bass anglers know that giving the fish something they don’t see every weekend improves the odds of a strike. And while everyone else throws every variety of crankbait, jerkbait, Senko, and spinner, they reach for something else. What’s that magic alternative, you ask? The fluke! Shaped like a fish and sporting a wriggling, vibrating […]

Best Lens Color for Fishing Sunglasses: Color Matters!

Eye protection is always critical on the water, and it’s something we’ve discussed before. From preventing eye strain, to shielding your eyes from UV, to guarding against errant hooks, a good pair of sunglasses is essential. But choosing the right pair isn’t as easy as selecting a style you like and heading to your cart […]

How Long Can Fish Be Dead Before They Go Bad?

Every angler knows that fish is at its best when it’s as fresh as possible, and nothing beats the flavor you get when you dispatch, clean, and cook your catch immediately. But that’s not always possible or practical, and storing fish in a livewell, cooler, or refrigerator is common. As a result, lots of folks […]

What’s the Right Size Battery for Your Trolling Motor? Simple, Clear Answers!

Battery selection for your trolling motor is critical, and the wrong choice can spell bad outcomes that range from underperformance to total failure. Fortunately, once you understand the basics, it’s easy to figure out what you need. We’ve had a lot to say about trolling motor batteries before, and if you want to know all […]

What Size Trolling Motor Do You Need: Simple, Clear Answers!

Picking the right size trolling motor for your boat can be a bit confusing, but getting this right is critical. First, you need to calculate how much thrust you need from your motor; second, you need to measure to ensure you select the right shaft length; and third, you need to match the power output […]

Can You Use a Car Battery to Power a Trolling Motor?

Battery tech can be confusing, and with a wide range of battery types and options on the market, it can get downright complicated to know which is the right battery for you. One question we get asked a lot is, “Can I use a car battery to power my trolling motor?” The short answer is […]

Can You Use a Freshwater Trolling Motor in Saltwater?

Plenty of freshwater anglers find themselves headed to the salt for a day or two a year. And inevitably, they ask whether a freshwater trolling motor can be used in saltwater. The simple answer is yes.  But there are reasons you might not want to. Even the best freshwater trolling motors aren’t designed to withstand […]

Why Fishermen Need a Good Knife

Are you new to fishing and eager to make your first catch? Or maybe you’re an experienced fisherman with years of angling knowledge. Either way, you will need an essential item: a great fishing knife, as it is a necessary tool for fishing. An excellent fishing knife is a tool you can rely on whenever […]

The Best Weather for Fishing Explained: Most Productive Times to Hit the Water

Ask any angler who makes a living on the water, and they’ll tell you that weather matters. Tournament champions, professional guides, and charter captains study the skies and the weather reports, keep track of air and water temperature, and watch barometric pressure and moon phases like a hawk hunting a country road. Their livelihood depends […]

How to Fish With a Drone

Drones are taking over and becoming more commonplace these days and a fishing drone can change your experience entirely. Fishing with a drone is becoming very fashionable and it is great and fun as the traditional way of fishing, so there is no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure it brings! But you must […]

How To Replace Fishing Line

After repeated use fishing line takes a beating and needs to be replaced. If you continue to fish the same line you will lose your catch. In this article, we'll discuss how to replace fishing line. Related: Best Fishing Line How to Replace a fishing line The process of replacing a fishing line may occur […]

Can Fish See Fishing Line - You'll Be Surprised!

Can fish see fishing line? Do they turn out to be line shy? A fast look at the various lines available shows that there are a lot of fishers who have the thought. So a nice inquiry to make is if fish have the ability to see line, is it much better to utilize a […]

Build a fishing rod

So, you have found yourself in a survival situation and your only source of food close by is a stream. You have tried to plan as much as possible but you don’t have your bug out bag with you. But do have some paracord, a few safety pins, compass and a pocket pruning saw! If […]

The Humble Grub: Is It the Best Soft Plastic Bait of All Time?

The humble grub, a soft plastic bait with a short fat body and a wriggling tail, is an essential in almost every angler’s tacklebox - and for good reason. The curly-tailed grub and its many variations are deadly on everything from crappie to largemouth bass, flounder to perch, and salmon to walleye. And though tiny, […]

Can You Get a Fishing License at Walmart?

Can you get a fishing license at Walmart? Yes. Prior to online services, Walmart was the place to go for fishing licenses. It’s still a great option, especially given its selection of must-haves like sunscreen, coolers, lures, and line. If you want to better understand the process and make it as smooth as possible, keep […]

What to Wear Fishing: Clothes for Every Season and Condition

Fishing exposes anglers to the worst Mother Nature has to offer. And as in most outdoor activities, the right clothing is essential to protect yourself from the elements. From sun to rain, heat to bitter cold, clothing selection is critical. But if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss what […]

The Best Color Fishing Line: Maximizing Visibility or Minimizing Contrast

Choosing your fishing line color can be complicated, and it’s important to understand that the “best” color depends on your situation and needs. For instance, if you’re fishing for crappie and really need to keep track of multiple rods and detect every light strike, a bright yellow, high-visibility line might be the best choice. But […]

Do Fish Attractants and Scented/Flavored Soft Baits Actually Work?

The fishing lure industry banked an incredible $1.3 billion in 2019 - and yes, that’s billion with a “B.” Moreover, the combined annual growth rate for this figure stands at roughly 4.1%, and that’s during an economy plagued by COVID and reduced consumer spending. By catering to the desires of anglers and employing research and […]

How to Get Fish Smell Off Your Hands

If you’re a regular angler, or just a home cook who likes to prepare fish, you’ll know exactly why people ask this question. Handling even the freshest fish can leave your hands smelling off, and the more contact you have with fish slime, flesh, and blood, the stronger that odor will get. In the kitchen, […]

How to Raise Your Own Nightcrawlers: DIY Live Bait

Fishing with nightcrawlers is a time-honored tradition, and there’s no questioning the effectiveness of a fat, wriggling worm on your hook. If you’re an avid angler and you like DIY projects, you can skip the bait store and easily produce a never-ending supply of nightcrawlers at home. If that sounds like a tempting proposition, we’ve […]

How to Tie a Crankbait: Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Techniques

Tying crankbaits isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s something people ask a lot about nonetheless. Which knot is the best for crankbaits? Should you use snaps or just tie directly to the split ring? These choices matter, both in terms of how quickly you can get your lure back in the water as well as […]

How to Fish a Crankbait Like a Pro: Everything You Need to Know

Crankbaits, like jerkbaits and chatterbaits, are among the most misunderstood lure options despite also being among the most popular. In some sense, they’re a counter-intuitive lure: loaded with sharp treble hooks, they’re meant to be run into sticks, stumps, logs, rocks, and other cover that threatens to snag them faster than a new shirt in […]

Jerkbait vs Crankbait: The Real Difference Explained

What’s the difference between a jerkbait and a crankbait? If you ask the internet, you’ll get answers about lip shapes, body styles, depths to which they run, and maybe even the number of hooks they wear. What you won’t find is the real answer: they’re totally different lures that just happen to look a lot […]

How To Tie Two Fishing Lines Together

The need to connect two lines is common in angling, typically when joining mainline to leader or tippet. And whether you chase tuna offshore, hunt bass on a southern pond, or trick trout with a dry fly, knowing how to connect two lines is essential. But as any experienced angler can tell you, that point […]

Can You Eat Snook?

Can you eat snook? Yes! As anglers from Florida to Texas can tell you, snook are as good to eat as they are exciting to catch. What are Snook? Known to science as Centropomus undecimalis, the common snook is a warm, shallow water fish abundant along both coasts of Florida and on around the Gulf […]

How To Fish A Jerkbait Like a Pro: Everything You Need to Know

In clear water, there’s probably no lure as effective as a jerkbait. That’s a strong claim, and we need to back it up. Because jerkbaits mimic the movement of injured baitfish, when fished right, they trigger a primal reaction in bass. And as pros like Kevin VanDam will tell you, they’ll come farther to hit […]

How to Hook a Live Worm: An Easy-to-Follow Guide

Fishing with live bait is a time-honored tradition, and most anglers get their start - and never stop loving - throwing a worm under a bobber of some kind. Easy to rig and terribly effective, live worms are among the most common bait choices pretty much anywhere you fish in America. But if you're new […]

How to Humanely Kill Fish

While plenty of anglers practice catch and release, especially with sport fish like bass, there are good reasons to engage in some selected culling.  And when we start talking about panfish, specks, trout, walleye, salmon, and other delicacies we fight with our rods and reels, keeping a few for dinner is the rule, not the […]

How to Hook a Live Minnow

Live minnows are an ultra-effective bait for everything from crappie to catfish and walleye to pike, as many savvy anglers can attest. As you’d expect, most predatory species include a variety of minnows in their diets, and their senses are primed to detect the subtle motions and sounds and attractive scent of small, live fish. […]

Fishing Reel Gear Ratios Explained: Speed, Torque, Materials, and What Really Matters to You

Most anglers know that a “fast” gear ratio means that you can expect a reel to pick up lots of line per turn of the handle, and speed is certainly one of the aspects of reels that receives attention in advertising. But beyond that, there are mostly unanswered questions: Are stainless gears better than brass? […]

Uses For Old Fishing Reels

Pretty much every angler I know has a few old reels lying around, and short of turning them into questionable home decor, all of us wonder what can be done with them. Here’s a short list of ideas that can help you decide what to do with your old fishing reels. Related: Top Fishing Reels […]

Fishing Reel Bearings: What You Need to Know

Bearings are a critical component in any fishing reel, and a product with lots of them typically touts that as a virtue.  Of course, “lots” is relative, and maybe seven counts as a “lot” for me, while 15 is the high end for you. But numbers don’t always mean quality, and there’s a lot of […]

To Clip or Not to Clip: Should You Tie Directly to a Crankbait or Use a Snap?

If you start a discussion about using clips or snaps with crankbaits, you’re liable to hear some strong opinions. And for every angler who swears by them, there’s another fisherman who won’t use them. I can see both sides, having occupied both positions over my fishing career, and I’ll give time to the arguments, both […]

Types of Fishing Hooks: Everything You Need To Know

Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about all the types of fishing hooks: sizes, parts, points, gauges, and styles. Related: Best Fishing Hooks Also Read: Types of Fishing Rods Types of Fishing Reels Types Of Fishing Lures Types of Fishing Line Types of Fishing Bobbers Fishing Hook Sizes (2 Hook Size Charts) Hook […]

How To Hook Live Bait: Head to Tail

When you hook live bait, you’re trying to accomplish three things. First, you want to keep your bait on the hook. Second, you (generally) want to keep your bait alive as long as you can. And third, you want to place your hook where it has the highest probability of a strong hookset. That doesn’t […]

Can You Eat Piranha Fish?

Can you eat piranha? In short, Yes! You might not find them on the menu at your favorite restaurant, and they probably can’t be caught near where you live, but if you’re ever in a position to eat one - tuck in! What are Piranha? Piranha are a varied lot, and science doesn’t know that […]

Fishing with Kids: Top Tips for Little Anglers

Building a relationship with your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. And developing this bond while sharing your love of fishing--well, that’s just icing on the cake! But to kindle a life-long love of fishing in the next generation involves more than just inviting them […]

Types Of Fishing Bobbers

If you’re new to the fishing or just a die-hard single species angler, you may not be familiar with every bobber option out there. And from tiny wobblers for panfish to massive popping corks, you can pretty much guarantee that there’s just the right option for your needs. Keep reading for a complete rundown of […]

Bank Fishing Tips

I’ve done an awful lot of fishing from the bank, and most anglers I know have, too. And while it can sometimes feel like you're missing out--that if you only had a boat, you could fish that perfect spot that’s unreachable from shore--the truth is that fishing from the bank doesn’t need to be a […]

Muskie vs Pike: Identification of Scale, Tail, and Jaw

Muskie vs Pike: these not-so-gentle giants fire the imagination of anglers. Known for their sharp teeth, voracious appetites, and incredible power, these apex predators are enough to give you a second thought before you take a swim in a northern lake! Close kin that share the genus Esox, E. lucius and E. masquinongy have a […]

Crappie vs Bluegill? An Easy Guide to Species Identification

Pretty much everywhere you find crappie, you’ll find an equally healthy population of bluegill. But while both of these species are as fun to catch as they are delicious to eat, anglers new to the panfish game may be confused about which is which. If you’re not sure how to tell the difference between crappie […]

How To Set Up a Spinning Rod: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re brand-spanking new to angling, you may have no idea where to get started. You’ve got your hands on your first rod and reel, a spool of fishing line, and a handful of lures, hooks, and slip floats. But beyond that, you’re at a loss. Or maybe you haven’t pulled the trigger on a […]

Night Fishing: Our Top Tricks and Tips For Fishing At Night

Night fishing can be an exceptional opportunity for anglers in search of species like crappie, largemouth bass, walleye, and muskie. But most fishermen make their last casts shortly after sundown and then turn their boats back to the launch. That’s a big mistake! Big bass come in close at night. While not every species is active […]

Types Of Fishing Lures: Common Kinds of Lures Explained

Fishing lures come in an incredible range of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. For anglers new to the sport, the ins and outs of lure choice can be confusing to the point of mystery. We get that! With so many options available, it’s really hard to know what each one is, does, and works for. […]

Can You Eat Koi Fish?

Chances are, you’ve seen these decorative fish at some point in your life, and from restaurant gardens to private ponds, the beautiful koi enjoys worldwide appreciation. That notwithstanding, koi are just pretty carp, and having been released into the wild, they’re now sometimes caught by anglers. That inevitably raises the question, “Can you eat koi […]

Spinning vs. Casting Rods: Know Your Tackle

If you’re a new angler, the differences between spinning and casting rods may not be apparent at first glance. That’s OK--they’re pretty much just variations on a theme, with the principal difference being the reels they’re designed to wear. If you want to understand these differences better or find out more about common rod styles, […]

Fishing Line Abrasion Test: Mono vs. Braid vs. Fluoro (Shocking Results)

Line choice is critical, and the wrong decision can have catastrophic consequences. And while there are many issues to consider when choosing the right line for your situation, experienced fishermen know that abrasion resistance is near the top. From barnacle-encrusted pilings to sharp rocks, submerged debris to jagged stumps, there are more than a few […]

Fishing Rod Casting Techniques for Beginners and Advanced Anglers

Casting is an art mastered through practice, and whether you’re new to the sport or an old hand, a few minutes spent every day in the back yard is going to make you a better angler in no time. The basics of casting are pretty simple: it’s all about timing the release of your lure […]

How To Set Up a Spinning Reel: A Step-By-Step Guide

Spinning reels are essential tackle for every angler. From their wind-busting ability to cast to their simplicity to use, it’s easy to see why. And whether you chase bluegill on your local lake, catfish in a slow-moving river, or specks and reds in the surf, you’ll find that a spinning reel will quickly become a […]

Fishing Tips For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide For New Anglers

If you’re new to fishing, you may feel overwhelmed by all the new terminology and the variety of gear. And you may be at a loss for any idea about how and where to find fish beyond your local grocery store! Sounds like you need some fishing tips. That’s to be expected as a beginner, […]

How To Use A Downrigger: Tips and Techniques to Master Deep Water Trolling

If there’s a more effective deep-water trolling method than a downrigger, we’d like to know what it is! Downriggers are simple systems designed to allow precision trolling, and though the idea is easy to grasp, the complexities can be frustrating if you aren’t in the know. If you’re new to downriggers, or just having trouble […]

How Does Barometric Pressure Affect Fishing? The Hottest Fishing Predicted

Pretty much everyone knows that the weather affects fishing. Warm and cold fronts heat and cool the water, suppressing or encouraging feeding behavior depending on the season in which they arrive. For instance, a warm front in spring, accompanied by a lot of sun, can make the water warmer than usual, turning fish on while […]

How To Tie a Drop Shot Rig

Whether you fish fresh or salt, a drop shot rig is a great way to suspend a bait near the bottom, keeping it out of muck and weeds and putting it where it counts: right in front of the fish. Originally a saltwater technique, anglers on the west coast quickly adopted it as a finesse […]

How To Set-Up a Baitcasting Reel: Easy Step-by Step Instructions

Many new anglers are intimidated by the learning curve associated with baitcasting tackle. And while it’s true that they require a bit more technique and know-how, don’t let that keep you from trying one! Ideal for everything from bass to tuna, baitcasting tackle is something every angler should learn to use. And while setting up […]

Top Tips to Maintain a Marine Battery: Getting the Most from Your Investment

As most anglers know, marine batteries are a substantial investment. They’re powerful, long-lasting, and durable. But as in most things in life, you get what you pay for--and you pay a lot for batteries that can start your outboard, run your livewell and electronics, and keep your trolling motor humming-away all day long. To get […]

Types Of Fishing Reels - How Well Do You Know Your Reels?

Any angler worth his or her salt knows the ins and outs of the tackle they use. But most of us fish one or two types of fishing reel, maybe three if you work the hard water or cast flies. But do you know them all? Can you tell the difference between a centerpin and […]

Do You Know Your Rods? Types Of Fishing Rods Explained

Fishing rods are as diverse as the needs of anglers. Whatever you’re after--no matter the technique--there’s a rod for you! From tackle to help you fight a monster to delicate rods designed to fish small mountain streams, the right options for you are just a few clicks away. But do you know what types of […]

Chatterbait Chatter: Tips and Techniques to Get the Most from a Chatterbait

If you haven’t been throwing a chatterbait, you don’t know what you’re missing! A worthy addition to any angler’s tackle bag, chatterbaits are just the right medicine when you need an aggressive presentation that maximizes vibration and erratic action. But as Ron Davis, who helped design the very first chatterbait, warns, "A very small percentage […]

When Main Line Isn’t Enough: How, When, and Why to Use Fishing Leaders Explained

Braided main line is the go-to option for serious bass fishing, but as we’ve discussed before, superline offers some distinct disadvantages when used alone. These weaknesses necessitate the use of leaders, as many experienced largemouth anglers can attest. And whether you run braid, fluorocarbon, or nylon monofilament, when you’re after sharp-toothed fish like pike, mackerel, […]

How to Tie a Spinner Bait: A Complete Guide with a Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Spinners are among the most popular style of lure for a reason. From bass to crappie, pike to walleye, a bladed crankbait that creates flash, vibration, and excitement can turn a bad day into a prized memory with just one cast. We’re often asked about spinner baits, and we’d like to answer some of questions […]

How To Use A Fish Stringer With Technique

Do you like to wade for flounder? Or spend a Saturday morning on your kayak pulling bluegill from the local lake? Or do you hunt smallmouth from a canoe, getting into the shallow stretches that motorized boats just can’t reach? If you’re anything like me, there are plenty of times a cooler or live-well just […]

What Is A Lunker? All You Need To Know

Does your local lake have a lunker? Well, people who love fishing will probably tell you. A lunker, in an interesting sense can be that legendary monster fish in your lake that old fishermen will tell you about. These are what fishing enthusiasts call the trophy of their fishing life. Catching one will mean skill […]

Salmon Fishing Tips

King salmons also known as Chinook salmon are by far the largest salmon species in North America. These fish are an absolute blast to catch. They are one of the largest species you can catch here in the north, and are sure to give you one heck of a fight. It is not uncommon to […]

Lake Fishing Tips

Sometimes anglers love to search out a treasure spot in the middle of the bush. We sometimes find ourselves dragging boats, canoes or even balloon setups just to have a chance to harvest some great fish. Fishing charters and fly-in fishing charters live off of this type of fishing; lake fishing. Many of us who […]

Suckerfish Fishing Tips

Silver Redhorse (suckerfish) Background Information Ever wonder what kind of fish ends up on your line when you're targeting walleye? Well, that mystery fish may be the infamous Silver Redhorse or most commonly known as a suckerfish. Like walleye these fish tend to be located in deep fast moving water. Fast moving water help these […]

River Fishing Tips

If it isn't the ocean or the lake you are trying to master, then it has to be the river. River fishing is one of the best environments to fish in. River fishing is home to many species which include walleye, salmon, trout and the occasional patrolling pike.  River fishing is mostly where you find prized game fish such as walleye riding […]

Pier Fishing Tips

Pier fishing can be a very rewardable and productive way of fishing from shore. I have participated in several pier fishing outings and have caught some of my biggest fish off a pier. There are often pier fishing techniques and courtesies that every angler must follow. Below we will first dive into the pier fishing […]

How To Store Fishing Rods

It's no secret that fishing is a popular pastime enjoyed by people all over the world. What may be less well-known, however, is that there are many different ways to go about it - and each method requires its specific equipment. Among the most important pieces of gear for any fisherman is the fishing rod. […]

How to Plan a Fishing Trip

No matter what time of year it is, a fishing trip can be a great way to spend some time outdoors enjoying nature. It is also a great bonding experience for friends and family or a peaceful solo activity. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to go fishing, there are some key steps that you'll […]

101 Fishing Quotes

We know you're eager to see our huge list of fishing quotes. Take a look below. Fishing Quotes 1. “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after,” Henry David Thoreau. 2. “If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage […]

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