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April 26, 2022
Fishing the Jika Rig: A Compact, Weed-Busting, Finesse Technique

Bass anglers never get tired of finesse techniques for a reason: on a pressured lake where the big ones have seen everything over the years, something new and subtle will get bites when nothing else will. And when precise casting is the name of the game, say, when you’re trying to hit a small puddle […]

March 27, 2022
Neko Rig vs Wacky Rig: Which Finesse Rig is Right for Your Situation?

Finesse presentations like the wacky and Neko rigs can save the day when the bass aren’t in the mood for a meal, and as legions of anglers have learned, they’ll draw strikes when nothing else can. Only one thing differentiates the two: the Neko’s nail weight. But that seemingly small change results in dramatic differences […]

March 27, 2022
Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig: Battle of the Southern Bass Fishing Rigs

While both the Texas and Carolina rigs can reach down deep for bass, they don’t share the same strengths and weaknesses. And for serious bass anglers, knowing how to differentiate between these two popular rigs can mean the difference between a winning stringer and getting skunked. If you’ve wondered about when, where, and why you […]

March 27, 2022
Wacky Rig vs Texas Rig: Which Rig Catches More Bass?

The venerable Texas rig is rightfully famous, and from punching thick grass mats to pitching into heavy cover, working a deep hole or hump to gliding under a dock, it’s just plain magic. But the wacky rig has a lot going for it, too, and there’s something special about its fluttering dance that draws hungry […]

March 26, 2022
Ned Rig vs Texas Rig: Which Rig is Right for You?

Most anglers know that a Texas rig is typically anything but a finesse presentation, putting it at the opposite end of the spectrum from the compact, subtle Ned. For the most part, that’s true, and where the Ned shines, the Texas rig doesn’t - and vice versa. But there’s more to the story than that […]

March 14, 2022
The Ned Rig vs. The Shaky Head: Your Questions Answered!

One of the most common questions we get asked is to explain the differences between the Ned rig and the Shaky head. Anglers want to know if they’re functionally identical, and if not, what the strengths and weaknesses of each of them are. a Where is the Ned better than the shaky head? When does […]

February 26, 2022
Tokyo Rig: A Secret Weapon for Soft Plastics

For a long time, my go-to worm setup was the weed-busting Texas rig. And while there’s still no question that the Texas rig is a good choice, it has issues that every savvy angler recognizes. The weight at the nose of the worm or creature bait deadens action the heavier it gets, placing a practical […]

February 25, 2022
The Shaky Head: Perhaps the Best Finesse Technique for Pressured Bass

Two finesse techniques dominate bass angling: the drop shot rig and the shaky head.  By contrast, the Texas and Carolina rigs use the same soft baits but are entirely different techniques. That doesn’t stop a lot of questions about the Texas rig versus the shaky head, but that’s an apples to oranges comparison that misses […]

February 24, 2022
Neko Rig: The Ideal Technique for Wary Bass

The Neko rig was invented in Japan, where it originated as Shin Fukai’s unorthodox response to ultra-pressured bass in glass-clear water. Essentially a weighted variation of a wacky rig, the Neko keeps your worm head-down on the bottom, allowing you to entice bass to strike through a series of short hops and bumps along the […]

February 24, 2022
Carolina Rig: An Unbeatable Technique for Hard, Flat Bottoms

Hard, relatively horizontal bottoms are where the Carolina rig shines, offering everything an angler wants in a soft plastic setup. Covering a lot of water quickly, and relying on enticing motion that’s hard to match with any other technique, the Carolina rig is a staple of pros, though it’s often overlooked by less experienced anglers […]

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