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Fishing Rigs

October 10, 2021
Slip Sinker Rig

Serious anglers know that not just any rig will hook trophy-size blues, flatheads, and channel cats. Nope - it’s going to take something special. You’ll need a rig that stays put in current, that holds bait on or near the bottom, and that offers minimal resistance when the cat takes your bait. And there’s only […]

October 10, 2021
Slip Bobber Rig

While blues and flatheads are active hunters, channel cats use their super senses to find dead prey items, detecting their stink in even microscopic amounts, even at great distances. And where live minnows are perhaps the best bait option for hunting cats, prepared stink baits like Catfish Charlie’s or Secret 7 are pretty much ideal […]

April 25, 2021
Wacky Rigging: The Ultimate Finesse Worm Technique Unpacked

Finesse techniques for worms are among the most productive options for largemouth bass.  The precise reasons that a long plastic worm triggers a strike aren’t well-understood, but the simple fact that it does--and often!--has everyone from weekend anglers to tournament pros throwing them. And while there are many ways to run a soft plastic worm, […]

April 18, 2021
Bottom Bouncer Rig

Among walleye anglers, the bottom bouncer rig is rightly famous as the ideal trolling method to produce trophy fish. A properly rigged bottom bouncer, armed with a slow death spinner, is simply amazingly effective. A simple design with complex consequences, the better you understand this exceptional rig, the more fish it will produce for you. […]

November 21, 2020
The Texas Rig: A Complete Guide to Rigging and Techniques

The Texas Rig has come to dominate bass fishing for a reason: it works. Whether you’re pitching big tubes or creature baits, working the bottom of a hard-bottomed channel, or running a worm through grass and brush, a Texas Rig won’t let you down. This versatile rig makes the most of virtually any soft plastic, […]

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