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Penn’s Upgraded Battle III Reviewed: How Does It Stack Up Against the Competition

Analysis & Results Specifications Body Not all reel bodies are built for hard fights, and if there’s one thing that you can trust about the Battle III, it’s that it lives up to its name. Manufactured with an all-metal body, the Battle III is stiff, tough, and durable. While aluminum weighs more than carbon fiber […]

Best Black Friday Deals on Fishing Reels

We've cast our net far and wide to bring you an incredible selection of black friday fishing reel deals. From ultra-lightweight rods perfect for those delicate catches to robust, heavy-duty ones designed for the big game, our deals cover it all. This is your chance to upgrade your fishing arsenal with top-quality reels from leading […]

Penn’s Slammer IV Review: The King of Saltwater Spinning Reels

Analysis and Results What’s the difference between the Slammer III and Slammer IV? The Slammer III debuted to much fanfare, winning the coveted iCast 2016 award for Best Saltwater Reel. It quickly won the hearts of inshore and offshore anglers for its run-stopping power, amazing drag systems, massive capacity, and rugged durability. In 2021, Penn […]

Best Reels for Pitching and Flipping: Bass Dragging, Hard Fighting, Ultra-Fast Options for 2023

Flipping and pitching a Texas-rigged soft plastic is as integral to bass fishing as fireworks are to the 4th of July. And whether you prefer a Punch rig, a Jika rig, a Tokyo rig, or stick with the tied and true, there’s simply no question that pitching and flipping a fat worm, Senko, or creature […]

Best Reels for Salmon Fishing: Our Picks for Salmon Fishing Success in 2023

As anglers, we all understand the importance of having quality gear. The case could be made that no matter what you’re chasing, your chances of success can depend greatly on that gear's ability to perform - and perform well. Perhaps none is more important than when fishing for salmon. Too often, I witness utter disappointment […]

The Best Okuma Spinning Reels for 2023

Okuma is well known for affordable performance, and their spinning reels have proven themselves the world over. Recently, the company has ventured into the high-end as well, offering reels that are designed to compete with the best that Penn, Daiwa, and Shimano have to offer. Have they succeeded? Are Okuma reels at more moderate price […]

The Best Daiwa Spinning Reels for 2023 - Tested and Reviewed

Daiwa is legendary for its tech, offering feather-weight reels with rigid monocoque bodies and smooth, powerful drags. And from hard fighting snook to tournament-winning bass, massive grouper to thick-bodied slabs, there’s a Daiwa reel that’s just perfect for your next fishing adventure. If you’re in the market for a new reel, we’re here to help. […]

The Best Penn Spinning Reels for 2023

Long-time readers of USAngler will know that we’re big fans of Penn’s spinning reels, and from the affordable Battle III to no-holds-barred Authority, exceptional performance is the norm. If you’re a saltwater angler looking for the best spinning reels to wrangle specks, redfish, stripers, snook, and even large, pelagic species like tarpon, sailfish, and shark, […]

KastKing’s MegaJaws Elite: Detailed Review and Comparison to Shimano, Daiwa, and Lews

Analysis and Results Body KastKing manufactures the MegaJaws Elite from die-cast aluminum, adding a carbon-fiber swing side to access its guts. And while I’m certain there’s plenty of machining between the die and the water, casting aluminum is much more cost-effective than machining it from a solid lump of metal. That helps keep performance high […]

Best Crankbait Reels Reviewed: When Slower is Better!

Take a look at new baitcasting reels these days, and you'll see that high speed is all the rage.  That’s great if you’re working a worm all day and need to pick it up quickly to cast again. But for crankbaits, slower is better - and slow, high-torque reels are in relatively short supply. Here […]

Daiwa BG Reviewed: Everything You Want in an Inshore or Surf-casting Reel

Analysis and Results Whether your passion is chasing reds in a moving tide or casting for snook from the shore, you need a reel that delivers the goods in gusty winds and hard fights. And as smooth casting as your favorite baitcaster might be, your best bet is almost always a great spinning reel. It’s […]

Best Shimano Spinning Reels Reviewed for 2023

Buying Guide: What You Should Look for in a Shimano Spinning Reel Body On smaller reels, you’re not going to notice body rigidity because the forces involved just aren’t powerful enough to put common materials to the test. But as you turn to inshore and offshore fishing, those forces grow substantially. The body of a […]

Best Line Counter Reels Reviewed In 2023: Precision Trolling

Modern precision trolling isn’t guesswork. It depends on precise knowledge of how much line you’re trailing and an exact measure of your boat’s speed. That precision allows you to target the exact depths where the fish you’re after are feeding, and the results can be truly amazing. But it’s also fairly complicated and requires specialized […]

Best Underspin Reels: Top Reels For New Anglers

For anglers new to the sport, occasional fishermen, and children just starting their fishing journey, underspin - or “triggerspin” reels as they’re sometimes called - are a great option. Easier to use than spinning reels and much less demanding than baitcasting reels, underspin reels pair with spinning tackle, allowing you to throw light lures on […]

Best Electric Fishing Reels

When you’re fishing offshore in deep water, chasing daytime sailfish in 1500 feet of water, or just working deep for tuna or halibut, retrieving heavy sinkers all day can become a real chore.  And fighting fish by hand from that kind of depth is exhausting, to say the least. Enter the electric fishing reel, equipped […]

Pflueger President XT Review: Is It a Worthy Upgrade?

Analysis and Results Pfleuger is a name trusted by many, many anglers, and I’ve met folks on the water that won’t buy anything else. So when the company announced an improved version of the famous President spinning reel, we had to have a look! Is the Pflueger President XT everything it’s advertised to be? Is […]

Penn Slammer III Review: The Best Spinning Reel for Big Saltwater Species

Analysis and Results If there’s a name every saltwater angler respects, it’s Penn. Known for no-nonsense performance and durability, everyone from surfcasters to marlin chasers is aware that Penn sets the performance bar against which everything else is compared. And in my experience, most contenders fail. Is the Penn Slammer III really that good? Let’s […]

Penn Spinfisher VI Reel Reviewed: Penn’s All-Arounder for the Salt

Analysis and Results There’s no question about Penn’s dominance in the salt, and there’s simply no brand out there with a better reputation, more fans, or more excellent products for inshore and offshore anglers. Like pretty much everyone else, we like Penn’s reels a lot, and we count the Battle II and Slammer III among […]

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel Reviewed

Analysis and Results Okuma advertises its Ceymar series as budget-friendly spinning reels whose performance outpaces their price. Sometimes seen as “Shimano killers,” the Ceymar lineup is supposed to be so good that it can compete with reels costing twice, even three times, as much. Pflueger’s President is clearly in Okuma’s sites, but do they have […]

Pflueger President Reel Review: Quite Possibly America's Favorite Spinning Reel

Analysis and Results Fish any lake, pond, or river in America, and chances are, you’ll see a Pflueger reel in the hands of an angler. And their likely choice? The President. What explains the perennial, nationwide popularity of this reel when so many others have local or trendy followings? Precision and performance. Let’s get down […]

Best Baitcasting Reels Reviewed

After careful research, field testing, and detailed comparison, we’ve put together an unbeatable resource to help you find the best baitcasting reel for the money! Quick look at the best baitcasting reels on the market today:   Abu Garcia Revo SX REVO4 SX-HS Awesome casting Excellent drag with a very heavy maximum Excellent capacity Incredible […]

Best Saltwater Fishing Reels: Inshore and Offshore Buying Guide

Saltwater anglers need reels they can rely on to take a beating and deliver the goods in a hard fight. And whether you fish inshore for reds and specks or chase sailfish and sharks in the blue water, a good reel is essential. If you’re looking for a quality saltwater fishing reel, we’ve got you […]

Best Inshore Spinning Reels: Ready for Hard Fights and Big Fish

While there are tons of spinning reels on the market, very few are designed for the salt, and fewer still are available in sizes that can handle bull reds or small sharks. For that kind of performance, the pickings get pretty slim, and only a handful of companies really offer the goods. If you’re an […]

Best Fishing Reels for Any Situation - Reviews and Buying Guide

Need a good reel but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Below, you’ll find an exhaustive list of the best fishing reels for any situation, freshwater or saltwater. After careful research, field testing, and detailed comparison, we’ve put together an unbeatable resource to help you make the best choice for your needs. […]

Best Spinning Reels to Cover All Your Bases: Our Favorite Ultralight, Light, and Medium Reels Reviewed

Looking for the best spinning reel that can help you slay slabs? Or do you need a bigger reel for bigger fish? There are a few spinning reel options that can cover all your bases in a single line-up, and today, we’ll be discussing them. And as always, we’re here to help you make the […]

Shimano Curado 200 HGK Reel Review

Line capacity: 30/190, 50/120, 65/80 (braid) Bearings: 6 + 1 roller bearing Gear ratio: 7.4:1 Weight: 7.6 oz. Maximum drag: 11 lbs. Shimano’s baitcasting reels are among the best options for serious anglers, and their legendary performance has been putting--and keeping!--smiles on faces for generations. But with new upgrades, the Curado line is even better […]

Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Spinning Reel Review

Line capacity: 6 lb./150 yds (mono) Bearings: 6 + 1 roller bearing Gear ratio: 5.2:1 Weight: 6.2 oz. Maximum drag: 6 lbs. Bass Pro’s Micro Lite Elite spinning reel is a real winner in its price range. And while it may not compete with the absolute best ultralight reels that brands like Shimano can offer, […]

Shimano Curado K Reel Review

With legions of devoted fans and plenty of advertising hype, we ask the question on your mind: does the Shimano Curado K really live up to its reputation? The simple answer is yes. The Shimano Curado K is probably the best reel at its price point, and it may just be the best reel you […]

Abu Garcia Revo SX Review

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel offers a great option even for more experienced anglers who are looking for an effective way to battle fish of all shapes and sizes. This reel has a durable carbon body that means that you will be able to keep using it for many years to come without […]

Abu Garcia Pro Max Review

The Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel has a uniquely durable construction that is perfect for reeling in the big fish. This reel offers a number of impressive features that you will want to know about before deciding whether or not to purchase it. Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviewed Some of the features of […]

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review

The Battle II spinning reel are priced quite reasonably and have a lot to offer, especially for those who tend to do freshwater fishing. You will find that these reels are very sturdy and have soft touch knobs for easy and comfortable handling and retrieval. The anti-reverse and smooth drag features that this reels boast […]

Best KastKing Reels Reviewed 2023 - Can KastKing Compete with the Big-Names?

Among the big names in fishing, KastKing stands out, as their entry-level pricing puts good reels within reach of pretty much anyone. And they haven’t ignored the mid-priced segment, either, developing quite a few reels for mid-market. So, you may be wondering what are the best KastKing reels? Let’s find out! Quick glance at the […]

Best Conventional Reels Reviewed - Big Reels for Big Water

Designed for massive fish and ferocious fights, you can think of conventional reels as baitcasters on steroids. With easy-to-access drag levers, capacious spools, and tough gearing, they’re built for the big stuff. Not sure what makes a conventional reel superior for offshore fishing or trolling on the Great Lakes? Curious about which models are the […]

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel - Buying Guide and Reviews For 2023

At USAngler, we’re big ultralight fans, and much of the time, this is the fishing gear we reach for first. If you’re in the market for an ultralight setup, need to replace your worn reel, or just curious about dipping your toes in the ultralight water, keep reading. Below, you’ll find an in-depth discussion of […]

Best Spincast Reels Reviewed: Quality Alternatives to Baitcasting and Spinning Reels

The best spincast reel is simple and more than up to the task of bluegill, crappie, perch, catfish, walleye, trout, bass, specks, reds, and most pike. Better yet, they're affordable and well made! If you’re looking for the best spincast reel, want to give one a try, or are thinking about where to get one […]

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