Fishing Checklist

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Anytime you are about to hit the water on a beautiful day there are many things that we should have around us or with us at all times. Sometime when we get excited to hit the water we tend to overlook or forget to pack things. This fishing checklist will help you and keep you reminded of what is important to carry with you at all times when embarking on a fishing adventure. This checklist is mobile friendly so be sure to use it to your advantage.

   Fishing Licence– The most important piece of paperwork you should have on you at all times.

   Tackle box– Grab all or any of your favourite lures, and bait.

   Life Jacket– Boat or no boat a life jacket is a key piece of equipment anytime around water.

   Maps– Maps are great for those areas where your tech isn’t functional.

   Fishing Rod/Pole– Make sure that your fishing line is in good shape and your reel is in working order.

   Proper Clothing– Dress for the season and make sure you aren’t left in the cold.

   Live Bait– Sometimes we forget to pick up the worms or minnows. Always know what your fishing for and what live baits work best.

   Fishing Tech– There are great pieces of tech equipment such as underwater cameras, fishing watches and of course a GPS.

   Bug Repellant– Bug spray is a no brainer if you are near water.

   First Aid Kit– Everyone should have one of these either in their vehicle or packed in your tackle bag.

   Snacks and Water– From time to time we get hungry and thirsty always stay nourished and well hydrated, especially on those hot days.

   Net– Don’t get caught without a key piece of fishing equipment

   Pliers & Knife– These are your bare bones survival tools and a pair of both should be packed along with your gear.

   Sunblock– Don’t get caught out in the heat without it. You will most definitely regret it.

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