Fishing Boat Checklist

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Owning a boat can be busy work especially if its a big one. There are many things to consider before taking the boat out on a short or long fishing journey. Fishing boats are a staple in the world of pro, semi-pro, and hobby anglers. They play a huge role in any fishing adventure and we want to make sure you are prepared for the day ahead. Below we have assembled a great list of boat necessities and what you should have on the boat before embarking on that water worthy adventure.

   Do a circle check of the boat before you decide to toe it half way across town or in the bush.

   Make sure all your batteries are charged

   Pack a snack, meal depending on the duration of the journey. Stay hydrated as well!

   Make sure there is enough life jackets for everyone entering the fishing boat.

   All passengers and fellow fisherman have the proper state or province regulated fishing licenses and/or boating license.

   All ropes and anchors are in good shape and in good working order.

   Flashlight actually works and your boaters safety kit along with a bale bucket that is functional.

   Have blankets on board for those who may catch a chill.

   Ensure you haven’t forgotten any tackle, fishing nets, and most importantly the fishing rods.

   After you hook up the boat to the hitch make sure all the lights on the trailer properly work.

   Fuel up for the adventure ahead, don’t get caught on no gas. (Bring spare can for those longer adventures)

   Once you have reached your point of launch, make sure your hull plug is securely in the boat. (during storage we sometimes forget to plug it back in)

Be sure to check bow and stern lights before heading out on the water. Last thing you need is to get yanked over without having the proper night lighting. not to mention the hefty fine.

If we have missed anything in the checklist above please Send us a message and we will gladly add it to the list.

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