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The Best Flies for Panfish: 5 Sure-Fire Options

Panfish are a fly-angling opportunity not to be missed, especially if clear, cold streams are in short supply where you live. Species like crappie or bluegill are more aggressive than your typical trout - and decidedly less wary. As any experienced angler can attest, trout can be particular about which fly pattern they’ll take, turning […]

The Best Lures for Perch: Awesome Options for the Spring, Summer, and Fall

In the northern half of the US, spring and fall signal prime perch fishing, attracting legions of anglers to the water. And while not as popular as crappie or bluegill where the water warms quickly in spring, in colder climates, the yellow perch is the undisputed king of panfish. We’ve written about perch fishing before, […]

The Best Lures for Bank Fishing Salmon: Our Top Picks for Shore Salmon Success

I’ve always had an affinity for river fishing. There are a few moments from my younger years that could contribute to that but none more so than salmon fishing. The idea of catching trophy fish without the need for a boat, in rivers that were practically right in my backyard, fascinated me. The more time […]

Best Spoons For Fishing: Options For All Species

Spoons, quite possibly the single lure as old as fishing itself, date all the way back to the 8th century AD. Of course, these were rudimentary versions of what we know today, but there's no doubt that spoons have been catching fish for a very long time. Simplicity and versatility are what make spoons such […]

Best Buzzbaits: What You Should Be Throwing in 2024

Too often in fishing, things fall out of popularity. Lures are the biggest victims. Rods, reels, electronics: they all continue to evolve but generally stay consistent as far as what everyone is using. Lures, however, can be a different story. Something comes along that’s rumored or proven to catch lots of fish, and suddenly there […]

Mystery Tackle Box Review: Is MTB Right for You?

Lure selection can be a real challenge no matter what your experience level, but it’s especially bewildering for new anglers. With thousands of choices of style, shape, pattern, and color, it’s tough to know what works and when to throw it. Simplifying these options is critical, as is getting to know what works, when. That’s […]

MonsterBass Box Review: Is the “Most Popular” Subscription Service Right for You?

Fishing subscription boxes are all the rage right now, offering a monthly shipment of tackle direct to your door. But like everything else in the fishing world, you typically get what you pay for, and we have serious questions about whether you’re better off spending your hard-earned money on a mystery or just heading over […]

Best Hooks for Redfish: Style and Size Considered

One of America’s most popular inshore game fish, the red drum is prized as a trophy and as a meal. And one thing is certain: no angler can resist the excitement of catching hard-fighting reds. Often lured into a bite with live bait, hook choice for redfish is critical. Not only must it match the […]

Best Jerkbaits Reviewed: Top Picks for 2024

Jerkbaits are known for their pre-spawn and late fall magic, and in cool, clear water, they’re probably without equal. Popular on the tournament trail even in warmer water when bass are schooling and actively feeding on masses of baitfish, jerkbaits are a staple every angler should learn to fish well. If you’re not sure which […]

Rapala’s Shadow Rap: A Simply Deadly Jerkbait Reviewed

Analysis and Results Specifications Rapala offers the Shadow Rap in four distinct variations. Two body styles are available: the slender, elongated minnow - just going by the moniker “Rap” - and the taller, more ovoid shad. These two bodies can be had with the standard jerkbait lip or a longer version that dives deep. The […]

Best Fishing Lures: 21 Lures Every Angler Should Own

If you’ve ever seen a professional angler’s tackle boxes and bags, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the sport is really about collecting as many lures as you can. But take a closer look, and you’ll find that most are variations on a few simple themes. And while that pro may have every color, pattern, […]

Best Lipless Crankbaits: Explanation and Reviews of Our Favorites

Whether you target cool-weather bass or hunt walleyes in the weeds on nasty, cold mornings, a lipless crankbait deserves serious consideration. Best in water less than 10 feet deep, lipless crankbaits are a go-to option when the fish are shallow, combining enticing action with a vegetation-forgiving design. But these excellent crankbaits demand a technique all […]

Lily Pad Madness: Best Topwater Frog Lures Reviewed

Some of the most exciting bass fishing of my life has happened around lily pads. I’ve worked a clear Heddon Torpedo into a ferocious leaping strike. I’ve pulled a across pads and into the water with deadly results. But nothing I’ve tried matched the awesome attraction of a frog or the heart-stopping moment when a […]

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