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Fish Recipes

Perch Recipes: Meals to Please Any Family

Anglers across the northern half of the United States know that yellow perch is almost as exciting on the table as it is on the hook. And whether you take your perch through the ice or on the open water, a full cooler of lively fish is going to make your family happy. Perch sport […]

Cooking Crappie Like a Pro: A Few of Our Favorite Recipes

Crappie isn’t just fun to catch, it’s one of the best tasting fish you’ll ever feel on a hook. Offering fine, almost crab-like flesh, it’s a fantastic addition of flavor to the table and a great source of protein and healthy fats. We love to cook crappie. From frying to roasting, grilling to smoking, We’ve […]

Can You Eat Muskie? Well...It Depends!

Muskie, the common nickname for the muskellunge (Esox masquinongy), derives its name from the Ojibwe “maashkinoozhe”--meaning “ugly pike.” And that’s not a bad description of this large relative of the pike and pickerel. While edible, and indeed to some people quite delicious, we generally recommend catch and release for reasons we’ll explain below. And to […]

Best Tasting Freshwater Fish To Eat: A Few of Our Favorites, Recipe Ideas, and Tips

Fish aren’t just nutritious, providing essential protein as well as heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They’re delicious, easy to clean, and simple to prepare, too. And as most anglers already know, there are a variety of freshwater fish that make a welcome addition to any table. We’d like to discuss a few of our favorites and […]

Can You Eat Bonito? Are They Good Fish To Eat? - Yes, of Course!

While not a popular choice at the dinner table in the United States, the fish that are commonly called bonito are considered a delicacy in the countries of the northern Mediterranean and Black Sea. Table of Contents (clickable)1 What are Bonito?2 What Does Bonito Taste Like?3 Bonito Recipes3.1 Marmitako: Basque bonito stew with potatoes3.2 Grilled […]