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Easy Fishing Knots

Best Easy Snug Knot: The Uni
Best Easy Line-to-Line Knot: The Double Uni
Best Easy Terminal Knot for Hooks: The Palomar
Best Easy Loop Knot: The Kreh

New anglers need knots that they can learn to tie easily, and even experienced anglers love an easy-to-tie knot that comes together in seconds.

The Uni Knot is one of the most useful knots ever devised. Great for everything from attaching line to a spool to securing a hook, it’s a knot every angler should learn to tie. Strong, fast, and easy to tie correctly, it holds well in all line types, and it’s extremely shock resistant.

The Double Uni is n more difficult than the single Uni. Fast, easy-to-learn, and simple to execute well, it’s an excellent choice for a line-to-line knot as it’s well-known for its awesome knot integrity, especially when subjected to sudden shock.

When we discuss easy terminal knots, the Palomar Knot deserves pride of place. Stronger than the Uni, with an extra wrap, it becomes the Improved Palomar, allowing it to hold well in braid. Ideal for attaching a hook or sinker, the Palomar is fast and very easy to learn. But skip this knot for crank and jerkbaits: it’s hard to slip a large loop over several treble hooks without getting hung up.

Some lures simply move better with a bit of freedom, and snug knots can smother their action. The Kreh or Non-Slip Loop Knot is the solution. It’s easy to tie, fast, and strong, it can offer more than 80% of your line’s test strength, holding well in all line types. And as an added bonus, the Kreh sports a tag end that’s pointing back towards your lure, reducing trash and junk that can get snagged by your knot.

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