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Crappie Fishing Mastery Course

[The Ultimate Crappie Fishing Course]
crappie fishing tips
Here's What You Get Inside!
Take a look below at what you’ll learn, what you’ll receive, and how you’ll be able to catch crappie all year long.
Find more crappie. Catch more crappie. Guaranteed.

In This Exclusive Online Crappie Masterclass, We'll Show You...

  • ​How to predict where you’ll find monster slabs in EVERY season, even summer. Never go home with an empty ice chest again…
  • How to choose the right technique and lure for every situation.
  • Secrets from crappie legends that will change the way you fish for slabs.
  • How to read the water like a pro. You’ll know where the sac-a-lait are, even if you’re fishing from shore.
  • How to make the most of live bait, rig it like a tournament champion, and turn the odds in your favor.
  • How to improve your spider rigging set-up.
  • Tips to master night fishing when the heat is really on.
  • Which rod and reels combinations are the MOST EFFECTIVE, as well as the best lines and hooks to run for crappie.
  • Techniques and tips that work all the time, every time.
  • How to tie your own double rigs to up the ante on jigging.
  • Which alternatives to spider rigging are the MOST PRODUCTIVE when summer drives crappie out of the shallows, spreading them across your lake.
  • How to cook crappie like a pro! Dozens of recipes that include frying, baking, grilling, smoking, etc!
  • And Much More!

Table of Contents - 20+ Modules

  • Differentiating Black and White Crappie
  • What Do Crappie Eat?
  • Crappie Fishing Techniques
  • Crappie Fishing Tips
  • Best Time to Fish for Crappie
  • Crappie Rigs
  • How to Jig for Crappie
  • Crappie Fishing With Minnows
  • Night Fishing for Crappie
  • Bank Fishing for Crappie
  • Spider Rigging For Crappie
  • Spring Crappie Fishing
  • Summer Crappie Fishing
  • Fall Crappie Fishing
  • Winter Crappie Fishing
  • Ice Fishing For Crappie
  • Buying Guide and Reviews of the Top Crappie Gear & Tackle
    • Rods
    • Reels
    • Rod & Reel Combos
    • Spider Rigging Rods
    • Hooks
    • Fishing Line
    • Lures
    • Jigs
    • Bait
    • Corks
    • Floats
    • Bobbers
  • Crappie Recipes
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