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Costa Del Mar’s Fantail Pro Review: The Best Fishing Sunglasses Money Can Buy

Written by: Pete Danylewycz
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Costa Del Mar’s Fantail Pro are probably the best fishing sunglasses currently available. They're expensive - yes - but for anglers who see sunglasses that provide superior glare protection and water penetration as fishing tools rather than fashion statements, the Fantail Pro is very, very hard to beat.

That’s a strong statement, so let’s back it up with facts.

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Lens material: polarized glass
Lens Colors: blue mirror, copper silver mirror, gray silver mirror, green mirror, sunrise silver mirror
Frame material and colors: nylon in matte gray, matte black, and matte wetlands
Polarization: yes
Prescription options: yes

Costa Fantail Pro Review

Costa’s reputation for unparalleled quality is evident in every detail of these sunglasses, from the option for prescription lenses to adjustable nose pads. You’re definitely buying quality rather than just a brand name.

costa fantail blue lens

Blue lenses are ideal for bright sun and deep water.

The Fantail Pro features high-quality glass lenses that are expertly polarized for the demanding conditions you’ll experience chasing reds, snook, tuna, sharks, and sailfish. Zero glare is the rule, and though the lenses are made from glass, they’re light and easy to wear.

Chalk that up to proper sizing, adjustable nose pads, and a sweat channel on either temple.

Those glass lenses are very, very tough, and even after wearing them more or less constantly for months, we’ve yet to scratch or crack them. That’s real-world use: fishing, sailing, golfing, driving - our test team has done it all in these Fantail Pros.

We were initially concerned that glass would be inferior to polycarbonate in the long run.

We’re happy to say we were wrong!

The Fantail Pro line comes in three frame colors: matte gray, matte black, and a tortoiseshell-esque matte wetlands. Paired with lenses across the color spectrum, there’s something for every angler here.

No products found.

No products found.

We’ve discussed which color lenses are best for fishing generally, as well as specific conditions. If you’d like to know more about this subject, check out this article:

Best Lens Color for Fishing Sunglasses: Color Matters!

The good news is that gray, green, blue, and copper - the best colors for fishing in conditions ranging from bright sun to stained water - are available in the Fantail Pro line, just as you’d expect.

Quality, excellent fit, comfort, and the right colors of lenses for serious fishermen: what more can you ask for?


  • Durable frames in multiple colors
  • Durable glass lenses that are expertly polarized
  • Prescription lenses available
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Very comfortable fit


  • Expensive
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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Pete grew up fishing on the Great Lakes. Whether he's casting a line in a quiet freshwater stream or battling a monster bass, fishing is his true passion.
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