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Catfish Fishing

Catfish Fishing Tips

Catfish Fishing Tips: Catch Catfish Like a Pro

Catfishing is a time-honored tradition in many parts of the country. While grabbing a few packs of chicken livers or some hotdogs from the local store is the way many people prepare to catch some kitties, we’d like to help you improve your game a bit more than that and give you some solid catfish […]

Types of Catfish - Catfish Species Explained

Catfishing sounds easy. Just wait till dark, run a big hook through a rotting chunk of liver, add a weight that allows you to cast, and let ‘er rip--right? Not so fast! The more you know about catfish, the more you realize that every species has a different preference for prey items and habitat--each of […]

The Best Catfish Rigs: Blue and Flathead Essentials

If there’s one thing that separates novice catfish anglers from the pros, it’s rigging. Good rigs are designed to present live bait attractively, keep it put in a strong current, and control the depth of presentation to a tee. For blues and flatheads, that’s essential. Unlike the scavenging channel cat, they hunt their meals and […]

What Do Catfish Eat?

Three species of catfish dominate North American fishing: the channel, the blue, and the flathead. And while they share a lot in common, including an incredible sense of smell, their feeding behavior and diet are more different than you might expect. So while the stomach of a channel cat may be filled with snails and […]

How to Hold a Catfish Safely - Avoid Getting Stung!

There are plenty of myths in the fishing world, but none more persistent than the idea that catfish whiskers can “sting.” It’s simply not true--not even a little! Their whiskers may look scary, but they’re harmless! That doesn’t mean that catfish can’t hurt you while you’re handling them--they certainly can and will--but it’s not their […]

The Hair Rig: The First Carp Rig Every Angler Should Learn

While fishing for carp has yet to take off in the US, in the UK, it’s a national obsession.  These massive fish are more than capable of putting up a memorable fight, but you can leave the lures at home. Largely herbivorous, carp search the bottom for their meals, routine through the mud, silt, or […]

Best Homemade Catfish Bait Recipes

Let’s get the truth out there up front: commercial catfish baits are easy to come by, surprisingly economical, and very, very effective on channel cats. There’s just no question about that. And until you’ve actually processed a disgusting mash of rotten minnows, spoiled cheese, and chicken livers in a plastic bucket, let that concoction ripen […]

How To Clean and Fillet Catfish: The Fastest Method We’ve Ever Seen!

Cleaning catfish can be simple, fast, and relatively clean - or it can be difficult, slow, and filthy. The difference is entirely in technique. If you want to know how to clean catfish quickly with a minimum of fuss, we’re here to help, and we’ll go through the process one step at a time to […]

Catfish Questions and Answers: 6 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know

We’ve all got questions about catfish, but we’re often either too embarrassed to ask or have trouble finding a reliable answer. That’s why we’ve taken the time to answer some of the more common questions about cats, relying on science and reputable sources rather than rumor and “common” knowledge. Do you want to have your […]

Catfish Noodling: Dangerous, Exciting, and Crazy Fun

If there’s a more heart-pounding method of fishing than noodling, please let me know! A form of hand fishing that takes advantage of the spawning behavior of catfish, noodling is an adrenaline-packed contest between an angler and a (typically) big catfish. Controversial because of its potential impact on catfish reproduction, noodling has only been given […]

Best Time To Catch Catfish: A Season-by-Season Breakdown

While most anglers chase catfish in the hazy, lazy days of summer, die-hard catmen know that all four seasons offer their own abundance, and that with the possible exception of the spawn in late spring/early summer, there’s great catfishing to be had year-round. That doesn’t mean that peak seasons can’t be identified for each of […]

The Catfish Spawn: A Problem with a Solution

Unlike bass, crappie, bluegill, and other popular species of game fish, catfish are actually toughest to catch during the spawn. Varying widely even within the same body of water, and driving males to avoid feeding altogether until their hatch are free swimming, spring and early summer are the hardest seasons to catch nice cats. Many […]

Catfish Tackle Reviews

Best Hooks For Catfish Reviewed

As catfish anglers are quick to note, these big, bad fish need hooks to match. That can come as a surprise to fishermen used to other species, but if you’ve ever had a hook snap or bend on a fat blue, you’ll quickly learn that thick, tough hooks are the only way to go.  We’ve […]

Best Fishing Line For Catfish Reviewed

Tying into a monster catfish is a heart-pounding experience, and you want to know that the fishing line you’ve spooled on your reel can take the heat. When you’re hunting murky water for a big blue, you don’t need excellent sensitivity or super long casts, but you will appreciate awesome shock strength, incredible knot integrity, […]

Best Catfish Rods Reviewed - Tough, Sensitive, and Capable

The heart-pounding excitement of catfishing is easy to understand. A big blue or flathead can rival the size of any fish you can take by line, and these real-life river-monsters will put up the fight of your life! And an evening spent pulling channel cats from the river, followed by a fish-fry the next day, […]

Best Catfish Rod And Reel Combo: Strength and Power in 2024

There are fish--and then there are catfish. And as any hardcore catman can explain, tying into a big blue or flathead is an exhilarating experience that’ll test your rod, reel, line, and hook like almost nothing else. Some say catfishermen are a different breed, but one thing’s certain: a good catfish rod and reel combo […]

Best Catfish Bait and Techniques for Every Situation

Plenty of catmen swear that the best bait for catfish is nothing more complicated than a box of old chicken livers, and years of experience has proven that they’re not wrong! But if you want to improve your odds, increase your catch, or land some brute blues, chicken liver is probably not your best option […]

Getting Stinky: The Best Lures for Catfish

Let’s be upfront about it: the most effective offerings for catfish are cut and live bait or the gooey mess of punch baits and other disgusting concoctions. Catfish of all species are typically found in murky, warm water, and they primarily hunt with their incredible sense of smell, using their sensitive lateral lines as a […]

Best Catfish Reels Reviewed

Fishing for catfish requires unusually tough tackle, because while you can plan on hooking a 3-pound channel cat, you might end up with a 20-pound flathead! That doesn’t mean that every rod and reel needs to be ready for a trophy blue, but rather than any given day on the water might just put your […]

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