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Best Surf Fishing Carts - Taking Your Tackle to the Beach in 2024

Surf fishing fans know that carrying buckets, sand spikes, rods, tackle bags, and everything else they need for a trip to the beach is a tall order. 

Every time I’ve done it, I’ve wanted an extra pair of hands.

A surf fishing cart is the easiest solution and the best of the bunch make it easy to pull a full cooler across soft sand. Especially if you’ve got a ways to go to get to the best spot - or just to get away from people - a surf fishing cart is going to feel like a godsend.

If you’re looking for a surf fishing cart, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find complete reviews of our favorites, as well as buying guide to get you up to speed fast.

Quick glance at the best surf fishing carts:


Best Surf Fishing Carts Reviewed

Plattinum Products Beach Cart - Best Overall Surf Fishing Cart

Beach Cart Surf Cart Fishing Cart, Wheeleez w/Receiver Arm Powder Coated Black


Capacity: 200 lbs.

Material: aluminum

Tires: balloon beach tires

Plattinum Products’ Beach Cart is exceptionally well-thought-out, combining features that make it perhaps the most user-friendly of all the carts we review on our shortlist.

Made from powder-coated aluminum, you’re just not going to get any more corrosion resistance than this, and it’ll stand up to a lifetime of saltwater spray and mist. Plattinum Products’ build might not be quite at Alumacart’s level, but it’s still very, very good. 

You can expect this cart to last a long time.

Sized for a Yeti 65 Tundra, the interior of this cage design is generous, measuring a full 30-⅞" x 18-¼ x 11". With a smaller cooler in tow, there’s plenty of space for tackle, lunch, snacks, and beverages.

And even when loaded to its 200-pound capacity, the large balloon tires allow it to roll over deep, soft sand with ease.

An added bonus is that this beach cart slides into a standard trailer hitch, making transportation simple.

Eight rod holders perfect for long-handled surf rods are attached to the exterior, giving you plenty of options.

Like the Kahuna Junior, build quality and awesome features come at a price, but if that’s something you can accept, this is a very hard surf fishing cart to beat.


  • Light
  • Ideal for soft sand
  • Great tires
  • Plenty of storage area
  • Durable frame and bed
  • Excellent rod holders
  • Easy transportation with a trailer hitch


  • Expensive!

Alumacart Kahuna Junior Beach & Fishing Wagon - Highest Capacity Surf Fishing Cart

Kahuna Junior Beach & Fishing Wagon-Rod Holders-Walls-Balloon Sand Tires-Made in The USA!!! Silver


Capacity: 350 lbs.

Material: aluminum

Tires: 11.8" balloon beach tires

Alumacart’s Kahuna Junior is something of an oxymoron, and like “jumbo shrimp,” the junior is anything but small.

Alumacart’s design offers unrivaled ride height and capacity, and the build quality is simply outstanding.

Constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum, this cart was designed to carry heavy loads across soft sand, and with a maximum capacity of 350 pounds - and huge balloon tires - it’s very, very good at just that.

A full cooler of ice and fish is not going to bog down on you, and if you’ve got the arms and legs to pull it, Alumacart’s Kahuna Junior can take it. The handle, too, is aluminum, and its welds and joint don’t know the word “quit.”

The sides of this cart lift out after unsecuring them, making loading and unloading a heavy cooler a lot easier. With all four sides in place, expect interior dimensions of 34.5" x 16.5".

That’s a ton of space, and if you’re a tackle-hound who likes to bring it all, this is a cart to consider carefully.

You’ll also find 4 integrated aluminum rod holders that are perfect for surf casting rods.

Quality and design like this come at a premium, and the Alumacart Kahuna Junior isn’t cheap. But if you need a cart that can carry a lot without bogging down or breaking, this might be your best bet.


  • Light
  • Ideal for soft sand
  • Great tires
  • Plenty of storage area
  • Super durable frame and bed
  • Excellent rod holders


  • Expensive!

Sea Striker BRSC Beach Runner - Best Budget Surf Fishing Cart

Sea Striker BRSC Beach Runner Fishing and Beach Cart,Multicolor


Capacity: ?

Material: steel

Tires: hard plastic

For anglers on a budget, Sea Striker’s BRSC Beach Runner is a good buy. Now, keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and don’t expect a cart that can compete with the Alumacart Kahuna or Plattinum Products Beach Cart.

The body of the Beach Runner is made from steel, and if I had to guess, it’s a simple mild steel that’s strong and inexpensive. Practically, strength is not going to be an issue, but corrosion will be. I strongly recommend applying a rust-resistant spray paint like Rust-Oleum to any scratches or dings, as exposure to saltwater spray and mist is going to cause rust.

You might also want to replace the supplied hardware with stainless steel alternatives, and for anglers who want to go the extra mile, a bit of Loctite will ensure the screws don’t back out under load.

Sea Striker doesn’t report the maximum capacity of the Beach Runner, but its interior dimensions are large enough to accommodate a 54-quart cooler. I don’t think that you’ll overweight this cart with what you need for a trip to the surf, and capacity is good.

Seven rod holders are attached to the exterior of the Beach Runner, giving you plenty of space for long-handled surf casting rods. That’s a nice feature, saving you cash since you don’t need to buy sand spikes.

Be aware that the cage-like frame of this cart will let small objects like sunscreen fall through, so plan for that. A tarp or heavy plastic liner can easily be made to prevent this problem.

The Beach Runner sports large, hard-plastic wheels that can be removed easily. They roll well over loose sand and don’t get bogged down easily. But their overall quality leaves a bit to be desired.

Sea Striker’s Beach Runner is a capable cart that should last a few seasons with proper care. And for anglers who are watching every penny, it’s definitely worth a second look.


  • Great price
  • Strong steel frame
  • Large tires that roll over loose sand


  • Materials are not corrosion resistant
  • Overall build quality is poor

Fish-N-Mate 310

Anglers Fish-N-Mate 310 Sr Fishing Cart with Poly Wheels


Capacity: 150 lbs.

Material: aluminum

Tires: poly balloon

Soft balloon tires and saltwater defying aluminum make the Fish-N-Mate 310 a no-brainer for the beach. 

Soft sand causes problems for carts toting a full cooler, but the Fish-N-Mate’s two rear poly wheels really deliver when you’ve got a long walk ahead of you. The handle is comfortable and strong, and the build quality is reassuringly excellent.

With a stated capacity of 150 pounds, you can load this cart up with everything you need for a long day (or night) on the beach and not worry about sinking into even the worst powder sands.

You’ll find six built-in rod holders, also made from aluminum, with one doubling as a base for a small table and bucket. That makes working on live bait a snap, and there’s no need to get your cooler grimy, leaving you a good place to sit up and off the sand.

There’s more than enough space for a nice-sized cooler and anything else that won’t fall through the skeletonized body. Interior dimensions measure 17” x 42” x 8”, providing more than enough space for essentials like tackle bags and snacks or beverages.

The tire hub system and axle are durable and strong, but the hub can deform under heavy loads. In fact, that’s clearly the limiting factor on the Fish-N-Mate 310’s maximum capacity: the frame can take a much heavier load than the juncture of the wheels to the axle.


  • Very light
  • Ideal for soft sand
  • Plenty of storage area
  • Durable frame
  • Lots of rod holders


  • Some trouble has been reported with the hub design under heavy load

Juggernaut Carts AFCART

Juggernaut Storage Aluminum Fishing and Marine Outdoor Rolling Utility Cart with Large Tires for Hauling Gear and Equipment, Blue


Capacity: 220 lbs.

Material: aluminum and stainless steel

Tires: balloon beach tires

Juggernaut Carts AFCART falls somewhere between the Sea Striker Beach Runner and high-end models like the Alumacart in both build quality and price. Still much cheaper than all but the Beach Runner, it’s a much better cart for about twice the price.

That still puts it within reach of most anglers, and if your budget can stretch this far, it’s a better buy than the Sea Striker.

Made from aluminum and stainless steel, corrosion shouldn’t be a problem, and right there, you’re offered a good reason to make this your bottom-end. We have no reason to doubt the listed capacity of 220 pounds, and the junction of the wheels to the axle is certainly studier than the more expensive Fish-N-Mate.

You’ll find eight long rod holders attached to the exterior.

The large balloon tires are excellent, rolling easily over soft sand even when the cart is brimming with gear.

And the supplied liner makes this cart awesome for anglers who keep losing small items that fall through the cage-style frames common to surf fishing carts.

Of course, something’s got to give at this price point, and the weld quality is just adequate. So, too, is internal capacity: this cart measures just 33-½” x 13-¾”, not giving you a whole lot of space.

Overall, then, while its quality surpasses the Beach Runner, there are good reasons to go with the Sea Striker as the best budget option.


  • Very light
  • Ideal for soft sand
  • Durable frame
  • Lots of rod holders


  • Small interior dimensions

Things to Consider When Buying a Surf Fishing Cart

Is a cart right for you?

Surf fishing carts are a great way to transport gear from your car or truck to the water, and if you’ve got a lot of sand to cross, you’ll quickly find that they’re worth every penny.

All that tackle adds up quickly, and from sand spikes to a cooler, bait to rods and reels, you’ll have your hands full without one. And even then, you’ll need to make hard choices about what to bring and what to leave behind.

But if all you’re looking for is a tackle organizer with wheels, products like Elkton Outdoors’ Rolling Fishing Tackle Box or Berkley’s Sportsman’s Pro are probably better options.

Wheeled organizers are great if you’re not bringing much other than tackle.


You may not think that capacity matters, but remember that a regular cooler filled with enough ice and water to get the job done weighs in at about 60 pounds! Add to that your tackle, lunch, rods, and a few nice fish, and you quickly reach triple digits.

Keep in mind that in most cases, the frame of a surf fishing cart is strong enough for hundreds of pounds - at least. It’s the hubs where the wheels attach that are the weak point, and if this fails, it won’t matter how strong the body is.

Also, remember that you need to be able to move your fully-loaded cart across soft sand.

Good wheels can make a full cart feel as light as a feather or as heavy as a stalled car.

Tire design

Three tire styles are common on fishing carts.

Air-filled rubber

These tires are tough but heavy. Ideal for rolling across blacktop and other smooth surfaces, they’re also very resistant to punctures and damage.

Air-filled rubber tires are tough and quiet.

The downside is that unless they’re quite wide, they can sink into soft sand, making them more of a burden than a help. 

We tend to skip this wheel design on beach carts as there are better options for the soft stuff.

Solid plastic

Solid plastic wheels are very low maintenance and, when made sufficiently wide, roll over soft sand really well.

Solid plastic wheels can be tough and light.

They’re typically used to keep costs down, and they tend not to last very long.


A popular option on beaches, these light, buoyant, low-pressure tires spread the cart’s load over a wide area, allowing them to roll over sand with ease.

Balloon wheels are ideal on sand.

For soft sand, these wheels are impossible to beat.


Saltwater spray and mist are murder on most metals.

Many of the carts on our list are all made from aluminum, which in addition to being very strong for its weight, doesn’t corrode or rust.

That’s important, especially for anglers near the salt, where aggressive corrosion is the norm.

But you also need to consider wheel and hub durability as it takes more than a strong frame to make a good cart.

Final Thoughts

A surf fishing cart makes the job of transporting your gear simple, and one of the products we’ve reviewed today will be just right for you.

For anglers on a tight budget, the Sea Striker BRSC Beach Runner is a good buy, but watch out for corrosion and tire durability. With a few improvements like Rust-Oleum and Loctite, you can get this cart to perform like you’d want it to.

For greater capacity, durability, and excellent build quality, take a look at Alumacart’s Kahuna Junior Beach & Fishing Wagon. This brute of a surf fishing cart can carry anything you need with ease, and it’ll never break, give out, or bog down.

Finally, Plattinum Products Beach Cart is easy to transport with the trailer hitch on your truck. It’s also big, tough, and easy to pull.

While we can’t tell you which option is the best for you, we can all but guarantee that one of these surf fishing carts will be perfect for you.

As always, we’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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