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Best Fishing Knot Tying Tools to Make Angling Easy Again

Knot tying tools become essential for seasoned anglers.

As we get older, most of us lose the ability to focus on things up close, a fact you’ll probably notice first when reading a menu or - for anglers - when trying to thread the eye of a hook, lure, or jig. 

Arthritis, injuries, age and just plain cold fingers can reduce the dexterity we enjoy in our fingers, too, making knots far more difficult to tie than they should be.

But they’re necessary for some knots no matter how acute your vision is or nimble your fingers are. For instance, there’s just no way to tie the nail knot free-hand, and the awesome FG Bobbin, as its name tells you, demands a tool.

If you’re on the lookout for a knot tying tool for any of these reasons, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find reviews of the top fishing knot tying tools out there.

Quick glance at the best fishing knot tying tools:

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Best Fishing Knot Tying Tools Reviewed

TQONEP Knot Tying Tool - Best Multi-tool for Tying Knots

TQONEP Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tool 420 Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Fly Line Clippers with Zinger Retractor Combo


TQONEP’s knot tying tool is a very good idea and an excellent buy for anglers struggling with the dexterity needed to tie a Snell knot. It also provides the ability to tie the Nail knot, making this a nice combo tool for fresh and saltwater.

Essentially four tools in one, you’ll find reasonably effective clippers for cutting line (they struggle with tough braid), a hook-sharpening file, and a small tool for tying the Snell and Nail knots. You’ll also find a tiny spike that’s great for learning excess paint from fly eyes (I’m looking at you, little poppers!).

The manufacturer shows this tool tying what looks like a Snell knot to attach lures, too, but I’d skip that supposed application and use a better knot for that purpose.

The included zinger is not the highest quality, and you’ll want to use one of your own for creating a retractable connection to your vest or PFD.

Overall, this inexpensive option has proven itself in the real world, and plenty of anglers love what it does for them.


  • Excellent tool for tying the Snell and Nail knot
  • Easy to use
  • Offers clippers and a small hook sharpener


  • Only useful for two knots

TYEPRO Fishing Knot Tying Tool - Best Eye Threader for Jigs and Hooks

TYEPRO Fishing Knot Tying Tool/Jig Head and Hook Eyelet Grip/Line Threader/Clipper for Shaky Hands and Poor Eyesight. Tackle Box Accessory.


I hate bringing my reading glasses out on the water, but I also simply can’t see the eyes of hooks and jigs without them. That leaves me stabbing my line and hoping for a bullseye, slowing the process down to a snail’s pace.

I’ll bet a lot of you know just what I mean!

The TYEPRO is simply revolutionary for anglers like me who can’t see well enough to thread eyes without glasses or contacts.

Essentially an over-built clothespin, you simply load your 1/64- to ½-ounce jig head or size 14 to 5/0 hook into its jaws and pass your line through the large aperture. Its position and shape feed your line into the eye the first time, every time.

The size of the TYEPRO makes it easy to manipulate, too, so if you’re struggling with arthritis, nerve damage, or the like, you can easily tie knots ranging from the Palomar to the Clinch to the Kreh.

If you’re frustrated by how long it takes you to thread your eyes and don’t want to wear reading glasses out on the water, this is a must-have. 


  • Awesome for bad eyes and arthritic hands
  • Easy to use
  • Works with a wide variety of jigs and hooks
  • Works with a good range of knots


  • ???

TIE-FAST - Best Nail Knot Tool

TIE-Fast Fishing Line Knot Tyer, Silver


The Needle Knot is the go-to method for joining thick fly line to leader or tippet, but it’s impossible to tie freehand. 

Without a tool, it just can’t be done.

Enter the TIE-FAST, an essential tool for fly anglers. Small and handy, it clips to your vest, keeping it ready-to-hand, and its stainless steel construction means you never need to worry about corrosion.

It’s easy to use and makes tying the Nail knot a cinch.


  • Excellent tool for tying the Nail knot
  • Easy to use
  • Light, well made, and corrosion resistant


  • Only useful for the Nail knot

Shimano TH-202N Bobbin Knotter - Best Fishing Knot Bobbin

Shimano TH-202N Bobbin Knotter Knot Machine Heavy P.E 1.5 - 8 Black 413352


There is no better knot for heavy saltwater applications than the PR Bobbin. 

Ideal for joining braided main line to heavy mono or fluorocarbon leader, the PR Bobbin is a true 100% knot, meaning that your line will give before this knot breaks.

It’s also as slender as they come, allowing you to cast this knot as needed.

But you’ll need a tool - and some practice - to master the PR Bobbin, and there’s nothing better than the Shimano Bobbin Knotter.

Durable, effective, and as easy to use as the knot allows, this is the go-to tool for pros and weekend anglers alike.


  • Awesome for tying the PR Bobbin knot
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely well made


  • Only useful for this one knot

HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Knot Tying Tool

HOOK-EZE 2023 Updated Design Fishing Gear Knot Tying Tool | Pack of 2 | Protect from Fish Hooks | Tie Fishing Knots Easily | Cool Gadgets | Ice & Fly Fishing Gifts for Beginner Anglers - Yellow


The HOOK-EZE is a great idea, offering protection from the sharp point and adding a swivel to make tying knots like the Improved Clinch a snap. 

The Improved Clinch is an awesome knot for the small-diameter lines used for panfish and trout, and it’s a great fly knot, too. But holding on to a tiny hook or fly and manipulating line that’s just a skosh bigger than a hair isn’t easy unless you got the hands of a concert pianist.

The HOOK-EZE simplifies this process, even if you’re troubled by arthritis.

You enclose the hook or fly in the plastic cover, which doubles as a hook guard while you're driving or walking. Then, you simply turn the HOOK-EZE around its swivel, doing most of the work needed in an Improved Clinch.

One quick pass of the line back through the big loop, and you’re done!

The HOOK-EZE is compatible with clips, swivels, jigs, some flies, and most hooks, making it a very versatile tool for those struggling with reduced dexterity.

Overall, this is a very effective tool and a must-have for anglers who find manipulating tiny hooks and other terminal tackle challenging.


  • Excellent tool for arthritic hands
  • Compatible with a wide range of tackle
  • Easy to use


  • Useful for just a few knots

Knot Needle

KNOT KNEEDLE - Fishing Knot Tying Tool - Quick & Easy Way to Tie Knots & Keep Fishing Longer - Fishing Gear and Equipment - Tools for Fishing Pack - Fishing Tools and Accessories - Single with Zinger


The Knot Needle is an easy-to-use tying tool that holds tiny fishing line securely, making the process of tying knots in slender mono or tippet much easier.

Like the HOOK-EZE, anglers with arthritis or other dexterity-reducing issues will find this tool a godsend.

The Knot Needle uses a spring-loaded action to create pressure on a rubber O-ring near the top. Once you place your line in its grip, it’s there to stay, allowing you to manipulate the Knot Needle rather than a hair-thin length of line.

One thing I really like about the Knot Needle is that it’s useful for a variety of knots, from the Uni to the Kreh. That makes it amazingly versatile, and whether you’ve suffered a hand injury or just fight a bad case of arthritis, this tool works really well.


  • Excellent tool for arthritic hands
  • Easy to use
  • Useful for a wide variety of knots


  • The spring can be a tad tight at first

Koehler Industries Clinch Knot Tool

Shimano TH-202N Bobbin Knotter Knot Machine Heavy P.E 1.5 - 8 Black 413352


Even the noblest fingers and keenest eyes can find it challenging to tie a good knot on a tiny fly, and hands numbed by cold water can make that all but impossible.

Koehler Industry’s Clinch Knot Tool is the solution, and this easy-to-use device is the magic wand of fly-tying in challenging conditions.

A loop, a few quick twirls, and a quick cinch - you’re done.

Made from durable, non-corroding brass, this is a tool that’s easy to keep ready to go, and you can bet that you’ll pass it down to the next generation of fly fishermen, provided they don’t already own one of their own!


  • Awesome for bad eyes and arthritic or cold hands
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely well made


  • Only useful for typing the Clinch knot

Final Thoughts

Cold fingers, numb hands, a touch of arthritis, and bad eyes: every one of these issues makes handling tiny hooks and slender lines a lot of trouble.

And whether you’ve lost some dexterity in your fingers due to an injury, age, or just plain old cold water, a knot tying tool can be a lifesaver when the pressure’s on.

Each of the products on our shortlist is simply great, and they span a variety of needs and knots.

If you pick the right one for you, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

As always, we’d love to hear from you, and we’re more than willing to answer any questions you might have.

Please leave a comment below.

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