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Technology is changing everything, including fishing. Thanks to smartphones and apps, you now have the power of a supercomputer in your pocket at all times. Even when you're out on the water. Since you have this technology, you should take advantage of it. With the right apps and tools, you can completely transform your fishing experience and make it even more fun. Whether you're looking to find better hot spots with your own personal sonar system or just looking to identify your latest catch, there's an app that can help. This article will show you the five best fishing apps. Using them can provide you with crucial information that makes your trip more enjoyable, show you the best hot spots in your area, and help you to reel in bigger and better catches.

Best Fishing Apps Reviewed

Pro Angler

If you're into saltwater fishing, then you need to try this app. It's filled with crucial information on different fish species, location guides, and hot spots, and it will even display real-time weather updates. Additionally, there's a whole host of extra little features such as an index of different bait shops and a recipe guide to preparing various fish. The Pro Angler app is incredibly useful because it has everything. With just a few swipes of your finger, you can look up all the information you could possibly need. No matter if you're trying to identify a particular type of fish, looking for an updated report on the area you're currently fishing in, or hunting for a refueling station so you can gas up your boat, the Pro Angler app can help. This app is available for both IOS and Android, and it's completely free. If you're planning a saltwater fishing trip, be sure to download this program and give it a try. It'll make your trip much more enjoyable.


Have you ever wanted to turn your phone into a sonar device? Well, you can with the Deeper app. This program operates off of Bluetooth and requires you to buy the Deeper Castable Bobber. This “bobber” is actually a high-tech sensor system that provides you with important information on your fishing environment. You can cast the bobber from shore or mount it to a boat, and the device will relay information to your smartphone or tablet. With this system, you'll learn about water temperatures, water depth, and the locations of nearby fish. The Deeper app and Bobber are much more in-depth than your standard fish finder, and they give you all the important information that you could possibly need. As a result, this is easily one of the best fishing apps that's currently on the market. You can get this app for either IOS or Android, but you need to pair it with the Deeper Castable Bobber if you want it to work correctly.


This is a useful app that functions a lot like a social media site. You can use Fishidy to record fishing data and share it with your friends. You can upload all kinds of information this way, from catch sizes to hot spots, to actual pictures from your trip. Fishidy is for more than socializing too. It also works as an accurate record-keeping device that lets you track fishing patterns over time. With just a few swipes of the screen, you can easily retrieve any data that you've uploaded to this app. As a result, you can easily review your past catches and use the information you've posted about them to determine fishing hot spots and the best months for catching certain species. For a simple record-keeping service that's easy to access, Fishidy is incredibly useful. Uploading your catch data takes mere moments, and you can review this information later on when you're planning your next big outing. Fishidy is free to download, and available for both IOS and Android.

4. Navionics

This app will give you access to an entire library of different navigational charts and maps. Depending on which level of service you get, Navionics can offer you everything from simple maps to highly detailed sonar charts. Navionics has long been the world leader in creating oceanic charts, as their information is often used in high-grade GPS systems due to its intricacy. With the company's app, you can get all these detailed maps delivered straight to your smartphone. The Navionics app is great for anyone who doesn't have a GPS system, and it's also useful for ice fishing. When you're on the ice, this program will still provide you with detailed charts of the area, something most traditional GPS systems aren't able to do. There are also multiple types of maps and charts that you can choose from, however many of these do require a subscription service before you can access them. The Navionics app itself is relatively cheap to download, and its various subscription options can raise the price. The program is available for both IOS and Android operating systems.

5. Fishbrain

Fishbrain is the world's most popular fishing-related social media app. It lets you upload reports, catches, and event notes on your most recent outings. You can also filter this information so that it's only available to certain people, such as friends and family. Aside from just being a fun way to showcase your catches or tell friends about your latest trip, Fishbrain is also an important tool for sharing information. You can look at reports and data from other people's trips, and you can then use this information to plan out your own excursions. Additionally, there are plenty of free resources on the app that can give you helpful advice on different fishing techniques. If you're planning on fishing in a new location, or just want to improve your catches at a favorite spot, then this app is worth downloading and checking out. There's plenty of free material on it, and you can use the information to improve your own fishing trips. Fishbrain is available for both IOS and Android, and it is free to download.

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