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Best Electric Ice Augers for 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

Written by: Pete D
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Experienced hard-water anglers know that ice fishing can be tough work, especially when you’re drilling hole after hole for your tip-ups. And the thicker the ice, the more powerful that auger needs to be to chew through to the water below again and again. 

That kind of power used to be available exclusively in heavy gas-powered augers, and lugging these bad boys out onto the ice was no fun. 

And of course, the colder it got, the more finicky they became to start. Struggling to get an ice auger running is something every old hand on the hard water can tell you about.

But now, a new generation of electric ice augers are available that offer the power you need at a weight you can handle. They start instantly, no matter how cold it gets, and eat ice with the best of them.

Below, you'll find reviews of the best electric augers on the market, as well as a complete buying guide to get you up to speed quickly.

Quick glance at the best electric ice augers:

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Best Electric Ice Augers Reviewed

StrikeMaster Lithium 40-Volt Ice Auger - Best Electric Ice Auger for the Money

Lithium 40v 10' Ice Auger


Diameter: 10”

Length: N/A

Blade Type: shaver

Weight: 27 lbs.

Reverse: Yes

StrikeMaster’s electric auger is an amazing performer, often out drilling gas- and propane-powered rivals.

Available in a ten-inch diameter tipped with the awesome, and justifiably famous, Lazer shaver blade, this auger loves to eat ice. A pilot spike helps you get started, preventing the blade from wandering, and once it starts to bite, the hole is practically done. At least as fast as any gas-powered auger we’ve seen, you lose nothing but weight and mess by moving to this battery-powered system.

Batteries hate the cold, so to conserve their power, it’s a good idea to keep them warm. Simply tossing them in a small cooler with a hand warmer or two will do the trick, and we strongly recommend you take this precaution. If you do, several dozen holes in thick ice won’t even begin to test the batteries on this auger.

But don’t just take our word for it:

A great design feature is a reverse gear that helps you clear slush from the hole, something we really like about this model. Like all electric augers, the Strikemaster is quiet and emission-free, allowing you to use it inside your shelter.

This isn’t the lightest system with the battery installed, and the quoted weights don’t include that figure. Ready to cut, these augers are a tad lighter than gas-powered alternatives, but not by much.

The StrikeMaster 40V arrives with two batteries and a fast charging station.


  • Marginally lighter than propane or gas augers
  • Incredibly fast
  • Usable inside your shelter
  • Quiet
  • Reverse


  • ???

StrikeMaster 24V Lite-Flite Ice Auger - Lightest Electric Ice Auger

StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Lite-Flite Auger - 8'


Diameter: 8”

Length: N/A

Blade Type: shaver

Weight: 14.3 lbs.

Reverse: Yes

For anglers who need a lightweight alternative to the heavy 40V, StrikeMaster offers the featherweight 24V Lite-Flite. 

This electric auger spins a sharp, 8-inch chipper Lazer blade with a pilot point, the same model that’s a favorite among convertible auger fans. It’s a mean design and among the best out there. You definitely won’t be disappointed in this blade.

The battery and motor are advertised as capable of 50 holes in 16 inches of ice on a single charge. We think that’s a bit optimistic, and we’d bet on about 2/3 of that as a reliable standard to expect. Think about the upward limit of this auger as roughly 600 inches of ice on a single charge.

That’s simply a question of the battery and motor’s size and power: the blade is willing, but the oomph just isn't there over the long term. That said, 600 inches of ice is no joke, and I don’t know many anglers who need more than that.

Do you?

That limitation doesn’t make this a bad auger at all, and for anglers who care more about the weight they’re lugging out onto the ice than absolute speed or power, the Lite-Flite is a great option. 

And in terms of raw hunger for the ice, until you really push this light auger, it’s more than willing to eat and eat and eat:

Augers are expensive - we know that - and you want head-to-head matchups to really see the performance differences between your options. Take a look at this comparison:

As I think that video makes clear, the Lite-Flite has plenty of get up and go.

This auger comes with a single battery and charging station that will get it back up to full in about two hours.


  • Great price
  • Very light
  • Incredibly fast
  • Usable inside your shelter
  • Quiet
  • Reverse


  • Limited to roughly 600 inches of ice on a single charge

ION Electric Ice Auger

ION Electric Ice Auger Series


Diameter: 8”

Length: N/A

Blade Type: shaver

Weight: 22 lbs.

Reverse: Yes

ION is the name to beat in the electric ice auger world, and for anglers who really can’t afford to drop $700 on a new auger, the venerable Gen 1 40v 3Ah battery-powered model is a serious performer that won’t break the bank.

Running a sharp shaving blade with an 8-inch diameter, this auger cuts with gusto. Remember, this was the auger that launched ION to the front of the pack, and its performance is still what it was!

Expect to drill roughly 1000 inches of ice on a single charge in a relatively light package.

It’s also as quiet as they come, with a reverse gear that’ll keep most of the slush in the hole where it belongs.

Its price point puts it in direct competition with the StikeMaster Lite-Flite, so the comparison is as inevitable as it is necessary.

Which is the better auger for the money?

If weight and raw speed matter, I’d go with the Lite-Flite. Its Lazer blades are as hungry as they come, and I seriously doubt the 40V ION can keep up with the StrikeMaster in head-to-head speed.

But if you want longer battery life and plan to drill more than 600 inches of ice on a single charge, the extra battery capacity on the ION lets it pull ahead of the StrikeMaster. Ditto if you’re drilling really thick ice all the time.

In the end, that’s a decision only you can make, but I’d probably give the 24V StrikeMaster the edge.


  • Great price
  • Pretty light
  • Fast
  • Usable inside your shelter
  • Quiet
  • Reverse


  • Limited to roughly 1000 inches of ice on a single charge

ION R1 10" Ice Auger

ION 39300 10' R1 Ice Auger


Diameter: 10”

Length: N/A

Blade Type: shaver

Weight: 24 lbs.

Reverse: Yes

ION’s R1 with the 10-inch blade is a step up from the first generation models that made this company famous. Geared for greater speed, you’ll notice a difference immediately if you run the R1 side-by-side against the original model.

ION says the difference is roughly 30%, and that feels about right to us.

It also features a long-lasting 5Ah 40V battery, but keep in mind that a series of 10-inch holes chews a lot more ice than the same number of 8-inch holes, eating battery life as quickly as hard water. 

As a result, you can expect about 600 inches of ice per charge, according to ION, though plenty of anglers find it’ll eat through a lot more than that before discharging.

As you’d imagine, if you take care of the R1’s battery, it’ll take care of you, and keeping it warm will extend its life considerably.

For anglers after larger species like pike and muskie, a big, 10-inch hole is ideal. And the R1 likes to eat ice, runs smoothly and quietly, starts instantly, and features a reverse gear.

There’s no question that the R1 is a great auger, but head-to-head against the Strikemaster 40V, most hard-water anglers choose the Strikemaster.


  • Lighter than gas or propane augers
  • Fast
  • Usable inside your shelter
  • Quiet
  • Reverse


  • Limited to roughly 600 inches of ice on a single charge

ION G2 10" Ice Auger - Best Premium Electric Ice Auger

ION G2 10' Electric Power Ice Fishing Auger with Two High Performance 4Ah 40V MAX Gen 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries


Diameter: 10”

Length: N/A

Blade Type: shaver

Weight: 18 lbs.

Reverse: Yes

ION’s second-generation ice augers are stiff competition for the 40V StrikeMaster, offering great battery life, excellent speed, and a ridiculously low weight. But they do cost a lot more, and for the money, nothing can beat the powerful StrikeMaster.

Right off the bat, this ultralight auger can be a game-changer for anglers who need an easy-handling, ice-eating machine. At just 18 pounds, this is simply an amazing performer, almost matching the 24V StrikeMaster in terms of heft while delivering battery life and speed that rivals the 40V.

Two 4Ah Gen 2 batteries power this awesome lightweight motor, and again, it cuts just as fast - and perhaps even a tad more smoothly - than the much heavier 40V StrikeMaster.

That we’re even comparing these two awesome augers says something, given the weight that the ION G2 gives up the StrikeMaster, and there’s no question that these are the two best 40V augers out there.

Expect at least 2000 inches of ice per charge, putting it well past the StrikeMaster on that front.

For hard-water anglers who have the money to spend, this might just be the best auger on the market, but expect a hefty price tag!


  • Ultralight!
  • Incredibly fast
  • Usable inside your shelter
  • Quiet
  • Reverse


  • Expensive

What We Look for in a Great Electric Ice Auger

Why Just StrikeMaster and Ion?

Right upfront, you’ll notice that two manufacturers dominate our list.

The reasons are simple.

StrikeMaster and Ion offer the best electric ice augers, bar none, blowing away their competition.

Head-to-head, you can expect longer battery life, greater power, and better speed from these augers.

Why Electric?

Electric augers offer significant advantages over manual, gas, and propane alternatives.

Electric augers

Electric augers are gaining popularity rapidly.

The best of the bunch are powered by large lithium-ion batteries that offer long run times and plenty of torque to chew through the hardest, thickest ice.

They also start instantly, run quietly, and don’t produce any dangerous emissions. That makes them ideal for use in a shelter or shanty.

The only downside to electric ice augers is the need to recharge. There’s no instant top-up like with gasoline or propane, and cold can kill the life of cheap batteries.

That’s one reason why quality matters: you need a top-flight electric auger to get the performance you want.

Manual augers

Manual augers are simple and reliable, and they’re easily the lightest option on the ice. They’re also dead quiet and (obviously) fine to use in a shelter or shanty. Finally, they’re also a lot less expensive than any powered option.

But unless you’re super fit, drilling more than a few holes - or running a big hand auger at all - is going to be a real challenge. Most ice fishermen prefer a powered ice auger, and there’s no question that they save time and energy.

Check out our full buying guide on the best hand ice augers

Convertible or drill-driven augers

Convertible augers attach a sharp blade to a powerful, cordless drill. For anglers who already own a drill that can produce the necessary torque for this application, this is a popular choice.

As quiet as the drill that runs it, power and speed depend on a relatively small motor and battery. Keep in mind that convertible augers will do their job only as well as the drill spinning that blade, and even the best battery-powered drills give up speed and battery life to electric augers.

Check out our full buying guide on the best ice auger drill attachment and the best cordless drill for ice augers

Gasoline augers

Gas-powered augers are the old stand-by. 

Powerful enough for any ice, they’ve got brawn to spare. And, of course, you can carry as much fuel with you as you want, so you can drill pretty much as many holes as you want.

Check out our buying guide and reviews of the best gas ice auger

But they’re heavy, loud, and produce deadly fumes that make them outdoor-only. People die every year because they don’t heed this warning, and if you like the idea of being able to run an auger in a shelter, these are absolutely not an option to consider.

They also can be downright cranky when the mercury plummets, leading to frustration and wasted time trying to get them to start.

And spilling gasoline on the ice is a great way to kill fishing in a lake forever.

Propane augers

Propane augers are essentially just gas augers with an easier to handle, no-spill fuel source.

Fueled by a small propane tank that can be easily replaced in seconds, propane augers offer all the benefits of gasoline, but with easier refueling and no dangerous fumes. They can be used indoors, which is great, but they’re even more unreliable in the cold than gasoline - and just as loud.

Check out our buying guide for the best propane ice fishing augers

Blade quality and type

If the engine is the heart of your auger, the blade is its teeth. The better the blade, the faster you can drill, saving time and fuel.

Only high-quality augers made our shortlist, but it’s important that you understand the differences between blade styles.

  • Chipper blades - are serrated, and they excel at cutting dirty, uneven ice.
  • Shaver blades - are sharp, plain edges that take paper-thin slices of ice off on each pass. They’re best for drilling clean, even ice.

We recommend that you think about the ice where you fish to make the best choice for your needs.

Auger diameter and length

Auger diameter is an essential consideration, and these generally range from 6 inches up to 10. The larger the diameter, the bigger the hole you cut, and the more power your auger needs to drive that big blade into the ice.

For smaller species like panfish, a six-inch hole is fine. For big pike, muskie, and lake trout, you probably need that ten-inch auger. But keep two things in mind. First, the bigger the hole, the easier it is for you to drop something in it. And second, if children will be around, it’s essential to size the holes so they can’t accidentally fall through.

Another important issue is auger length. You need to be able to drill through the ice, not just into it, so be sure to select an auger that’s long enough for the ice you fish. All of the models that made our reviews are long enough for 24 inches of ice, and most can handle a bit more than that.

Final Thoughts

Only you can decide which electric ice auger is the best fit for your budget and needs, but we can guarantee that you’ll be happy with any of the products on our shortlist.

Each and every one is hungry for the ice and a game-changer in terms of easy starting and no-fuss fueling. Most hard-water anglers we know who make the switch to electric never look back, and we don’t think you will either!

As always, we hope this article is helpful, and if you have questions or comments, please leave a message below.

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