The Best Drop Shot Rod Reviews: All You Need To Know 2018

Are you trying to master bass fishing? Are you planning to master drop shop fishing? Bass fishing has caught everyone’s fancy these past few years. Drop shot fishing has been breaking its stereotype as a technique used only in clear water bodies.

It is easy to learn and can be used on almost every water body. Read more to get a snapshot of drop shot fishing and things you need to drop shot fish efficiently. We have also reviewed 3 best drop shot rod with their list of pros and cons to help you choose better.

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


What Is Drop Shot Fishing?

Bass fishing is a favorite pastime among fishermen in America. Each angler will have their handpicked fishing gear and a set of techniques which works for them. it is mainly because some techniques work for them and some don’t. One commonly used technique is drop fishing.

It was initially used for fishing in the deep waters when it is very difficult to catch a fish. What is all the buzz around drop shot fishing? In simple words, it is when there is a weight at the end of the fishing lines and there is a hook tied a few inches above it. You will feel the bites more clearly due to this.

Things To Consider When You Are Shopping For A Drop Shot Rod:

  • Power: Look for rods with medium light power as they can cast a lightweight rig and can handle even when you catch a big fish.
  • Length: Based on your preference and how long you want to cast your rod, pick the one that is best suited for your needs.
  • Baits: Plastic worms and baits that are long in straight or bended forms work great. Be sure to pick the ones that will stay on the hook firm with natural looking movement.
  • Hooks: Pick hooks that are shot with sharp points. It is a good idea to stock them up in bulk.
  • Weights: Weights play an important role in drop shot fishing. The most commonly used weight is quarter pound weight. It is heavy enough to get down up to 30 feet. This is good if you are fishing in medium sized lake. Add an extra quarter pound if you are fishing in deep waters.

Tips To Drop Shot Efficiently:

  • Pick a medium powered rod to start with as this will be easier in the beginning.
  • Pick a reel of 2500 size and don’t move the rig too much as it will alert the fish.
  • Drop shot fishing is great because it even works on bad weather days. Weather it is raining outside or windy, you have a better chance of catching the bass with this technique.
  • Switch the length between hook and the weight based on your situation. Experiment with is as there really is no ideal length.

Top 3 Best Drop Shot Rod Reviews On The Market 2018

Stores and online websites are filled with literally hundreds of drop shot fishing rods. We have researched through what all must be present in these rods and have listed out top 3 picks

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Shimano Sellus 1-Piece Drop Shot Spin Rod


This drop shot rod has been crafted by Shimano with great care to increase the action and also easy to use.


  • This drop shot rod by Shimano is designed for an impeccable drop shot action.
  • It is made up of aluminum oxide in small amount for the guide and strong graphite rod which is 24 tons.
  • It has a reel seat which is custom designed by Shimano and grip handle which is in the EVA split design which can give you a grip fro up to 9 inches.
  • It is a medium power rod which is 6.8 inches in length and can be used for extra fast action.
  • It’s lightweight design is delicate making it one of the few rods which can capture even big sized fishes and yet tell you about the slightest bit on the rod. The top one third of the tip is very light.
  • Your can trust the brand for its longevity. The high grade materials used in the making of these rods make them tough enough to handle wear and tear after each use. Both the foam and the aluminum hood are dense to last long.


  • If you are looking for a high power fast action rod, this may not be the best choice.

Okuma Scott Martin Concept TCS Rod


It was really the best of both worlds coming together when Scott Martin, the best bass fishermen and Okuma engineers teamed up to make the best tournament specific rods.


  • These rods are designed by Scott Martin aimed for tournament concept fishing. Each rod in this series is specific to their application in the tournaments.
  • They are made out of 30 ton graphite in a sensitive construction. They come in Carbon-40X reel seats that are customized for spinning and casting techniques.
  • It can be used along braided lines with the strong aluminum oxide inserts.
  • It has a custom EVA fore grip and slip grip which reduce the heaviness and feel of the rod.
  • Its ALPS guide frames are made up of stainless steel.
  • The sizing has been done with great attention to detail to improve knot clearance.
  • Buyers have reported to be very happy with this rod as it is very easy to cast and comes with limited lifetime warranty.
  • Its great news as you will not have to struggle to find parts in case you need attachments or parts.


  • It is not recommended you use the product for heavy action in salty water.

Wright and McGill Skeet Reese Drop Shot Rod


Skeet Reese has come out with their range of signature rods, all featuring S-curve technology, designed to help fishermen catch more fish. This is great for anyone who wants to pick up a drop shot fishing rod crafted to perfection.


  • It is great for fishing large biting butts that deliver durability and performance.
  • It is made up of zirconium guides which reduce the weight and enhances casting at a distance.
  • It is a drop shot rod which has a split grip. It is a 7.2 inches long rod.
  • S-curve has been designed to reduce weight, increase sensitivity and power.
  • The split grip at the handle helps you balance better and they all have rubber handles which are dense and fit right into your hands.
  • Blanks are designed paying attention to minute details so you won’t worry about missing a fish due to your tired hands next time..


  • It has a very light paint over to reduce weight and it can chip away with rough use.


Fishing is a favorite activity among many. It is relaxing and you are rarely tired after fishing. Fishing has been around from the time man started eating fish to survive. It doesn’t feel like an archaic activity because there are so many types of fishing with such various techniques that it is different everyday.

Bass fishing, especially drop shot fishing for bass has been looked at in a whole new dimension in the past few years. We have given a brief discussion about bass drop fishing, things you need when you plan to use this method. We also have some basic tips to help you get your first fish quick. Later, we have reviewed some of the best bass drop rod for you to pick from.

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