Best Buzzbaits: What You Should Be Throwing in 2024

Too often in fishing, things fall out of popularity. Lures are the biggest victims. Rods, reels, electronics: they all continue to evolve but generally stay consistent as far as what everyone is using. Lures, however, can be a different story. Something comes along that’s rumored or proven to catch lots of fish, and suddenly there are lures in the back of the bag collecting dust and rarely seeing water.

The buzzbait is one such lure. Sure, you can still see pros and amateurs alike tossing buzzbaits every once in a while, but its popularity has dropped significantly. But just because something has come out that you may be having better luck with at the moment, it doesn’t mean that other lures stop working.

Buzzbaits are still the fish-catching lure they were in their prime, and even though their popularity is back on the rise, there are a lot of anglers overlooking this great lure.

Whether you’ve continued to use buzzbaits or are getting into using them, we’ve put together this list of the best buzzbaits you should be using this season to hopefully make your day on the water a successful one.

Quick glance at the best buzz baits:


Best Buzzbaits Reviewed


BOOYAH Buzz Buzzbait Bass Fishing Lure, Black, 1/2 oz

Available at: Bass Pro | Amazon 

Booyah is no stranger to quality fishing gear. When it comes to buzzbaits they produce a few but none as effective as the Booyah Buzz.

It may seem like any other buzzbait on the market, but its built-in clacker sets it apart from most others. The clacker itself is similar to another blade that is stationary. As the blade of the bait spins, it strikes the stationary blade, and the result is added noise and attractor to help call in fish from a distance.

This is a buzzbait that is especially effective in murky water, where fish have to rely on senses other than sight.

Sizes: ¼ , ⅜, and ½ oz.


  • The clacker creates a signature sound and creates a disturbance many other buzzbaits cannot replicate.
  • Runs true and requires no tuning out of the box
  • High-quality materials hold up to multiple fish with ease
  • Affordable price


  • The clacker can impede the bait’s ability to get up on the surface quickly

Strike King Tri-Wing Buzz King

Strike King (316BM-72) Buzz King Buzzbait Fishing Lure, 204 - White, 3/16 oz, Diamond Dust Head

Available at: Bass Pro | Amazon 

There's a good reason why we have multiple buzzbaits here from Strike King: they know how to make a high-quality lure that catches lots of bass.

A newer addition to the Strike King buzzbait family, the Tri-King features a three-blade design that creates a unique sound that most bass simply haven't heard and will often be the difference between getting strikes and not.

The Tri-Wing also features diamond-patterned blades that reflect light better than typical blades, adding the extra attraction of flash.

Sizes: ⅛ and 3/16 oz.


  • Three-blade design creates a sound unlike any other buzzbait, grabbing and holding a fish’s attention
  • Reflective diamond patterned blades add extra flash
  • Available in multiple fish-catching colors
  • Perfect for pairing with a trailer for a little extra body


  • Smaller size compared to other buzzbaits can make it difficult to cast
  • Big bass can easily bend the smaller wire

BOOYAH Pond Magic Buzzbait

BOOYAH Pond Magic Small-Water Spinner-Bait Bass Fishing Lure, Shad, Pond Magic Buzz

Available at: Bass Pro | Amazon 

The BooYah Pond Magic buzzbait is the perfect lure for someone just starting out fishing buzzbaits because of its ease of use and affordability. The Pond Magic gets up on the surface quickly and runs true at any speed, perfect for anyone experimenting with retrieves.

Another buzzbait that's on the smaller side, the pond magic was designed with smaller bass in mind, meaning more strikes, boosting the confidence of new users.

But don’t let its small stature fool you, this buzz bait will still catch big fish, you just might have to sift through some smaller ones first.

Sizes: ⅛ oz.


  • Ease of use makes it perfect for those new to fishing buzzbaits
  • Surprisingly durable despite its size
  • Perfect for fishing small lakes and ponds where the majority of fish might be on the smaller side
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Affordable price


  • Only available in on size
  • Small stature can make it difficult to cast accurately

Strike King Skip’N Buzz

Available at: Bass Pro

This is the first on our list of skirtless buzzbaits, a relatively new and extremely popular trend. It’s the effectiveness of these lures that has started to bring buzzbaits back into mainstream bass fishing.

The Skip’N Buzz comes pre-rigged with a Strike King soft plastic toad that is interchangeable with the included Rage Swimmer. Because the plastics are interchangeable and not fixed like some other skirtless buzzbaits, you can easily use any of your favorite plastics with this lure.

Built with an added wire that holds the wire frame in place, the Skip’N Buzz runs true right out of the package and will continue to do so, fish after fish.

Sizes: ⅜ oz


  • Easy-to-change plastics offer plenty of variety
  • One of few buzzbaits that can be ‘skipped’ under docks or into heavy cover
  • Not only imitates struggling bait fish like most other buzzbaits, with the toad it imitates an injured frog and can be fished around pads with great success
  • Added wire keeps the wire frame in place


  • The double tail on the plastic toad can get fouled of the hook and not work properly
  • On the more expensive side

War Eagle Buzz Toad

War Eagle Custom Lures WE38BT202 Buzz Toad - Black/Black (3/8oz), Multi, one Size

Available at: Bass Pro | Amazon 

The War Eagle Buzz Toad comes pre-rigged with a YUM Tip Toad and is the ultimate two-in-one bait. If you’re fishing heavy cover and can’t decide between fishing a buzzbait or a frog, then the Buzz Toad is the way to go.

This style of buzzbait is quickly becoming more and more popular, and it really boils down to their versatility. They can be fished in heavy cover, or over open water, using any of your favorite plastics, whether that's the toad that it comes with, a swimbait, or even a grub.

Sizes: ⅜, and ½ oz


  • Highly versatile
  • Uses a quality heavy gauge wire frame and a sharp durable hook
  • Combines the noise of a buzzbait with the swimming action of soft plastics
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • Tails of included toad are long and can get fouled easily

Strike King Double Take

Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait/Chartreuse/White, 0.115 (PPLBD38-203)

Available at: Bass Pro | Amazon 

What differentiates this buzzbait from others on this list is its double prop, double hook design. Considered by some bass anglers to be a very niche buzzbait, this double-bladed bait is best suited for those days when some extra commotion is needed to grab a fish's attention.

The double-blade design also displaces more water than a single-bladed buzzbait, meaning that once the lure is up on the surface, it can be retrieved slower than most , without losing any of its unique sound.

The pre-rigged stinger hook results in more hook-ups, even with fish that are hitting the bait short, a bite that would be missed without the extra hook.

Sizes: ⅜, and ½ oz.


  • Double prop makes more noise than regular buzzbaits
  • Displaces lots of water so it can be retrieved at a much slower speed
  • Creates lots of commotion even when worked slowly
  • Pre-rigged stinger hook results in more hook-ups


  • Higher price than other comparable buzzbaits
  • On the heavy side, it can sink quickly if not retrieved at the perfect speed

Buzzbaits Are Not Just For Bass

Most of us immediately think of bass when we hear talk of buzzbaits. Yes, they are primarily known as a bass bait, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch other fish with them. Pike and muskie can attack a buzzbait with just as much savagery as a bass, if not more. But that’s not where their effectiveness stops, and buzzbaits have been known to catch anything from panfish to trout. Yes, trout. Any aggressive fish is going to be drawn to the noise and commotion that a buzzbait creates, and that's when the instinct to attack kicks in. Sure, you’re probably more likely to throw these for bass, but don’t discount them when it comes to fishing for other predators as well.

Final Thoughts

They may not be the powerhouse topwater lure they used to be, but buzzbaits haven’t lost their effectiveness, and when fished under the right conditions and in the right locations can still produce plenty of big fish. Don’t sleep on buzzbaits. You just might be missing out on some of the best topwater action around.

Do you plan on using buzzbaits more this year? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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