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Best Buzz Bait

Written by: Pete D
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Angling baits are varying substances used to allure and catch fish. These are placed in the traps for fish or attached to the fishing hooks. The market offers a wide range of best buzzbaits including real and artificial ones. Baits play an integral part for the anglers as it speeds up the process immensely by attracting the fishes.


What Is A Buzzbait?

A buzzbait is a simple and special kind of bass jig used in the top waters. These are the best to attract the fishes that cover themselves in the shallow waters in transparent as well as murky waters.

Different Colored Buzzbaits

Buzzbaits are available in variously attractive colors in the market. It is essential to pay attention to the colors of the buzzbaits to be used in different weather conditions. Using light colored buzzbaits like white are recommended for dark and cloudy conditions whereas darker colored buzzbaits like black must be used during the bright, sunny days.

Best Time To Use A Buzzbait

Muddy Waters

Often during the monsoons the water bodies tend to become dirty and muddy. During this time the fishes are found clustering towards the banks and remain in the shallow waters. Such a situation proves to be a beneficial one for the anglers to trap a maximum number of fishes. But finding an appropriate bait is a challenge in itself.

These are the times when buzzbaits are a perfect pick for the anglers. A buzzbait weighing around 2/8 ounce can be used to fish during such a scenario as a long casting isn't required. It's all about a crisp and sharp cast. To use a black buzzbait is recommended during such times. Also do not forget to wisely cover the shallow waters with a lengthy cast to capture a maximum number of fishes.

During And Post Spawning

This time is one of the favorites of all the buzzbait lovers because it enables them to treat themselves with loads of fishes in a tiny angling session. All the large fishes are found in the shallow waters and they are eager enough to take a bite. When the fishes are still in the beds the buzzbaits cause anxiety and turbulence. That is when the buzzbait is overhead and all ready to get the fishes trapped.

A pair of glasses that are polarized allows the angler to have a clearer view. Although the spawning period makes it very easy for the anglers to target fishes but a blind cast can make things go extremely wrong. During such times there are going to be many tiny fishes in the shallow waters which in turn would bring the bigger ones out too in order to protect the little ones. And soon you will have a basket full of varying fishes to take back home.

Some Extremely Effective Buzzbait Tricks

Alter The Speed

Many anglers prepare their casts and put them down for the entire day which is a huge mistake and leads to distress. It is very important to keep experimenting with the lure to understand how it gives better results. To keep altering the speed is one such change that anglers need to incorporate in their fishing excursions.

Fishing at Night

Changing the speed not only enables the angler to understand the working of vibrations and sound better but also attracts the bass in the best possible way. Once the technique is understood and learnt, angling can turn into extreme fun.

Using the buzzbaits at night can be an effective way to get more catches. Buzzbaits produces the maximum results as compared to the other baits when used during the dark. The night is such a time when the fishes feel secure and travel more distance to get hold of the buzzbait. Such results are not experienced during the day time.

Buzzbaits For Various Seasons

Buzzbaits are often referred as the lures to be used just in the hot seasons but this is a wrong notion. During the other seasons like spring or in the darker nights the fishes come up to the shallow waters in search of food. When the fishes move upwards in search of food they generally look for a huge meal. Hence, to try out buzzbait fishing in varying seasons can prove to be fruitful if the correct techniques and timings are kept in mind while fishing.

Clear Waters

Buzzbaits are always talked about being used in dirty and stained waters. But they can be as well used in clear and transparent waters and prove to give amazing results if skillfully used. It can allow catching much more fishes in a little deep and clear water.

Best Buzzbait Reviewed

Booyah Buzz

The Booyah Buzz is a special designer buzzbait which produces an attractive amount of disturbances and sound on the water surface which is extremely attractive for the fishes. These buzzbaits are such that attract the fishes from their hotspots with a mediocre speed. The 3-D eye on the product further adds on to the attraction of the lure making it a good pick for the buzzbait lovers.

Booyah Buzz creates vibrations and disturbances on the surface of water which attracts the fishes giving maximum catches.
These buzzbaits are an awesome pick for anglers looking to fish in the freshwaters.
The turbulences created by these buzzbaits reach till distant water surfaces which attract nearby as well as the distant fishes.
The red 3-D eyes that the product offers enhances the attraction quotient of the bait which gives an extra point to the attraction quality of the Booyah Buzz.
It also possesses a skirt made up of silicone and a mustard hook to attract and trap the fishes.
It comes in various sizes to suit different fishing situations and environments.
It comes in varying shapes to suit the needs of the anglers.

Many customers have reported facing problems with the buzz missing.
It has a strong smell of some chemical that does not fade easily even post regular use.

BOOYAH Counter Strike Buzz - Alpine

Booyah counter strike buzz is an exceptionally designer buzzbait that stays the first love of many buzzbait lovers. It is one of the most stable baits and produces such a sound that it seems extremely new and attractive to the fishes. It possesses a triangular head and it is such designed that it pierces the thick covers with ease.

Its design is such that it looks realistic. To add on it has silicone skirt and hooks to allure and trap the fishes.

Booyah Pond Magic Buzz

Booyah Pond Magic Buzz is one of the most effective buzzbaits available in the market. It is provided with silicone skirts and blades that are dyed in colors matching to that of the most favorite preys of fishes. Its pointer hook made up of mustard makes it one of the distinguished and most picked buzzbaits.

Strike King Buzz Bait

The Strike King Buzz Bait is one of the most flawless and the most loved buzzbait of the anglers. It works wonders for the fishermen when used to fish in the shallow waters. It is a well-constructed product that enables one to get hold of a large number of fishes.

It has a color that keeps the fishes glued and allures them to a huge extent. It had a shadow head colored red that skillfully draw the attention of a whole lot of fishes.


For the buzzbait lovers and the shallow water anglers it is extremely important to know their baits well. Buzzbaits are the best shallow fishing baits and the above mentioned pros and cons are based on the reviews of the customers based on their angling experiences. The buzzbaits mentioned are the top most lures to be picked by the customers.

Moreover, these best buzzbaits provide good results in fresh as well as murky waters and work in day as well as in the night. Therefore, if the anglers are well versed with the buzzbaits then they can strike some successful catches in varying seasons.

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