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Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Spinning Reel Review

Line capacity: 6 lb./150 yds (mono)
Bearings: 6 + 1 roller bearing
Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Weight: 6.2 oz.
Maximum drag: 6 lbs.

Bass Pro’s Micro Lite Elite spinning reel is a real winner in its price range. And while it may not compete with the absolute best ultralight reels that brands like Shimano can offer, it’s a very fine reel at a very reasonable price.

Available at Bass Pro

Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Review


Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Reel Capacity

For a tiny reel, the Micro Lite Elite packs on a ton of line.

It can hold 150 yards of 6-pound mono, which is plenty for anyone. Obviously, stepping down in line diameter allows even more capacity, and I wouldn’t hesitate to fish crappie or other panfish with 4-pound test.


Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Reel Drag

Drag quality and weights are one of the first things I consider in a reel, and here, the Micro Lite Elite doesn’t disappoint.

Its drag system is located on the end of the spool. It’s easy to use and easy to adjust.

Bass Pro advertises a maximum drag of 6 pounds; I’ve tested this reel with a 2.5 kg (5.5 pound) weight and experienced no slippage--zero--from the drag. Given that this is very near the breaking strength of the mono I typically run on this reel, I’d call that impressive performance from an ultralight!

Once you loosen the drag, turning it down to just a pound or so, it’s just as good. I’ve fished with this reel quite a bit, and the drag is smooth and predictable, with no sudden stoppages or releases.

And for those of you who want to push ultralight tackle to its limits, spooling on high-tensile strength braid, this drag should inspire confidence that it can keep up with your demands.

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Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Reel Anti-reverse

One look at the underside of this reel can tell you that I’m not exaggerating my familiarity with this reel!

The anti-reverse system is actuated with the usual tab found beneath the reel. It’s continuous and smooth when on, preventing you from turning the crank backward even a hair.


Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Reel Capacity


As with all spinning reels, you’ll get the best performance when you pay attention to three things:

Proper spooling

Take a close look at the spool and line in the picture above. Do you notice a problem?

You should! There’s not nearly enough line on that spool to ensure maximum casting performance. By dint of their design, the spool of a spinning reel generates more friction the emptier it is. As the line slips past the edge of the spool, it’ll rub against it, stealing distance from each and every cast.

Always keep the line on your spinning reels to no less than ⅛ of an inch from maximum!

Line memory

Memory can be a real issue with spinning tackle. To cut down on it, use lines that are forgiving, change your lines frequently, and take the time to reload your spool every once and awhile.

Simply pass your line over a tree limb or similar object, and holding your rod, walk away until your spool is empty. Applying a touch of pressure to the line with one hand, reel your line back in, watching as it twists and unkinks as you do.

Spinning reels are designed for small-diameter line

Spinning reels are at their best with line less than 10-pound diameter (monofilament). Of course, you can use heavier braid, but for the best casting, you should never exceed that limit.

When properly spooled--and paired with a nice rod--this little devil casts with the best of them! I’ve tossed everything from tiny spoons to rooster tails, soft plastics to live bait, and it simply performs--every single cast.


Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Reel Cranking Retrieving

The Micro Lite Elite sports a 5.2:1 gear

ratio, meaning that for every turn of the crank, the spool will spin 5.2 times. That provides a retrieval rate of about 23 inches per turn, which is pretty standard for ultralight tackle.

This reel features a soft-touch rubber knob on the crank, and it’s easily converted from right- to left-hand operation.

It runs smooth and problem-free, and I’ve had no trouble with it, even after a few dips in salt water. Just be sure to rinse it thoroughly in fresh water and you should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Bass Pro’s Micro Lite Elite is a serious reel offered at an excellent price.

Available at Bass Pro

And while not Shimano smooth, it’s provided me seasons of impressive, trouble-free performance. Give it a try, and I bet you’ll feel the same way.

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