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Bass Fishing

Bass are one of the most sought after game fish in North America as well as many other parts of the world. When people think of bass they think of a tough fighting, tail dancing, big fish. Bass put up some of the best fights in the game. They can leap right out of the water and will surely make your drag scream. Bass come in a variety of sizes, and catching a trophy bass can be a rewarding experience. Bass are not overly difficult to target if you know what you are doing and have the right equipment. Our comprehensive tips and guides will go over the details of what gear you need and how to target them. We’ll teach you exactly how to find trophy bass and how to land them one after the other.
Understanding Bass
Tips & Techniques
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Tips & Techniques

Largemouth Bass Lure Selection: Water Temperature Matters Most!

Water temperature is the single best predictor of which lure, presentation, and technique to pick when bass fishing. Yes, water clarity, barometric pressure, the current prey items, and even the moon phase impact bass behavior, but not nearly as much as how warm (or cold) the water is. That’s because while the “best” lure can […]

New Research Finds that Long Stays in Live Wells are the Single Greatest Cause of Bass Mortality Post Tournament

Table of Contents (clickable)1 Facts at a glance2 Live bait and fishing mortality: the early research3 Settled science? Not quite…3.1 Bait isn’t the problem: stress is the catch-and-release killer4 What you can do to keep bass alive4.1 Use tackle that encourages mouth hooking.4.2 Minimize stress and injury to bass by handling them carefully - and […]

The Best Rod Length for Bass Fishing Explained: Technique Specific or Compromise?

As you can probably guess, there’s no one perfect rod length for a bass rod. Instead, the ideal length depends on several factors, specifically your technique. That’s not to say that there aren’t good compromises available for an all-around bass rod, but if you look at the deck of a pro’s boat, you’re going to […]

Fly Fishing for Bass: Everything You Need to Know!

Among fly anglers, there’s no question that cold water species like trout reign supreme. Flies and trout are a perfect pairing, as they’re primed to feed on flying insects on or near the surface. But across America, it’s largemouth bass that haunt the dreams of anglers, and on clear rivers, it’s smallies that get fishermen’s […]

How To Catch Suspended Bass: A Guide to Successfully Targeting Offshore Bass

As the boat idled out of yet another shallow water bay, our day was all but done, and the fishing had been nothing to write home about. A handful of small bass was not the result we were hoping to get out of the hours we had just spent casting. And then it happened. As […]

How To Fish For Bass From Shore: Tips And Techniques For Shore Fishing Success

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bass fishing? Fast, flashy boats full of top-of-the-line gear? Sure, that’s how lots of anglers chase bass, but it’s not how it has to be. In fact, some of the best bass fishing can be done from shore. It’s no coincidence that you […]

Pond Fishing for Bass: Proven Techniques To Catch Big Bass

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that a staggering 80% of the population lives within 10 miles of a bass pond. It's very likely you have a good bass pond in your backyard, so to speak.  Fishing ponds for bass brings many of us back to our fishing roots. It makes us nostalgic and […]

Spoon Fishing For Bass: A Guide To Fishing An Underutilized Lure

I’m willing to bet that a peek into any angler’s tackle box is going to reveal something we all have in common: the spoon. Our fathers fished with them, our grandfathers fished with them, and our great-grandfathers fished with them. There’s a reason these lures have survived the test of time since their inception in […]

Minnow Fishing for Largemouth Bass: So Effective, It’s Almost Like Cheating!

Post-spawn, and all summer and fall, largemouth bass will predominantly feed on minnows and shad. Present in huge numbers, they offer a plentiful, reliable food source that bass just can’t pass up. That’s one reason that lures that imitate small fish are so effective: they’re matching the hatch by mimicking a natural prey item that’s […]

How To Catch Peacock Bass

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “bass”? “Smallmouth”? “Largemouth”? Maybe even “stripers”? Whatever area of the country you live in, you’re probably going to have a different answer. There’s a fish that’s rarely mentioned, though, and that’s the peacock bass. Why? Because for most anglers, they’re nothing more than […]

Largemouth vs. Smallmouth: Everything You Need to Know - And Tips to Catch Them!

America’s love of fishing encompasses many species, but none are more popular than the largemouth and smallmouth bass. Widely present, tremendously aggressive, and always up for a hard fight, it’s easy to get addicted to bass fishing, whichever species you prefer. New anglers may be unsure about the differences between largemouth and smallmouth bass, where […]

Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas

Texas. The lone star state, where everything is bigger, including the bass. As the largest state in the continental U.S, it comes as no surprise that the estimated number of lakes and reservoirs in Texas is upwards of 7,000.  Overwhelming, yes, but it’s worth taking a look, considering there’s a strong possibility of landing a […]

Can You Eat Peacock Bass? - Everything You Need To Know

It’s amazing how many sport fish fly under the radar when it comes to being a great meal. The peacock bass is one of those fish. Eating peacock bass can be up for debate, especially in southern Florida, where many anglers believe they should be released to preserve their population, but whatever side of that […]

Winter Bass Fishing: Tips for Catching Bass in Cold Weather

Winter: time to get the bass gear packed up and the boat winterized. Bass fishing is, after all, a warm water sport. Or is it? Maybe it’s not the most lucrative time of year to be chasing bass, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, with a huge drop in - or […]

Best Color Whopper Plopper for Every Condition

As bass anglers, we all have boxes dedicated to the lures we know are going to catch us fish. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, poppers: the choices are endless. But what about the Whopper Plopper? While nothing new to the bass scene, it’s often a lure we see missing from our fellow bass angler’s tackle bags. As […]

Rock Bass vs. Smallmouth Bass: A Guide to Easy Identification

When it comes to both recreational and professional angling, there’s no doubt that bass are the most popular species to catch. While it can be up for debate as to which bass is the most sought after, smallmouth bass rank high on that list. If you’ve targeted smallmouth bass, then there’s a good chance you […]

Can You Eat Smallmouth Bass? Everything You Need To Know

Eating smallmouth bass is a topic that carries with it some controversy. Whether you’re talking to a professional bass angler or a casual weekend fisherman, everyone is going to have an opinion. These opinions tend to fall on one side of the argument or the other, with little give or take. The simple answer to […]

Rock Bass vs. Warmouth Bass: Positive Identification Made Easy!

Rock and warmouth bass look so much alike that it can be tough to tell them apart at a glance.  Both species share red eyes, similar body shapes, big mouths, and unbroken dorsal fins. And even their scale coloration can be similar enough that, at a glance, it’s tough to tell which you’ve caught. But […]

Smallmouth Bass Basics: Everything You Need to Know

Some of my most memorable days fishing were spent on a clear, rocky-bottomed river catching smallmouth bass. They’d race in to take my lure, hit it like a run-away freight train, and leap into the air, shaking their heads for all they were worth! It’s easy to understand the popularity of smallmouth bass, and pound […]

Ice Fishing for Bass: Our Best Tips for Pulling Largemouth through the Ice

Largemouth bass are America’s favorite game fish, and spring, summer, and fall, they’re the passion of legions of anglers from Minnesota to Texas, Florida to California. But in states where the winter brings ice and snow, as well as temperatures low enough to enable hard water fishing, largemouth bass drop off the radar for the […]

How to Hold a Bass: The Right Technique Explained

If there’s one unspoken rule of bass fishing, it’s catch and release. We all love the sport, and for every angler I’ve ever met, that means we take care of bass to protect the future of fishing. If you want to kill a bass, this is a great way to start… I know you wince […]

The Best Senko Colors to Catch More Bass

Every fisherman I know has a preference about everything from fish finders, outboards, lines, hooks, rods, reels, and just about anything else you can imagine. I know guys who hate circle hooks and despise braid, and I’ve seen fights started about who makes the best boats.  But if there’s one thing bass anglers everywhere can […]

Bass Fishing from a Kayak: Our Top Tips to Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

The largemouth bass is America’s favorite species to catch, and there’s no more exciting way to do that than from a kayak. Close to the water is close to the action, and whether you choose to flip and pitch frogs into thick cover, twitch a worm along the bottom, or thump a spinner somewhere in […]

How to Fillet Bass: Smallmouth, Largemouth, or Stripers

Filleting bass, whether we’re talking about smallmouth, largemouth, or stripers, is an easy, quick process if you know what you’re doing. In overpopulated fisheries, culling small bass like this will improve the size of the remaining fish. But everyone starts somewhere, and you may be unsure of how to turn your fresh fish into two […]

Bass Fishing in the Rain: A Few Tips to Make the Most of a Storm

When the sky opens up and the rain really starts falling in sheets, savvy anglers know that the most aggressive bass turn on. Don’t let dark skies run you off the bass! A good storm offers a winning combination: highly oxygenated water, nutrient-rich runoff attracting baitfish, and higher water levels that drive bass to move. […]

Night Fishing For Bass: How to Catch Largemouth Bass After Dark

As every hard-core largemouth angler knows, fishing at nighttime is the right time to catch big bass. Falling water temperatures trigger prey items like shad to move shallow as the sun sets. The frogs begin their evening songs in the lilies, big water bugs skate across the surface, and minnows swarm among the water grasses.  […]

Can You Eat Largemouth Bass: Yes!

Can you eat bass? The short answer is yes. But be aware that keeping largemouth can be contentious, and most serious bass anglers frown on the practice, preferring catch and release. Related: Bass Fishing Tips, Types of Bass, Best Time To Fish For Bass Table of Contents (clickable)1 Why Catch and Release Started2 Does Keeping […]

Hook Size For Bass: Picking the Right Hook Size for Bass

Hook sizing can be confusing, and for new anglers, there’s certainly a temptation to assume that big bass demand massive hooks. But an oversized hook is almost never a good idea, and from poor action to spooked fish and missed strikes, a hook that’s too large just won’t work very well. Too small isn’t good […]

Best Live Bait For Bass: Alive and Kicking

Never underestimate using live bait for bass. You’re not going to see many live crawfish or shiners on the tournament circuit, but that’s not because they don’t work. In virtually every tournament, live bait is illegal, to say nothing of the endorsement issue! The truth is that live bait works as well or better than […]

Fall Bass Fishing Tips: How To Catch More Bass In The Fall

As the days shorten and the air grows crisp, it’s a sign that magic is happening below the surface of your local lake. Fall is here, and as water temps plummet, largemouth shed the lethargy caused by the summer’s heat and begin feeding in earnest. For anglers in the know, fall can be the most […]

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