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How to Hold a Bass: The Right Technique Explained

If there’s one unspoken rule of bass fishing, it’s catch and release. We all love the sport, and for every angler I’ve ever met, that means we take care of bass to protect the future of fishing. If you want to kill a bass, this is a great way to start… I know you wince […]

How to Fish a Fluke: The Overlooked Finesse Trailer

Experienced bass anglers know that giving the fish something they don’t see every weekend improves the odds of a strike. And while everyone else throws every variety of crankbait, jerkbait, Senko, and spinner, they reach for something else. What’s that magic alternative, you ask? The fluke! Shaped like a fish and sporting a wriggling, vibrating […]

The Best Senko Colors to Catch More Bass

Every fisherman I know has a preference about everything from fish finders, outboards, lines, hooks, rods, reels, and just about anything else you can imagine. I know guys who hate circle hooks and despise braid, and I’ve seen fights started about who makes the best boats.  But if there’s one thing bass anglers everywhere can […]

The Humble Grub: Is It the Best Soft Plastic Bait of All Time?

The humble grub, a soft plastic bait with a short fat body and a wriggling tail, is an essential in almost every angler’s tacklebox - and for good reason. The curly-tailed grub and its many variations are deadly on everything from crappie to largemouth bass, flounder to perch, and salmon to walleye. And though tiny, […]

Bass Fishing from a Kayak: Our Top Tips to Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

The largemouth bass is America’s favorite species to catch, and there’s no more exciting way to do that than from a kayak. Close to the water is close to the action, and whether you choose to flip and pitch frogs into thick cover, twitch a worm along the bottom, or thump a spinner somewhere in […]

How to Tie a Crankbait: Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Techniques

Tying crankbaits isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s something people ask a lot about nonetheless. Which knot is the best for crankbaits? Should you use snaps or just tie directly to the split ring? These choices matter, both in terms of how quickly you can get your lure back in the water as well as […]

How to Fish a Crankbait Like a Pro: Everything You Need to Know

Crankbaits, like jerkbaits and chatterbaits, are among the most misunderstood lure options despite also being among the most popular. In some sense, they’re a counter-intuitive lure: loaded with sharp treble hooks, they’re meant to be run into sticks, stumps, logs, rocks, and other cover that threatens to snag them faster than a new shirt in […]

Spotted Bass: Identification And How To Catch

While the vast majority of American anglers are familiar with the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), far fewer know about its cousin, the spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus). Endemic to the deep south, these fish are relatively easy to mistake for either large or smallmouth bass, as they resemble both to a striking degree. But these hard-fighting […]

Redeye Bass: What You Need to Know to Catch Them

America’s most popular game fish is undoubtedly the largemouth bass, and with such a wide distribution, it just makes sense that you’d run into hybrids and subspecies. We’ve written about them before, and if you want the full list and complete details, check out this article on bass species. There, you’ll find information on species […]

How To Fish A Jerkbait Like a Pro: Everything You Need to Know

In clear water, there’s probably no lure as effective as a jerkbait. That’s a strong claim, and we need to back it up. Because jerkbaits mimic the movement of injured baitfish, when fished right, they trigger a primal reaction in bass. And as pros like Kevin VanDam will tell you, they’ll come farther to hit […]

Largemouth Bass Anatomy: What You Need to Know

You can tell a lot about a fish’s behavior just by looking at it. For instance, even casual study of a largemouth bass reveals some of its secrets. Not as sleek and muscular as a pike, nor sporting its deep, V-shaped tail, largemouth are lightning quick predators that can race down anything in the water. […]

Largemouth Bass Hearing: Sounds that Trigger Flight or Feeding 

Most of the bass anglers I fish with know more about color palettes than interior designers, and I’m pretty confident that if you’re reading this, you can immediately summon to mind colors like “chartreuse,” “pumpkin seed,” and “junebug.” That’s because we all know how important sight is to bass, and we choose our worms and […]

Good Vibrations: Lures to Trigger a Largemouth’s Lateral Line

Bass are sight predators, which explains why they grow faster and larger in habitats where visibility is good. But that doesn’t mean that their other finely-tuned senses aren’t important. Even in clear water, bass rely on senses like hearing to alert them to potential prey and predators, especially when confronted by sounds behind or below […]

Sight: The Largemouth Bass’s Most Important Sense

Everything you decide about a bass lure - everything from shape to color choice to the action you give it - determines its effectiveness. And since the vast majority of lures are designed by companies that do real-world research, most work pretty well.  And common techniques - the erratic, bumpy ride you give a good […]

How to Fillet Bass: Smallmouth, Largemouth, or Stripers

Filleting bass, whether we’re talking about smallmouth, largemouth, or stripers, is an easy, quick process if you know what you’re doing. In overpopulated fisheries, culling small bass like this will improve the size of the remaining fish. But everyone starts somewhere, and you may be unsure of how to turn your fresh fish into two […]

Bass Fishing with Live and Artificial Worms Explained - Nightcrawlers vs Soft Plastics

Worms and fishing are as closely associated as bluffing and poker, and whether you choose the latest soft plastic or a massive nightcrawler, both can produce trophy bass. The key is good technique and a proper rig. We’re here to help, and whether you’re just getting started or would like a refresher, we’ve got you […]

Night Fishing For Bass: How to Catch Largemouth Bass After Dark

As every hard-core largemouth angler knows, fishing at nighttime is the right time to catch big bass. Falling water temperatures trigger prey items like shad to move shallow as the sun sets. The frogs begin their evening songs in the lilies, big water bugs skate across the surface, and minnows swarm among the water grasses.  […]

What Do Bass Eat?

Largemouth bass are America’s favorite sportfish by a mile, and I don’t know an angler who doesn’t love to catch them. Lure companies know this, too, and the range of designs they offer fishermen is nothing less than staggering. And while the old adage that lures are made to catch fishermen more than fish may […]

How To Jig For Bass: The Next Generation of Jigs Explained 

If you think jigging for largemouth bass involves a naked lead head and a curly-tailed grub, you’re behind the times! Undoubtedly effective year ‘round, jigging works wherever you find bass suspended in the water column or hunting near the bottom. It’s also an excellent tactic for teasing a hard strike from heavy cover. But there’s […]

Can You Eat Largemouth Bass: Yes!

Can you eat bass? The short answer is yes. But be aware that keeping largemouth can be contentious, and most serious bass anglers frown on the practice, preferring catch and release. Related: Bass Fishing Tips, Types of Bass, Best Time To Fish For Bass Why Catch and Release Started Strict catch and release for bass […]

Hook Size For Bass: Picking the Right Hook Size for Bass

Hook sizing can be confusing, and for new anglers, there’s certainly a temptation to assume that big bass demand massive hooks. But an oversized hook is almost never a good idea, and from poor action to spooked fish and missed strikes, a hook that’s too large just won’t work very well. Too small isn’t good […]

Best Live Bait For Bass: Alive and Kicking

Never underestimate using live bait for bass. You’re not going to see many live crawfish or shiners on the tournament circuit, but that’s not because they don’t work. In virtually every tournament, live bait is illegal, to say nothing of the endorsement issue! The truth is that live bait works as well or better than […]

Fall Bass Fishing Tips: How To Catch More Bass In The Fall

As the days shorten and the air grows crisp, it’s a sign that magic is happening below the surface of your local lake. Fall is here, and as water temps plummet, largemouth shed the lethargy caused by the summer’s heat and begin feeding in earnest. For anglers in the know, fall can be the most […]

Types Of Bass: Positive Identification and Species Information

When anglers hear the word “bass,” it’s fair to say that they generally think smallmouth or largemouth. That makes sense: these are the two species fishermen across the country are most familiar with. But the bass family--including the genus Micropterus and Morone--is a lot broader than that! In fact, there are 14 recognized species of […]

Chatterbait Chatter: Tips and Techniques to Get the Most from a Chatterbait

If you haven’t been throwing a chatterbait, you don’t know what you’re missing! A worthy addition to any angler’s tackle bag, chatterbaits are just the right medicine when you need an aggressive presentation that maximizes vibration and erratic action. But as Ron Davis, who helped design the very first chatterbait, warns, "A very small percentage […]

Drop Shot Tips

Related: Top choices for drop shot rods! What is Drop Shotting? The Basics A drop shot rig suspends your hook above a weight. It’s a simple idea with some profound consequences. Unlike standard worm fishing, the weight--rather than your line--is taking the abuse of the bottom. Right there, you’ll find this yields more bass, more […]

Bass Fishing Tips: How to Catch Bass In The Spring & Summer

Largemouth bass. These two words are enough to send a shiver of excitement up an angler’s spine. If you’ve ever tied into a big female, watching her leap clear of the water in an effort to throw your hook, you know why. That first glimpse of a fantastic fish, the rush of excitement when your […]

When Do Largemouth Bass Spawn? What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Mating Season

The spring spawn initiates the most predictable movement of largemouth bass all year, and locating big bass during the mating season is as close to a sure thing as you can get. But many anglers struggle either because they don’t understand the spawn very well, or because they’re unsure how to capitalize on a fishing […]

Gear & Tackle

Best Kayaks for Bass Fishing Reviewed: 2022 Picks and Buying Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to slip quietly across a big pond, slide over a downed tree that stops bass boats, and hammer largemouth on the other side, a fishing kayak might be just right for you. Innovations in hull design and drive options like pedals and in-board motors have transformed kayak angling, and for bass […]

Sensitive Strength: The Best Rods for Fishing a Ned Rig Reviewed

The Ned rig is a fantastic finesse presentation for bass. But unlike worm fishing, a stout rod and heavy line are counter-productive with a light Ned head and a small trailer. Instead, you want finesse tackle - and that means reaching or an entirely different kind of “bass rod.” If that idea leaves you feeling […]

The Best Crankbaits: The Tournament-Tested Pro Picks

I don’t know a bass fisherman who doesn’t have a few dozen crankbaits in their arsenal. Properly worked, they’re among the most productive options out there, especially when you need to cover a lot of water quickly. And while there are hundreds of crankbaits on the market, if you take a peek at the lure […]

Best Poppers for Bass: Catch Bass With Topwater Magic

In bass fishing, soft plastics and spinnerbaits seem to get all the love. Now, there’s no denying their effectiveness, just as there’s no doubting the reasons behind their popularity.  But when topwater is king, the humble popper is hard to beat. One of the oldest lures out there, the popper has earned its place in […]

Best Worms for Bass Fishing: Top 5 Options

For many bass fanatics, fishing for largemouth means fishing with worms. And while we don’t really know why bass are so attracted to the fluttering, erratic motion of a soft plastic worm, we do know that among the legion of techniques and lures employed by bass anglers, soft plastic worms may be the most deadly. […]

Best Spinning Reel For Bass: Spin-in a Largemouth

While baitcasting reels dominate the tournament scene, plenty of anglers already know that good spinning reels are more than up to the task for largemouth.  And if you just don’t care for baitcasting reels, shy away from buying new rods to fit them, or want a one-rod solution to all your fishing, a spinning reel […]

Best Spinnerbaits for Bass - Color, Vibration, and Flash

Spinnerbaits are special. Not only do they offer nearly endless options for customization, but with the right know-how, they can also be the ultimate tool in a bass angler’s tacklebox. But to new anglers and old-hands alike, they can be a high mystery, and from blade shapes to color combos, there’s a lot to learn […]

Best Bass Fishing Line: Braid, Mono, and Fluorocarbon Compared

Largemouth are America’s #1 game fish for a reason, and the heart-pounding excitement of fighting your first 10-pounder will hook you for life! But with increased fishing pressure, busier lives, and less time to spend on the water than we’d like, tackle choice is critical to make the most of every opportunity. And among the […]

Best Jig Rods for Bass: Our Favorites Reviewed

Flipping, casting, swimming, dragging--jigs can do it all! It’s no surprise, then, that they’re a popular choice for largemouth, especially in high summer when the vegetation gets thick. Because you can run jigs in weedless versions, and because they’re ideal for pitching into nearly impenetrable cover, they let you fish places that other lure choices […]

Lily Pad Madness: Best Topwater Frog Lures Reviewed

Some of the most exciting bass fishing of my life has happened around lily pads. I’ve worked a clear Heddon Torpedo into a ferocious leaping strike. I’ve pulled a across pads and into the water with deadly results. But nothing I’ve tried matched the awesome attraction of a frog or the heart-stopping moment when a […]

Best Drop Shot Rods for the Money: Our Favorites Reviewed

Drop shotting is one of the hottest techniques for bass. It offers a subtle, finesse presentation of a worm that largemouth can’t resist. In fact, you can work the edge of a weed bed that’s been hit hard by other anglers and still hook a big one! But because this technique demands a finesse presentation, […]

The Best Flipping and Pitching Rod - Buying Guide and Reviews of the Top Sticks

There are many fishing rods on the market that are great for flipping and pitching. However, some that market themselves as suitable for flipping are less-than-ideal for the job. Given this, we’ve reviewed some of the top options on the market to help you make a wise purchase. We’ve listed our winner, along with the […]


Fishing the Jika Rig: A Compact, Weed-Busting, Finesse Technique

Bass anglers never get tired of finesse techniques for a reason: on a pressured lake where the big ones have seen everything over the years, something new and subtle will get bites when nothing else will. And when precise casting is the name of the game, say, when you’re trying to hit a small puddle […]

Neko Rig vs Wacky Rig: Which Finesse Rig is Right for Your Situation?

Finesse presentations like the wacky and Neko rigs can save the day when the bass aren’t in the mood for a meal, and as legions of anglers have learned, they’ll draw strikes when nothing else can. Only one thing differentiates the two: the Neko’s nail weight. But that seemingly small change results in dramatic differences […]

Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig: Battle of the Southern Bass Fishing Rigs

While both the Texas and Carolina rigs can reach down deep for bass, they don’t share the same strengths and weaknesses. And for serious bass anglers, knowing how to differentiate between these two popular rigs can mean the difference between a winning stringer and getting skunked. If you’ve wondered about when, where, and why you […]

Wacky Rig vs Texas Rig: Which Rig Catches More Bass?

The venerable Texas rig is rightfully famous, and from punching thick grass mats to pitching into heavy cover, working a deep hole or hump to gliding under a dock, it’s just plain magic. But the wacky rig has a lot going for it, too, and there’s something special about its fluttering dance that draws hungry […]

Ned Rig vs Texas Rig: Which Rig is Right for You?

Most anglers know that a Texas rig is typically anything but a finesse presentation, putting it at the opposite end of the spectrum from the compact, subtle Ned. For the most part, that’s true, and where the Ned shines, the Texas rig doesn’t - and vice versa. But there’s more to the story than that […]

Tokyo Rig: A Secret Weapon for Soft Plastics

For a long time, my go-to worm setup was the weed-busting Texas rig. And while there’s still no question that the Texas rig is a good choice, it has issues that every savvy angler recognizes. The weight at the nose of the worm or creature bait deadens action the heavier it gets, placing a practical […]

The Shaky Head: Perhaps the Best Finesse Technique for Pressured Bass

Two finesse techniques dominate bass angling: the drop shot rig and the shaky head.  By contrast, the Texas and Carolina rigs use the same soft baits but are entirely different techniques. That doesn’t stop a lot of questions about the Texas rig versus the shaky head, but that’s an apples to oranges comparison that misses […]

Neko Rig: The Ideal Technique for Wary Bass

The Neko rig was invented in Japan, where it originated as Shin Fukai’s unorthodox response to ultra-pressured bass in glass-clear water. Essentially a weighted variation of a wacky rig, the Neko keeps your worm head-down on the bottom, allowing you to entice bass to strike through a series of short hops and bumps along the […]

Carolina Rig: An Unbeatable Technique for Hard, Flat Bottoms

Hard, relatively horizontal bottoms are where the Carolina rig shines, offering everything an angler wants in a soft plastic setup. Covering a lot of water quickly, and relying on enticing motion that’s hard to match with any other technique, the Carolina rig is a staple of pros, though it’s often overlooked by less experienced anglers […]

Fishing the Ned Rig: A Subtle, Finesse Technique at Its Finest

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new when I say that pressured bass need to be seduced into a bite. On lakes that take a pounding over the weekend, even weekday anglers need to adjust their approach to lure wary bass into a strike - and finesse techniques are definitely the way to go. […]

The Texas Rig: A Complete Guide to Rigging and Techniques

The Texas Rig has come to dominate bass fishing for a reason: it works. Whether you’re pitching big tubes or creature baits, working the bottom of a hard-bottomed channel, or running a worm through grass and brush, a Texas Rig won’t let you down. This versatile rig makes the most of virtually any soft plastic, […]


How to Tie the Alberto Knot

Designed by Alberto Knie when braided superlines were new to the market, the Alberto Knot is an excellent choice for joining a heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon leader to slender braid. Strong and reliable, the Alberto uses 14 loops to deliver friction and compression, allowing braid to grip like a 600-pound gorilla. Nevertheless, the FG knot is […]

How to Tie the FG Knot

Whether you chase the thrill of fighting big sailfish or tuna or spend your weekends muscling monster bass on your local lake, you’re probably already familiar with the advantages of running a leader on braided main line. And for many applications, fluorocarbon simply can’t be beat as leader material. The problem is that both braid […]

One Knot to Rule Them All - How to Tie the Uni Knot

A good angler knows the right knot for every situation, whether that’s a blood knot for a low-profile connection of mono to mono, a bowline for tying a boat to a piling, or a nail knot for attaching leader to fly line. And while there’s certainly no knot that’s good for everything, it’s awfully handy […]

Bass are one of the most sought after game fish in North America as well as many other parts of the world. When people think of bass they think of a tough fighting, tail dancing, big fish. Bass put up some of the best fights in the game. They can leap right out of the water and will surely make your drag scream. Bass come in a variety of sizes, and catching a trophy bass can be a rewarding experience. Bass are great tasting fish, and are not overly difficult to target if you know what you are doing and have the right equipment. Our comprehensive tips and guides will go over the details of what gear you need and how to target them. We’ll teach you exactly how to find trophy bass and how to land them one after the other.
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