Fishing Rod Casting Techniques for Beginners and Advanced Anglers

Casting is an art mastered through practice, and whether you’re new to the sport or an old hand, a few minutes spent every day in the back yard is going to make you a better angler in no time. The basics of casting are pretty simple: it’s all about timing the release of your lure […]

How To Set Up a Spinning Reel: A Step-By-Step Guide

spinning reel with stren original

Spinning reels are essential tackle for every angler.  From their wind-busting ability to cast to their simplicity to use, it’s easy to see why. And whether you chase bluegill on your local lake, catfish in a slow-moving river, or specks and reds in the surf, you’ll find that a spinning reel will quickly become a […]

Bluegill Fishing Tips: 7 Tricks Guaranteed to Work

The humble bluegill has a place in the hearts and memories of most freshwater anglers, and if you’re anything like me, one of these feisty little fish probably got you hooked for life! While many of us graduate to bigger and “better” species like bass, spending sundown chasing bluegills as an adult is no less […]

Surf Fishing Tips to Help You Catch More Fish: Time, Tide, and Technique

Whether you prefer having the beach all to yourself or like fishing with a few friends, there’s something magical about the sound of the waves on the sand, the anticipation of a big bite, and fighting a keeper through the surf. Surf fishing is heart-pounding angling, but if you’re new to it, or just having […]

Best Crappie Rod And Reel Combo – Reviews For 2020

Spring is in the air, and for many anglers, that means one thing: crappie fishing! As you gear up for the start of crappie season or re-assess your tackle after a few trips to the water, you might be wondering about the best crappie rod and reel combos designed specifically for slab-hunting. Combos are an […]

Delray Beach Fishing Charters

Delray Beach, Florida is a go to fishing location for those that are looking for a vibrant area with a great past. What makes Delray Beach Fishing Charters so much fish is the variety of species consistently caught while fishing.  Best Delray Beach Fishing Charters Locked N Loaded Sam Can Fish South Florida Fishing Charters […]

Best Saltwater Rod and Reel Combos Reviewed

If you’re anything like us, the pull of the salt has you by the heartstrings. And if you need a new rod and reel, a great combo can get you on the water quickly. At their best, combos offer excellent reels matched to equally nice rods, but it can be hard to know which of […]

Best Rod and Reel Combos Reviewed

The best rod and reel combo delivers all the performance you need at a price you’ll love. Awesome as a quick way to get you into the action, plenty of anglers opt for a combo to save time and money. Not sure about which might be right for you? Keep reading! Click here for the […]