Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Pete grew up fishing on the Great Lakes. Whether he's casting a line in a quiet freshwater stream or battling a monster bass, fishing is his true passion


Pete is an avid fisherman with a passion for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. He's been casting lines for as long as he can remember, and has spent countless hours on the water perfecting his craft.


When it comes to freshwater fishing, he's a big fan of targeting bass, trout, and panfish. There's nothing quite like the feeling of reeling in a big bass or a beautiful rainbow trout. He love exploring new lakes and streams, and finding that perfect spot where the fish are biting.

But his love for fishing doesn't stop at freshwater. He's also an experienced saltwater angler, with a particular fondness for targeting tuna, mahi-mahi, and marlin. There's something truly special about the challenge of hooking into a big game fish in the open ocean.

Over the years, he has learned a lot about the art of fishing, from the best lures and baits to use, to the most effective techniques for catching different species. He's always happy to share his knowledge with other anglers, and loves nothing more than spending a day on the water with friends and family.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University

Articles by Pete Danylewycz

Best Square Bill Crankbaits Reviewed: The Ultimate Pre-spawn and Early Fall Lure

When bass are actively feeding on crawfish in transition zones pre-spawn, or when they’re keyed in on shad and bluegill in the fall, it’s very hard to beat a squarebill crankbait. Designed for a tight wobble that imitates the writhing wriggle of a small fish, they excite the eyes, ears, and lateral line of bass […]

Best Fishing Drones: Eyes in the Sky and Bait-Dropping Beasts

While drones may seem like an unlikely addition to your fishing arsenal, there are a few situations in which they make a lot of sense. For instance, if you’re fishing inshore or offshore, or indeed on any large body of water, you probably have a few favorite spots marked on GPS.  But what happens when […]

Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors: Lowrance, Garmin, Minn Kota, and MotorGuide Compared

Whether you’re fighting an incoming tide in a saltmarsh or just fighting the wind while you unhook and weigh a bass, spot locking trolling motors have proven to be an angler’s best friend time and time again. And from tournament champions to charter captains, weekend anglers to serious amateurs, the advantages of a trolling motor […]

Down-Imaging vs. Side-Imaging: Are You Getting the Most from Your Fishfinder?

Most mid-range and virtually all high-end fish finders are now equipped with side-scanning sonar, high-quality down-scanning tech, and standard 2D downward-facing sonar.  As a result, it’s almost never a question of which one you want, but rather which one is better at this time and in this place. And while plenty of anglers understand how […]

Best Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combos Reviewed

From plastic worms to top-water frogs, much of bass fishing relies on “power” techniques that demand a heavy stiff rod and a reel that can wrench a monster out of thick cover without missing a beat. Tournament pros will have an arsenal of baitcasting rods and reels, each rigged for a specific technique, ready to […]

The Best Jigs for Bass: Great Options for Every Situation

Search a dozen boats on a score of bass lakes, and you’ll find a jigging rod on every one. The reason is as clear as clean water: jigs work, and the variety they offer in design means that there’s a perfect jig for every situation and season. If you’re looking to stock-up on new jigs, […]

Best Fishing Rod Socks & Sleeves - Keeping Your Rods Safe in 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Fishing Rod Sleeves Why? When you store or transport your fishing rods, they’re at risk of collecting dust, being scratched or chipped, and tangling, especially if they’re too close together. Fishing rod sleeves prevent all three of these issues. They act as an effective dust cover, keeping your tackle […]

Uncovered: The Surprising Truth About the Shimano Sedona FI - Is It Really the Best Budget Reel?
Is the Shimano Sustain FJ the Ultimate Secret Weapon for Big Fish? Find Out In This Review!

Analysis If you’re in the market for an incredible reel that’s just as capable inshore as it is when you’re fishing for pike, muskie, or trophy cats, Shimano’s Sustain FJ might be the right choice for you. A completely redesigned reel, this new Sustain is simply amazing, and if I were looking for an absolutely […]

Is the Penn Authority the Ultimate Reel? Exclusive Review Reveals Why It Might Just Be the Last Reel You'll Ever Need!

Analysis The Authority is Penn’s flagship reel. If you’re looking for the best Penn has to offer, your search is over. Sizes Available in sizes ranging from 2500 to 10500, the Authority is a no-holds-barred inshore and offshore spinning reel that can give even the best conventional reels a run for their money, especially in […]

The Shimano Stella SW Review - Is This the Most Powerful Reel Ever Made

Analysis Shimano’s reels offer legendary performance, but unless you’re willing to reach deep, deep into your pockets, you’ll never know the best they can offer. “Unbeatable.” “Unbelievable.” “Amazing.” Those are words that you’ll hear to describe their Stella SW line-up. And every word is true. Put simply, this is the absolute best spinning reel for […]

Penn’s Upgraded Battle III Reviewed: How Does It Stack Up Against the Competition

Analysis & Results Specifications Body Not all reel bodies are built for hard fights, and if there’s one thing that you can trust about the Battle III, it’s that it lives up to its name. Manufactured with an all-metal body, the Battle III is stiff, tough, and durable. While aluminum weighs more than carbon fiber […]

Best Forward-Facing Sonar for Ice Fishing 2024

How We Tested: What to Look for in a Great FFS Fish Finder for the Ice Image quality Live, moving images have changed how anglers use fish-finding tech. Now you can watch fish, studying how your technique, presentation, and lure affect their interest, enabling you to adjust your jigging in real time to better lure […]

Best Black Friday Fly Fishing Deals

We've cast our net far and wide to bring you an incredible selection of black friday fly fishing deals. From rods and reels perfect for those delicate catches to robust, heavy-duty ones designed for the big game, our deals cover it all. This is your chance to upgrade your fishing arsenal with top-quality fly fishing […]

Best Black Friday Deals on Fishing Reels

We've cast our net far and wide to bring you an incredible selection of black friday fishing reel deals. From ultra-lightweight rods perfect for those delicate catches to robust, heavy-duty ones designed for the big game, our deals cover it all. This is your chance to upgrade your fishing arsenal with top-quality reels from leading […]

Best Black Friday Deals on Fishing Rods

We've cast our net far and wide to bring you an incredible selection of black friday fishing rod deals. From ultra-lightweight rods perfect for those delicate catches to robust, heavy-duty ones designed for the big game, our deals cover it all. This is your chance to upgrade your fishing arsenal with top-quality rods from leading […]

Best Black Friday Deals on Fish Finders

Fishermen and fishing enthusiasts, gear up for the catch of the season – Black Friday is here with the most spectacular deals on fish finders! This is the perfect time to upgrade your fishing toolkit with state-of-the-art fish finders at unbeatable prices. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision fishing! We've hooked the best […]

KastKing’s Speed Demon Pro: A Detailed Review of the Crankbait-Specific Model

Designed and priced to compete with mid-range offerings from the likes of Falcon, St. Croix, and Lew’s, how does the KastKing Speed Demon Pro stack up? Let’s find out! Analysis and Results Blank, power, and action KastKing sent us their crankbait-specific, 7-foot medium/moderate rod. The blank is made from a composite of S-glass and high-modulus […]

Penn’s Slammer IV Review: The King of Saltwater Spinning Reels

Analysis and Results What’s the difference between the Slammer III and Slammer IV? The Slammer III debuted to much fanfare, winning the coveted iCast 2016 award for Best Saltwater Reel. It quickly won the hearts of inshore and offshore anglers for its run-stopping power, amazing drag systems, massive capacity, and rugged durability. In 2021, Penn […]

Goldenmate 12V LiFePO4 Battery Review

Analysis and Results Power output Goldenmate produces deep-cycle batteries that are perfect for running trolling motors and other electronics on your boat. But as deep-cycle specific designs, they will not start your outboard.  For that, you need a starting or dual-use battery. Deep-cycle batteries are designed to provide steady, long-lasting power, discharge deeply without damage, […]

Live Bait for Bluegill: A Rundown of Your Best Options

Like most anglers, I’ve caught quite a few bluegill over the years. And despite their small size, catching these little devils never gets old. Bluegill are popular for a reason. Not only are they great fun to catch, fighting hard for their size on ultralight tackle, but they’re also great on the table. And the […]

Spotted Bass vs Smallmouth - The Differences Explained

In the world of freshwater fishing, two bass species often take center stage: the elusive Spotted Bass and the iconic Smallmouth Bass. But how do these aquatic stars truly differ? Dive in as we explore the unique traits and tales of these underwater rivals in 'Spotted Bass vs Smallmouth Bass'. Related: Spotted Bass vs Largemouth […]

Spotted Bass vs Largemouth - The Differences Explained

In the world of freshwater fishing, two bass species often take center stage: the elusive Spotted Bass and the iconic Largemouth Bass. But how do these aquatic stars truly differ? Dive in as we explore the unique traits and tales of these underwater rivals in 'Spotted Bass vs Largemouth Bass'. Related: Spotted Bass vs Smallmouth […]

The Best Fishing Rods for Beginners: Everything a New Angler Needs

While experienced anglers may chase the latest and greatest tackle, new anglers need a rod that maximizes the performance/price ratio. They’ll often be a bit tougher on their gear as they learn the ropes, so durability matters. But they also appreciate tackle that allows them to experiment with different techniques, whether that’s various styles of […]

Why an Inflatable Kayak is a Good Option for Your Fishing Trips

Fishing enthusiasts often find solace and adventure in exploring serene waters, seeking the perfect catch while connecting with nature. Kayak fishing has become an increasingly popular way to combine the joys of angling with the thrill of paddling through tranquil lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. While traditional rigid kayaks have been the norm for years, […]

Best Bug Spray Repellent for Fishing

While fishing when the bite just isn’t happening can be disheartening, trying to cast while covered in a swarm of mosquitos, blackflies, or no-see-ums is downright maddening. I’ve experienced the misery of mosquitos too many times myself, and I know how a bad bug season can drive you right off the water. Windy days can […]

Largemouth Bass Lure Selection: Water Temperature Matters Most!

Water temperature is the single best predictor of which lure, presentation, and technique to pick when bass fishing. Yes, water clarity, barometric pressure, the current prey items, and even the moon phase impact bass behavior, but not nearly as much as how warm (or cold) the water is. That’s because while the “best” lure can […]

New Research Finds that Long Stays in Live Wells are the Single Greatest Cause of Bass Mortality Post Tournament

Table of Contents (clickable)1 Facts at a glance2 Live bait and fishing mortality: the early research3 Settled science? Not quite…3.1 Bait isn’t the problem: stress is the catch-and-release killer4 What you can do to keep bass alive4.1 Use tackle that encourages mouth hooking.4.2 Minimize stress and injury to bass by handling them carefully - and […]

The Best Flies for Bass: Options Small- and Largemouth Can’t Resist!

While trout are far more often the target of fly anglers, chasing small- and largemouth bass is a heart-pounding adventure not to be missed! On the upper James River, I lofted tiny poppers to smallies all morning, and they savaged chartreuse, black, and white offerings until they were left legless and wingless. And largemouth have […]

Minn Kota vs. Motorguide: Which Trolling Motor is Right for You?

Without a doubt, Minn Kota and Motorguide dominate the trolling motor market. Yes, Rhodan and Newport Vessels are viable competitors, and Lowrance’s Ghost and Garmin’s Force offer enviable tech and amazing performance. But there’s no questioning the hold that Minn Kota and Motorguide have on the trolling motor market, and the vast majority of anglers […]

The Best Lures for Perch: Awesome Options for the Spring, Summer, and Fall

In the northern half of the US, spring and fall signal prime perch fishing, attracting legions of anglers to the water. And while not as popular as crappie or bluegill where the water warms quickly in spring, in colder climates, the yellow perch is the undisputed king of panfish. We’ve written about perch fishing before, […]

Best Fishing Scissors for Cutting Braided Line: Can Anything Beat the Gerber Neat Freak?

If you grew up fishing mono like I did, you probably used nail clippers or your teeth to cut line and trim tag ends. And aside from a few chipped teeth and rusty clippers, you got the job done just fine. But the high-strength braided fishing lines common in bass fishing and in the salt […]

Best Ugly Stik Rods for 2024: Unbeatable Durability and Surprising Performance

Shakespeare’s Ugly Stiks have won a hard-earned reputation for nearly unbreakable durability. Priced right, and tough enough for pretty much any situation, these budget-friendly rods deserve a second look. And while they’re certainly not going to give your G. Loomis a run for its money or offer sensitivity that rivals a St. Croix, their fiberglass […]

Best St. Croix Rods for 2024: Among the Very Best Money Can Buy

Longtime readers of USAngler will know that we’re huge fans of St. Croix rods.  The reasons are clear. High quality components and super manufacturing yield rods that are strong and sensitive, and until you’ve fought a personal best with a St. Croix in your hand, you don’t know what you’re missing! If you’re in the […]

Best Reels for Pitching and Flipping: Bass Dragging, Hard Fighting, Ultra-Fast Options for 2024

Flipping and pitching a Texas-rigged soft plastic is as integral to bass fishing as fireworks are to the 4th of July. And whether you prefer a Punch rig, a Jika rig, a Tokyo rig, or stick with the tied and true, there’s simply no question that pitching and flipping a fat worm, Senko, or creature […]

110 Debunked Theories in Fishing: Myths We Once Believed and Why They're Busted

Fishing, like many other disciplines, has its fair share of myths, legends, and misconceptions. Over the years, countless theories have been floated around, only to be debunked by science, experience, or a combination of both. Let's dive into the 110 most popular fishing myths and understand why they were proven wrong. 1. "Bananas on a […]

Are Fish Finders Worth The Money?

The art of fishing is a delicate balance of tradition, skill, and intuition. Yet, as with many pastimes, technology has woven its way into the angler's toolkit. Among these modern tools, the fish finder stands out. But is it a worthy addition to your gear? Let's cast our line into this debate. Table of Contents […]

The Best PFDs for Fishing: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

Fishing should be fun, but things can turn deadly serious in an instant. Every year, anglers have accidents that leave them in the water, and without a personal floatation device (PFD) or life jacket, tragedy can be just moments away. PFDs aren’t just a legal requirement; they’re true life savers. Never go out on the […]

The Best Okuma Spinning Reels for 2024

Okuma is well known for affordable performance, and their spinning reels have proven themselves the world over. Recently, the company has ventured into the high-end as well, offering reels that are designed to compete with the best that Penn, Daiwa, and Shimano have to offer. Have they succeeded? Are Okuma reels at more moderate price […]

The Best Travel Fly Rods for 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

A four-piece fly rod seems plenty packable until you give it a try in real life. On one memorable fish trip, I first flew to Madrid for a week, continuing on to my final destination after spending time in the capital. To keep costs down, I was traveling with cabin baggage only, and space was […]

The Best Daiwa Spinning Reels for 2024 - Tested and Reviewed

Daiwa is legendary for its tech, offering feather-weight reels with rigid monocoque bodies and smooth, powerful drags. And from hard fighting snook to tournament-winning bass, massive grouper to thick-bodied slabs, there’s a Daiwa reel that’s just perfect for your next fishing adventure. If you’re in the market for a new reel, we’re here to help. […]

Lure vs Bait - All You Need To Know

If you are like me, the first time you went fishing you had nothing more than a rod and some worms. Perhaps it was a relative who took you and maybe that relative didn't fish very often but took a couple of hours to take you for the first time. Or perhaps they were a […]

DIY Fish Habitat & Structure

Structure is important when it comes to fishing. In fact, it's everything. Structure is to fishing, what temperature is to baking. It is the measuring stick that fishermen and biologists use to discuss everything from fish behavior to fish survival as it applies to its natural environment. You will also hear some people refer to […]

Best Fishing Life Vests & Jackets Reviewed for 2024

Buying Guide What You Need to Know When Choosing a PFD for Fishing US Coast Guard Certification All the products we’ve reviewed today have been certified by the US Coast Guard as either Type III or Type I personal floatation devices.Never use a PFD that isn’t certified - or isn’t appropriate - for the activity […]

Best Fishing Apps

Technology is changing everything, including fishing. Thanks to smartphones and apps, you now have the power of a supercomputer in your pocket at all times. Even when you're out on the water. Since you have this technology, you should take advantage of it. With the right apps and tools, you can completely transform your fishing […]

The Best Times to Fish: Everything You Need to Know

Most of us don’t get to spend as much time fishing as we’d like, and when we’re fortunate enough to hit the water, we want to maximize our success. Knowing the right season, time of day, weather, moon phase, and even day of the week can go a long way toward increasing your chances of […]

Fishing Checklist

Do you have a fishing trip coming up in the near future? Do you wish you had a handy checklist that can help organize and simplify your trip? Lucky for you we've compiled the most comprehensive checklist for fishing on the internet. It doesn't matter if you're a novice or expert angler, nor if your […]

Trout Fishing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques - All You Need To Know

Here, you'll have the ability to learn about trout and how to be a better trout fisherman. It doesn't matter if you're a novice angler or if you've been fishing for over 20 years, there is information on this page that will be useful to you. You'll be able to start off by learning some […]

Freshwater Fishing Tips

This page is put together to educate you on freshwater fishing. It doesn't matter how experienced you are with fishing, the information and tips below will be useful to you. We first educate you on the basic information about freshwater fishing, along with some of the best tips for freshwater fishermen. At the end of […]

Pond Fishing Tips

Here, you'll be able to learn everything you need to know about pond fishing and how to be successful at it. You'll start off by learning the basics of pond fishing and then be able to review some of the best pond fishing tips available to us. If you're still looking for more information then […]

Spearfishing Tips, Basics, and Safety - All You Need To Know

We are here to help you learn everything you need to know about spearfishing. It's an exciting sport, but there is a lot you need to know before you get good at it. So whether you are a beginner or an advanced fisherman, you will be able to learn something from our tips and information. […]

The Best Fishing Multi-tools Reviewed: Our Top Picks For 2024

Whether we’re in a boat or fishing the bank, as anglers, we all understand the importance of quality equipment. It’s part of the reason many of us are compulsive buyers. That equipment isn’t just limited to what we need to catch fish, but the tools required to make our lives easier. From cutting out line […]

The Best Penn Spinning Reels for 2024

Long-time readers of USAngler will know that we’re big fans of Penn’s spinning reels, and from the affordable Battle III to no-holds-barred Authority, exceptional performance is the norm. If you’re a saltwater angler looking for the best spinning reels to wrangle specks, redfish, stripers, snook, and even large, pelagic species like tarpon, sailfish, and shark, […]

The Best Side-Scanning Fishfinders for 2024: Humminbird’s Apex is King of the Hill

Fishfinding tech improves constantly, and features that were a luxury just a few years ago are affordable tools today. That’s certainly the case with side-scanning sonar, and there’s simply no denying what an awesome feature it is for weekend anglers and pros alike. If you’re thinking about upgrading your fishfinder to a model that offers […]

What is CHIRP Sonar? Essential Fishfinder Tech Explained

Decades ago, fish finders were expensive luxuries. Now, they’re essential angling technology that gives weekenders and pros alike the tools they need to catch more fish. Fish finder tech is constantly evolving, and from down-imaging to side-scanning, robust networking to GPS-enabled contour mapping, modern anglers have options that were nothing short of dreams decades ago. […]

Casting for the Future: The Urgent Call for Responsible Recreational and Sport Fishing

In a world increasingly threatened by environmental degradation, the beloved pastime of fishing is more than just casting a line; it is a call to stewardship, a challenge, a duty that every angler must embrace. Imagine a future where your grandchildren can experience the same thrill you felt as a child, the first time you […]

Missouri Man Shoots A Fish In A Ditch.. Its Size Breaks A World Record!

Bowfishing is a sport that requires skill, patience, and a bit of luck. And for Mitchell Dering, luck was definitely on his side when he shot a world record-sized fish during a recent outing in Missouri. Dering, a Fairdealing resident, had been bowfishing in one of the ditches in Duck Creek when he came across […]

Kansas Fisherman Breaks Nearly 60-Year-Old State Fishing Record with “Catch-of-a-Lifetime” Crappie

Topeka resident Bobby Parkhurst recently made a name for himself in the Kansas fishing community by breaking a nearly 60-year-old state record for crappie. On March 5th, Parkhurst caught an enormous white crappie at Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake No. 2 in Pottawatomie County, which has been dubbed a “catch-of-a-lifetime.” Check out USAngler's Crappie Fishing Mastery […]

How to Rig and Fish Tube Baits - One of the Most Versatile Softbaits

I have to admit it: I haven't been giving tubes the love they deserve. In my tackle arsenal, tubes have definitely taken a back seat to creature baits like the Rage Tail Craw, Yum’s Wooly Bug, and the Zoom Brush Hog. And if you’re anything like me, and I’ll bet you are, it’s been a […]

Best Rod and Reel Combos for Bass: Baitcasting and Spinning Options Reviewed

No angler I know doesn’t get excited about a new rod and reel for bass fishing, but with the wealth of options out there and skyrocketing prices, it can be tough to make the right decision - and feel that you got a real bargain. And with inflation biting into everyone’s paycheck, budget-friendly options really […]

Best Bait For Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are America’s favorite game fish by a mile, and it’s no surprise that new anglers are introduced to the sport every day.  And with the array of options you can find on shelves at Bass Pro or your local tackle shop, bait choice can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know what to throw […]

Best Swimbaits for Bass: Soft- and Hard-Body Options Reviewed

Ask tournament winners anywhere in the country, and they’ll tell you that swimbaits are nothing short of deadly. Nearly every bass angler I know loves a soft plastic swimbait, but despite that, hard-bodied swimbaits don’t get the love they deserve, even when summer gives way to fall. The reasons are pretty clear: soft-plastic swimbaits work […]

Best Ice Fishing Rigs for Mid Winter: What to Do When the Bite Slows Down

While you can catch your limit of perch, walleye, crappie, and bluegill with nothing more than a good jig, experienced ice anglers know there are rigging options that produce even when the bite slows down or turns off. Creative methods like running flies on stiff leaders offer something new and subtle, and dangling a big […]

Can You Eat Ladyfish? Everything You Need To Know

Ladyfish, also known as Elops saurus, is a species of fish found in coastal waters and estuaries along the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean regions. It is a member of the herring family and is known for its elongated body and silver color. But, can you eat ladyfish? The answer is yes, you can […]

Can You Eat Bonefish? Everything You Need To Know

Bonefish, also known as Albula vulpes, is a species of fish found in shallow saltwater habitats such as seagrass beds, mangroves, and coral reefs. They are popular game fish and are known for their speed and agility. But, can you eat bonefish? The answer is yes, you can eat bonefish. In fact, bonefish is considered […]

Can You Eat Paddlefish? Everything You Need To Know

Paddlefish, also known as spoonbill or spoonbill catfish, is a species of freshwater fish that is found primarily in the Mississippi River basin and the Gulf Coast of the United States. While it is not as well-known as other freshwater fish, it is considered to be a delicious and nutritious food source. In this article, […]

Can You Eat Marlin? Everything You Need To Know

Marlin is a large predatory fish that is highly prized for its firm, flavorful meat. However, due to its size and reputation as a game fish, many people may question whether it is safe and healthy to eat marlin. In this article, we will explore the nutritional value, culinary uses, safety concerns, and sustainable fishing […]

Can You Eat Barracuda? Everything You Need To Know

Barracuda is a predatory fish that is often considered inedible due to its potential to cause ciguatera fish poisoning. However, with proper preparation and handling, barracuda can be a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet. In this article, we will explore the nutritional value, culinary uses, safety concerns, and sustainable fishing practices of eating […]

Can You Eat Fish Eyes?

Fish eyes are a lesser-known edible part of a fish, and many people may not be aware that they can be consumed. But, is it safe and healthy to eat fish eyes? In this article, we will explore the nutritional value, culinary uses, safety concerns, and sustainable fishing practices of eating fish eyes. Related: Can […]

Can You Eat Fish Scales?

Fish scales are the small, hard, and often shiny plates that cover the skin of fish. They are generally considered to be inedible and are typically removed before cooking and eating the fish. However, some cultures and cuisines have found ways to incorporate fish scales into their dishes, leading to the question: can you eat […]

Can You Eat Saltwater Catfish? Everything You Need To Know

Saltwater catfish, also known as gafftopsail catfish, are a popular game fish found in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic coast. They are known for their hard-fighting nature and delicious taste. But is it safe to eat saltwater catfish? Keep reading to find out! Related: Can you eat Shark? Table of Contents (clickable)1 […]

Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Florida

Florida is known for its diverse fishing opportunities, and the state's many lakes offer some of the best bass fishing in the country. Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to the sport, you'll find plenty of great lakes to explore in the Sunshine State. Here are ten of the best lakes for bass fishing […]

Best Hooks for Redfish: Style and Size Considered

One of America’s most popular inshore game fish, the red drum is prized as a trophy and as a meal. And one thing is certain: no angler can resist the excitement of catching hard-fighting reds. Often lured into a bite with live bait, hook choice for redfish is critical. Not only must it match the […]

Best Trolling Rod and Reel Combos: Walleye, Salmon, and Pelagic Options Reviewed

Rod and reel combos can offer tremendous value for the money, and they can take a lot of the guesswork of rod and reel choice out of the fishing equation for less experienced anglers. Both of those are great things. But the wrong combo will cost you far more money than it’s worth, or worse […]

Best Trolling Rods for Every Species: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

There’s no one “best” trolling rod, and which tackle is a good choice largely depends on the species you’re chasing. For instance, a great spider rod for crappie isn’t going to do you much good for walleye, and an excellent walleye rod will simply fail under the stress of a tuna. If you’re wondering what […]

Rock Bass vs. Warmouth Bass: Positive Identification Made Easy!

Rock and warmouth bass look so much alike that it can be tough to tell them apart at a glance.  Both species share red eyes, similar body shapes, big mouths, and unbroken dorsal fins. And even their scale coloration can be similar enough that, at a glance, it’s tough to tell which you’ve caught. But […]

Smallmouth Bass Basics: Everything You Need to Know

Some of my most memorable days fishing were spent on a clear, rocky-bottomed river catching smallmouth bass. They’d race in to take my lure, hit it like a run-away freight train, and leap into the air, shaking their heads for all they were worth! It’s easy to understand the popularity of smallmouth bass, and pound […]

Best Chatterbait Trailers: How to Pick The Right One for You

Chatterbaits are one of the most exciting lures you can throw for bass, rivaling topwater for hard hits. But as we’ve discussed before, most anglers don’t like them because they’ve really never learned to work them properly. Ron Davis, who helped design the very first chatterbait, thinks that "A very small percentage of the people […]

How To Make Money Fishing - Three Ways to Earn a Living on the Water

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room right off the bat: if you want to make money sport fishing, it’s going to be tough. Pursuing a career as a fisherman on the Bass Pro Tour is very much like chasing down your dream of playing football in the NFL or basketball for the NBA. Lots […]

How To Catch Shad Without A Cast Net

Small shad are fantastic live bait for a variety of species, and as long as you keep them well-oxygenated, they’re hardy and lively.  Most anglers use a cast net to gather shad for bait, but we often get asked about alternatives. Can you catch shad without a cast net? The basic answer is no - […]

Discover the Hours When Bluegills Just Can't Resist Your Bait!

Bluegill typically don’t get anywhere near the attention paid to largemouth bass, and they tend to take a backseat to smallmouth, walleye, perch, crappie, and darn near everything else you can catch, too. But ask any angler you know, and chances are, they cut their teeth on these little devils, and I don’t know a […]

Best Panfish Reels - Your Top Choices in 2024

The ultralight tackle you use for fishing panfish turns each of these little fish into whales, adding to the addictive excitement angling for this species offers. In fact, just one afternoon catching these speckled devils will have you as hooked as they will be! And the good news is that reels for crappie doesn’t need […]

Best Times to Catch Walleye: Low-Light, Nasty Weather, and Night Fishing

There’s something about walleye fishing that gets in your blood and stays there, forming a powerful addiction that will drive you to rise before dawn and hit the water on days so nasty no sane angler wants to take to their boats. But the adrenaline rush of pulling big wallies into your net is well […]

Daiwa BG Reviewed: Everything You Want in an Inshore or Surf-casting Reel

Analysis and Results Whether your passion is chasing reds in a moving tide or casting for snook from the shore, you need a reel that delivers the goods in gusty winds and hard fights. And as smooth casting as your favorite baitcaster might be, your best bet is almost always a great spinning reel. It’s […]

Best Fishing Backpacks for 2024 Reviewed - Dry Storage and Tackle Organization

From essentials like tackle to a set of clean, dry clothes, tons of anglers rely on a backpack for easy-to-carry storage. And whether you fish the bank, paddle a ‘yak, or jet across the lake in a bass boat, a good backpack is a great addition to your storage options. We’re not new to the […]

Garmin Striker 4 Review

There’s never been a better time to be on the hunt for fishing electronics than now. The big names - Garmin, Humminbird, and Lowrance - are offering more powerful tech, better screens, more user-friendly controls, and better prices than ever before. And while screens and control heads are growing every year, there are still awesome […]

Best Fishing Rod for Panfish - Top Options In 2024

Whether you hunt your panfish in open water or in the tangles of downed trees, rod selection is critical to success.  If you’re wondering what makes an ideal panfish rod, look no further. Below, you’ll find out more about how we select our own rods, as well as reviews of some excellent choices. Quick glance […]

Best Live Bait for Ice Fishing: Minnows, Larvae, and Salmon Eggs

Whatever the season, live bait has distinct advantages when compared to lures and artificial options. That’s definitely one thing that doesn’t change after the water freezes over. There’s no question that lures and soft plastics can be effective, but at their best, they’re designed to mimic live bait options, and they lack the smell, taste, […]

Largemouth Bass: Identification, Behavior Basics, and Best Lures and Techniques

Ask pretty much any angler in America, and they’ll tell you that they love catching bass.  Easily the most popular game fish in the country, the largemouth bass has earned its huge fan base with dramatic strikes, hard fights, and heart-stopping leaps. Wide-ranging in its distribution, there’s a good chance that trophy bass live near […]

Best Fishing Shirts Reviewed for 2024: Sun Protection, Comfort, and Stain Resistance

While you can throw on any old t-shirt and hit the water, that’s not a smart choice. As seasoned anglers can tell you, sun protection is critical to avoid long-term problems, and skin cancer is nothing to play around with. Moreover, you need real comfort like venting and micro-light fabrics to take hours in the […]

Ice Fishing at Night: Our Best Tips to Make the Most of Your Time on the Hard Water

Fishing at night can be incredibly productive, and that doesn’t change once the water hardens and the mercury plummets. But a successful night fishing through the ice takes some preparation and know-how, and it’s that extra bit of knowledge that separates an adventure in the dark from a freezing night spent on the ice with […]

Best Fishing Rigs for Any Situation: 7 Awesome Rigs to Cover All Your Needs

Whether you fish for bass in a quiet pond, fight catfish on a muddy river, or work the surf hoping for a bull red, the right rig can make all the difference. More than just a way to attach terminal tackle, fishing rigs are designed for different purposes and techniques. And the best of them […]

Ice Fishing Lakes in Michigan: Best Locations for Hard-Water Excitement

Michigan’s waters promise great ice fishing every winter, and as enthusiasts across the state - and country - know, there are simply fantastic opportunities to catch walleye, pike, panfish, and rarer freshwater species like splake. Blessed with lots of great places to fish, we’ve culled all but the best, offering you a list of the […]

Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Minnesota: Top 10 Lakes in 2024

When the mercury drops and the ice hardens, anglers in Minnesota can feel their adrenaline start pumping. Home to more than 10,000 lakes, the state is blessed with world-class ice fishing nearly everywhere you turn. We had a hard time picking our top 10 destinations for winter , but our shortlist offers the most impressive […]

Ice Fishing for Bass: Our Best Tips for Pulling Largemouth through the Ice

Largemouth bass are America’s favorite game fish, and spring, summer, and fall, they’re the passion of legions of anglers from Minnesota to Texas, Florida to California. But in states where the winter brings ice and snow, as well as temperatures low enough to enable hard water fishing, largemouth bass drop off the radar for the […]

Ice Fishing Sled Ideas: Modifications to Improve Space, Organization, and Security

Icemen are a special breed for whom even the best sleds just aren’t good enough.  From the need to keep their gear covered and secure to customized organization, they demand what they need and won't settle for anything less. And the good news is that they’re more than willing to share their fishing sled ideas, […]

Smitty Sled Plans: A Simple DIY Project to Improve Your Ice Fishing Sled

A Smitty sled is a clever modification of a standard plastic snow sled, adding skis to the bottom to reduce friction and make it easier to pull. Avid icemen already know that a heavily-loaded sled tends to sink into the snow, making it a real chore to pull by hand. If that sounds familiar, you […]

JawJacker Ice Fishing: Everything You Need to Know

Ice anglers look for every advantage they can get, but at the end of the day, what they’re really fishing for is fun. Tip-ups have proven themselves effective for a very long time, but they’re not great for catch-and-release fishing, nor are they much help when you get a big fish on your line. Enter […]

Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to some of America’s most enthusiastic ice anglers, and it’s easy to see why. Excellent opportunities for hard-water fishing are plentiful nearly anywhere you turn, and winter in Wisconsin promises plenty of excitement. Seven locations really stand out as premier ice fishing spots, and if you’re looking for hard-water action, you won’t […]

How to Rig and Fish a Rooster Tail: Everything You Need to Know

I must admit to a life-long love affair with the rooster tail, and when I’m fishing a new lake, pond, or river, you can bet that the first thing I’ll tie on is one of these bad boys. New anglers may be confused by the appeal of the humble rooster tail, and among lures, it […]

How to Fish With a Bobber: Everything You Need to Know

Fishing with a bobber or float of some kind is a common technique for panfish species like bluegill, perch, and crappie. And the excitement of watching your bobber get dunked and fighting a big bluegill into your hand is something no fisherman ever forgets. For new anglers, the right techniques to set up a fishing […]

Costa Del Mar’s Fantail Pro Review: The Best Fishing Sunglasses Money Can Buy

Costa Del Mar’s Fantail Pro are probably the best fishing sunglasses currently available. They're expensive - yes - but for anglers who see sunglasses that provide superior glare protection and water penetration as fishing tools rather than fashion statements, the Fantail Pro is very, very hard to beat. That’s a strong statement, so let’s back […]

Ice Shelter Flooring Options: Real-World Solutions for Aching Knees and Freezing Feet

Every ice angler knows just how hard the ice is, and kneeling down to work can be murder on your knees. Worse still, the cold that seeps into your bones through your feet can be just plain brutal. Unfortunately, the vast majority of ice fishing tents, including many of the very best options, don’t offer […]

Best Ice Safety Picks for Fishing: Essential Equipment for Self-Rescue

How to Use Ice Picks to Self-Rescue Remember: the ice picks in your truck or shelter don’t do you any good! Always wear your picks around your neck and run the cables down each sleeve to provide immediate access to your picks. If the ice breaks under you, dumping you into cold water, it will […]

Best Ice Fishing Sleds for 2024: Tough-as-Nails Options for Every Angler

Toting as many buckets as you can carry onto the ice is a chore no one looks forward to, and there’s no question that you just can’t bring all the gear you’d like this way. The solution is simple: a good ice fishing sled. The right sled can allow you to load your flasher, tip-ups, […]

How to Hook Live Shrimp: Three Techniques to Improve Your Odds

The enduring popularity of live shrimp as bait is a testament to just how effective they are at enticing a bite from redfish, snook, specks, and other inshore game fish.  And while other options will catch fish - cut mullet, minnows, crabs, and the like - in my experience, nothing beats shrimp. But as experienced […]

Bottom Fishing Explained: A Multi-Species Guide

The idea of “bottom fishing” covers a wide array of techniques in both fresh- and saltwater. The basic concept, of course, is to weight a rig and work the bottom, whether that be on a bass pond with a Texas Rig, on a shallow flat with a Fireball Rig, or in the Great Lakes with […]

Zander vs. Walleye: Can You Tell the Difference?

Walleye are one of America’s most popular game fish, and if you live in the northern US, chances are you’ve chased this amazing species more than once. Zander, a closely-related invasive species, has a foothold in one lake in North Dakota, and wildlife biologists are concerned about what might happen if it were introduced elsewhere. […]

Fishing Walleye from Shore: Tips to Guarantee Your Success

If there’s a dominant technique for walleye, it’s definitely trolling. But that doesn’t mean that fishing from the shore can’t produce numbers - and trophy - wallies. All it takes is the right know-how and some careful planning. If you want to know more about catching walleye from the shore, keep reading! Related: Fishing for […]

Types of Fishing Sinkers: Everything You Need to Know

A great many styles of fishing sinker exist, each with a purpose or technique for which it was designed. And while choosing a sinker isn’t terribly complicated, knowing the ins and out of sinkers makes a big difference in how effective your rig will be. For instance, too much weight will deaden your bait or […]

Types of Fishing Bait - Everything You Need to Know

If you list the many things that new anglers need to master, you’ll find live bait near the top. Often the most productive means to get fish biting, the right live bait, rigged properly, is fundamental to successful fishing. And as complicated as the subject might seem at first, we’ll help you break it down, […]

How to Rig and Fish a Spoon: A Guide for New Anglers

To new anglers, spoons may not look like much. Little more than asymmetrical metal blades with a hook, it’s hard to see much promise in them. But experienced anglers know that spoons can be deadly for everything from redfish to pike, and only a fool turns his nose up at a gold or silver spoon. […]

How to Rig and Fish a Popper: The Basics Explained for New Anglers

When the weather’s warm and the bass are keyed in on prey items like frogs, large insects, and minnows, the time’s right to throw a popper. Easily one of the most effective bass lures in summer, poppers are effective all day, from morning to night. New fishermen shouldn’t underestimate the power of the popper, and […]

How to Fish a Spinnerbait: A Complete Guide for New Anglers

Spinnerbaits are a popular choice for bass. Combining vibration, color, and flash, they offer a combo that’s very hard to beat. For new anglers, spinnerbaits may be something of a mystery, and it’s certainly true that you don't fish them quite like you’d expect. If you’re just beginning your fishing adventure, learning the basics of […]

How to Rig and Fish a Swimbait: A Guide for New Anglers

Folks new to fishing may not be familiar with the swimbait, but I promise you, you want to be! Designed to look and move like a fish, swimbaits are easy to cast and fish, and they’ve proven incredibly productive in every season. Let’s take a close look at the swimbait and get you in the […]

How to Reel in a Fish: Everything You Need to Know

The excitement of the fight is a big part of what keeps anglers coming back to the water, and knowing how to reel in the fish you’ve hooked is an important part of learning the sport. What you may not realize, though, is that your technique needs to be adjusted to the size and strength […]

How to Set a Fishing Hook: Everything You Need to Know

As an angler new to the sport, you may not know much about setting the hook on a fish, and truth be told, it takes a bit of practice to get it right. There’s more than one way to do it, depending on the hook you’re using and the specifics of the lure or bait. […]

The Best Dedicated Fish Finder Batteries for 2024: Complete Reviews and Buying Guide

Maybe you’re an avid ice angler, and you need a small, light power source for your flasher. Or perhaps you’re a kayak or inflatable boat fisherman, and you need a battery that can run your fish finder all day without upsetting your trim or wasting precious space. What both of these kinds of anglers have […]

Best Batteries for Fishing Electronics: Power Your Gear in 2024

Fish finders need power to run, and most anglers pair these powerful electronics with other juice-hungry options like trolling motors and live wells. When all’s said and done, that means you need a long-running, deep-discharging, fast-recharging battery to keep everything running as it should. On larger boats running big trolling motors, two or three 12V, […]

Difference Between Buffalo Fish And Carp

As bowfishing has grown in popularity, the once-despised carp has gained a following among anglers. And while it’s still unlikely to be fished by rod and reel, targeting carp species with a bow and arrow is increasingly common. It’s easy to see why: launching arrows into the water and fighting massive carp back to the […]

How to Fish a Fluke: The Overlooked Finesse Trailer

Experienced bass anglers know that giving the fish something they don’t see every weekend improves the odds of a strike. And while everyone else throws every variety of crankbait, jerkbait, Senko, and spinner, they reach for something else. What’s that magic alternative, you ask? The fluke! Shaped like a fish and sporting a wriggling, vibrating […]

Best Lens Color for Fishing Sunglasses: Color Matters!

Eye protection is always critical on the water, and it’s something we’ve discussed before. From preventing eye strain, to shielding your eyes from UV, to guarding against errant hooks, a good pair of sunglasses is essential. But choosing the right pair isn’t as easy as selecting a style you like and heading to your cart […]

Are Inflatable Kayaks Good For Fishing?

Kayaking is a very popular water sport. Something that you may not know is that it’s possible to use a kayak to go fishing. The reason that kayaking’s such a great option for fishermen is that it gives them the opportunity to get out onto creeks, rivers, and other hard to reach areas that aren’t […]

What’s the Right Size Battery for Your Trolling Motor? Simple, Clear Answers!

Battery selection for your trolling motor is critical, and the wrong choice can spell bad outcomes that range from underperformance to total failure. Fortunately, once you understand the basics, it’s easy to figure out what you need. We’ve had a lot to say about trolling motor batteries before, and if you want to know all […]

What Size Trolling Motor Do You Need: Simple, Clear Answers!

Picking the right size trolling motor for your boat can be a bit confusing, but getting this right is critical. First, you need to calculate how much thrust you need from your motor; second, you need to measure to ensure you select the right shaft length; and third, you need to match the power output […]

Can You Use a Freshwater Trolling Motor in Saltwater?

Plenty of freshwater anglers find themselves headed to the salt for a day or two a year. And inevitably, they ask whether a freshwater trolling motor can be used in saltwater. The simple answer is yes.  But there are reasons you might not want to. Even the best freshwater trolling motors aren’t designed to withstand […]

Why Fishermen Need a Good Knife

Are you new to fishing and eager to make your first catch? Or maybe you’re an experienced fisherman with years of angling knowledge. Either way, you will need an essential item: a great fishing knife, as it is a necessary tool for fishing. An excellent fishing knife is a tool you can rely on whenever […]

Best Surf Fishing Hooks: Everything You Need to Know

Surf fishing requires specialized tackle like long, tough rods that load well with heavy sinkers and can take the stress of snap casting. You’ll also need an excellent reel that holds plenty of line, sports a smooth drag, and offers fight-winning torque. But what about hooks? Which styles and sizes are the best options for […]

Best Fishing Hooks For Every Situation

There’s no such thing as the “best” hook, just as there’s no “best” rod for every species, every technique, and every situation. Instead, the best fishing hook is the one that matches the species, circumstances, and technique at hand. For instance, fishing crappie in a brush pile with a treble hook is going to be […]

Best Shimano Spinning Reels Reviewed for 2024

Buying Guide: What You Should Look for in a Shimano Spinning Reel Body On smaller reels, you’re not going to notice body rigidity because the forces involved just aren’t powerful enough to put common materials to the test. But as you turn to inshore and offshore fishing, those forces grow substantially. The body of a […]

The Best Senko Colors to Catch More Bass

Every fisherman I know has a preference about everything from fish finders, outboards, lines, hooks, rods, reels, and just about anything else you can imagine. I know guys who hate circle hooks and despise braid, and I’ve seen fights started about who makes the best boats.  But if there’s one thing bass anglers everywhere can […]

Kayak Fishing for Redfish

There we were, watching reds swim back and forth, their tail fins cutting the water. My buddy and I could see a school of them, but we couldn’t get our boat over the shallow to get close enough to cast. Kayaks are the perfect platform for sight fishing for reds. Trust me, we tried! But […]

Best Reel For Redfish And Speckled Trout Reviewed

Inshore fishing offers more opportunities for excitement than you can shake a rod at, and if you ask anglers lucky enough to live near the southern coasts of the US which words get their hearts beating the fastest, they’ll answer “reds” and “specks.” Red drum and speckled trout are an almost unbeatable combo in shallow […]

Best Rod For Redfish and Speckled Trout - Amazing Inshore Performance

Speckled trout and red drum are two of the most popular game fish in inshore southern waters, and there’s not an angler alive who would turn up his nose at a sunrise run from a launch to a hot spot near the coast. Frequently fished on the same trip, having a rod that works well […]

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Redfish And Speckled Trout

Red drum and speckled trout are fished so often on the same trip that it almost always makes sense to pack tackle that can handle them both. And for anglers who want to hit the water quickly, nothing makes more sense than a combo. But the right combo can be hard to find, and there […]

Best Castable Fish Finder for 2024! Catch More Fish From Shore

Castable fish finders are revolutionizing the way fishermen tied to the shore or a dock work the water.  With powerful electronics tailored to their needs, including the option of sharable contour maps, the odds are no longer tilted in favor of boaters quite as much as they were in the past. The best of the […]

Best Kayaks for Bass Fishing Reviewed: 2024 Picks and Buying Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to slip quietly across a big pond, slide over a downed tree that stops bass boats, and hammer largemouth on the other side, a fishing kayak might be just right for you. Innovations in hull design and drive options like pedals and in-board motors have transformed kayak angling, and for bass […]

Sensitive Strength: The Best Rods for Fishing a Ned Rig Reviewed

The Ned rig is a fantastic finesse presentation for bass. But unlike worm fishing, a stout rod and heavy line are counter-productive with a light Ned head and a small trailer. Instead, you want finesse tackle - and that means reaching or an entirely different kind of “bass rod.” If that idea leaves you feeling […]

ReelSonar’s iBobber Review: An Affordable Fish Finder for Bank Anglers

For a long time, bank anglers were out of luck for fishing electronics. Even kayak and canoe fishermen could attach a transom- or hull-mounted fish finder and tilt the odds in their favor. But improvements in transducer tech and Bluetooth connectivity have enabled a new generation of tiny, castable fish finders that pair with smart […]

How to Fish With a Drone

Drones are taking over and becoming more commonplace these days and a fishing drone can change your experience entirely. Fishing with a drone is becoming very fashionable and it is great and fun as the traditional way of fishing, so there is no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure it brings! But you must […]

How To Replace Fishing Line

After repeated use fishing line takes a beating and needs to be replaced. If you continue to fish the same line you will lose your catch. In this article, we'll discuss how to replace fishing line. Related: Best Fishing Line Table of Contents (clickable)1 How to Replace a fishing line1.1 Step 1 Preparation1.2 Step 2 […]

Best Fishing Line For Baitcaster

Fishing with a baitcaster might be more challenging than you think, especially for people new to this practice. Luckily there are ways to make it more digestible and easier for beginners and one of the factors that makes a big difference is the type of fishing line being used. Newbies aside, experienced fishermen will also […]

Can Fish See Fishing Line - You'll Be Surprised!

Can fish see fishing line? Do they turn out to be line shy? A fast look at the various lines available shows that there are a lot of fishers who have the thought. So a nice inquiry to make is if fish have the ability to see line, is it much better to utilize a […]

Build a fishing rod

So, you have found yourself in a survival situation and your only source of food close by is a stream. You have tried to plan as much as possible but you don’t have your bug out bag with you. But do have some paracord, a few safety pins, compass and a pocket pruning saw! If […]

The Humble Grub: Is It the Best Soft Plastic Bait of All Time?

The humble grub, a soft plastic bait with a short fat body and a wriggling tail, is an essential in almost every angler’s tacklebox - and for good reason. The curly-tailed grub and its many variations are deadly on everything from crappie to largemouth bass, flounder to perch, and salmon to walleye. And though tiny, […]

Kayak fishing for Crappie: Our Best Tips to For Slab Hunters

A kayak is the perfect platform for crappie fishing, allowing you to get close to the vertical structure that crappie love without spooking them. A kayak also places you low to the water, enabling side-arm casts that can skip a jig way up under a dock in search of fat slabs that hold to the […]

Bass Fishing from a Kayak: Our Top Tips to Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

The largemouth bass is America’s favorite species to catch, and there’s no more exciting way to do that than from a kayak. Close to the water is close to the action, and whether you choose to flip and pitch frogs into thick cover, twitch a worm along the bottom, or thump a spinner somewhere in […]

Fishing Kayak Setup Made Easy: A Quick Rundown of the Essentials

Before your kayak fishing adventures can begin, you need to spend some time outfitting your ‘yak.  Setup is an important step, encompassing both safety and performance. There are quite a few points to consider, and from PFDs to electronics, there are tons of important choices to make. If you’re starting the process of setting up […]

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 Review: A Trunk-Portable Inflatable Fishing Machine

Anglers who want access to the water without the expense and hassle of a traditional boat will be excited to learn about Sea Eagle’s Stealth Stalker 10. This small inflatable is ideal for rivers, lakes, and ponds, easily outperforming Pond Prowlers and other comparable hard-hulled alternatives. Sea Eagle knows what anglers need, and they’ve designed […]

Sea Eagle FSK16 Reviewed - The Most Capable Inflatable Fishing Boat Money Can Buy

As boat prices rise, gas prices soar, and homes with big garages get more and more expensive, options for anglers who want to access the water are becoming increasingly restricted.  Many of us can’t afford to spend $20,000 on a new bass boat, and fewer still have a place to store one where it won’t […]

Kayak Fishing at Night: Top Tips to Increase Your Odds of Catching a Trophy

Avid anglers know that the fishing can really turn on after the sun sets, when predators like bass and pike move shallow to hunt. Hugging the depths by day to escape the heat, avoid detection, and dodge fish pressure, darkness can draw real monsters into the shallows, where they’re easier to locate and catch. Especially […]

Best Kayak Fishing Rod Holder for 2024: Which is the Right Pick for You?

Rod holders are one accessory no angler can be without. From trolling to security, they’re ubiquitous because they’re necessary. A good rod holder needs to be secure while gently cradling your rod and reel. It also needs to be adjustable and easy to install. The good news is that with modern composites, the top brands […]

Safety after Dark: The Best Kayak Lights for Night Fishing

Kayak anglers share the water with powerboats, and at the best of times, that can be dangerous. At night, when your fellow anglers are making long runs to get home before it gets too late, fishing without a light is irresponsible at best. Night fishing from a kayak is awesome. Large bass will move shallow […]

Fishing the Jika Rig: A Compact, Weed-Busting, Finesse Technique

Bass anglers never get tired of finesse techniques for a reason: on a pressured lake where the big ones have seen everything over the years, something new and subtle will get bites when nothing else will. And when precise casting is the name of the game, say, when you’re trying to hit a small puddle […]

How to Motorize Your Fishing Kayak: The Best Options Explored and Explained

Motorized kayaks have taken a while to catch on. Expensive novelties when they were first introduced, the advantages of motor power have more recently begun to hit home as kayak fishing tournaments have begun to allow them. And for anglers who struggle with long paddles to and from their fishing spots, or who want the […]

Best Kayak Fishing Seats for 2024: Pain Free Fishing

Most fishing kayaks these days come with excellent seating options, and from cushy bottoms to plenty of back support, they’re designed for all-day comfort. But not every kayak is outfitted with a great seat, and for plenty of anglers, the simple molded plastic seat and (maybe) a backrest is all they’ve got. And while that […]

Kayak Crates for Fishing: The Best Options for Anglers in 2024

Kayak crates have come a long way since the humble plastic milk crate, and though that option works as well as it always has, the lack of pockets, rod holders, or a lid certainly isn’t ideal. The good news is that kayak accessory manufacturers are listening, and from Wilderness Systems to Perception, they’re offering awesome […]

Kayak Coolers: The Best Coolers for Kayak Fishing in 2024

When the sun is so hot that you need to wet the shaft of your paddle to cool it down, having a cold beverage ready to drink is a life-saver. And if you’re bringing some of your catch home for dinner, keeping those fish fresh is essential. A cooler is almost always a good idea […]

Best Anchor Systems for Kayak Fishing in 2024

Fishing in rivers, tidal estuaries, or anywhere else currents or wind push your ‘yak away from where you want to be can be an exercise in frustration. I’ve had to fight currents fishing for smallmouth over rocky bottoms on the upper James River, and I know just what it’s like to suffer at the hands […]

Best Rod and Reel Combos for Kayak Fishing: The Best Picks or 2024

Rod and reel combos have always offered a lot of convenience. Paired by the manufacturer, they’ll work well together, and they almost always offer a good middle ground between price and performance.  That takes the guesswork out of buying your rod and reel, and for plenty of kayak anglers, that's a deal too good to […]

The Best Reels for Kayak Fishing: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

In many ways, kayak fishing isn’t too different from working a lure from the bank, a bridge, or a boat. In other respects, it can be more demanding. For instance, the relatively low seating position can force some changes to casting, and a rod long enough to reach around the bow or stern sure can […]

Best Fishing Gloves for Kayak Anglers: 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

The vast majority of kayak gloves aren’t designed with anglers in mind, and from materials that will soak up stink to heavy fabrics that rob your hands of dexterity, they’re just not what fishermen are looking for. Instead, in warm weather, they need sun protection that doesn’t boil their hands alive and easy-washing, hard-wearing fabrics. […]

Cold-Weather Kayak Fishing: Essential Gear & Tips

Great fishing doesn’t end with summer, but far too many kayakers store their ‘yaks once the combination of air and water temps drop below 120 degrees. At that point, your chances of hypothermia increase dramatically if you do go into the water, and without proper clothing and preparation, you can be in real trouble! But […]

Best Kayak Fishing Shoes and Boots: Keeping Your Feet Safe and Comfortable in 2024

It may sound a little strange to hear that kayak anglers need good shoes.  After all, your feet aren’t doing a whole lot of work! But if you think about it, your feet demand a lot of protection. A kayak puts them in harm’s way, and from sharp hooks, to a blazing sun, to cold […]

Best Kayak Fishing Pants - All-Weather Protection Pants for 2024

While plenty of kayak anglers hit the water in nothing more than an old pair of shorts, that’s not the smartest choice you can make. Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, it should be foremost on your mind. As increasing numbers of fishermen struggle with the […]

Best Kayak Fishing Net - Landing Your Catch In 2024

Kayak fishing offers unique challenges. In addition to handling your kayak on the water, perhaps modifying your casting technique, and taking tackle organization to the next level, you’ll need to really consider how to maximize space. The puzzle is how to fit all the things that every angler needs on such a small platform, and […]

Best Kayak Tackle Boxes for 2024 - Keeping your Tackle Organized

Tackle solutions for kayak anglers take some careful thought. Not only is space at a premium on a kayak, but most tackle bags and boxes are also designed with larger decks and unencumbered access in mind, not the realities of stern well storage and twisting to reach behind your seat. As a die-hard kayak angler […]

The Best Inshore Fishing Kayaks for 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

Inshore angling offers heart-pounding excitement. Whether you work a salt flat for reds, ply the surf for blues, hunt shallows for flounder, or head out into the open water for monsters like tarpon, a capable kayak is a must. The market for fishing kayaks is pretty crowded, and separating the ‘yaks that will deliver from […]

Neko Rig vs Wacky Rig: Which Finesse Rig is Right for Your Situation?

Finesse presentations like the wacky and Neko rigs can save the day when the bass aren’t in the mood for a meal, and as legions of anglers have learned, they’ll draw strikes when nothing else can. Only one thing differentiates the two: the Neko’s nail weight. But that seemingly small change results in dramatic differences […]

Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig: Battle of the Southern Bass Fishing Rigs

While both the Texas and Carolina rigs can reach down deep for bass, they don’t share the same strengths and weaknesses. And for serious bass anglers, knowing how to differentiate between these two popular rigs can mean the difference between a winning stringer and getting skunked. If you’ve wondered about when, where, and why you […]

Wacky Rig vs Texas Rig: Which Rig Catches More Bass?

The venerable Texas rig is rightfully famous, and from punching thick grass mats to pitching into heavy cover, working a deep hole or hump to gliding under a dock, it’s just plain magic. But the wacky rig has a lot going for it, too, and there’s something special about its fluttering dance that draws hungry […]

The Ned Rig vs. The Shaky Head: Your Questions Answered!

One of the most common questions we get asked is to explain the differences between the Ned rig and the Shaky head. Anglers want to know if they’re functionally identical, and if not, what the strengths and weaknesses of each of them are. a Where is the Ned better than the shaky head? When does […]

Best Surf Fishing Carts - Taking Your Tackle to the Beach in 2024

Surf fishing fans know that carrying buckets, sand spikes, rods, tackle bags, and everything else they need for a trip to the beach is a tall order.  Every time I’ve done it, I’ve wanted an extra pair of hands. A surf fishing cart is the easiest solution and the best of the bunch make it […]

Best Fillet Knife For Saltwater Fish: Freeing Fillets and Cutting Steaks in 2024

Saltwater anglers know that delicious fillets are the ultimate reward offered by species like mackerel, redfish, speckled trout, and tuna, and a high-quality knife is the tool to free these slabs of meat from the ribs of fish. To do that well, a fillet knife needs a long, flexible, sharp blade and a handle that […]

Boating Gifts For Dad

The best part of fishing is the anticipation of what's waiting for you on the other end of your line. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's always something new to learn about this exciting hobby. And while the thrill of reeling in a big one sure is exciting, we know fishermen also love […]

Best Portable Fishing Boats: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

Plenty of anglers need a portable fishing boat that can slip into the bed of a truck with just one or two people doing the heavy lifting is ideal. Kayaks definitely fit the bill, but for some fishermen, that just isn’t what they’re looking for. Instead, most of them want a more or less traditional […]

Carolina Rig: An Unbeatable Technique for Hard, Flat Bottoms

Hard, relatively horizontal bottoms are where the Carolina rig shines, offering everything an angler wants in a soft plastic setup. Covering a lot of water quickly, and relying on enticing motion that’s hard to match with any other technique, the Carolina rig is a staple of pros, though it’s often overlooked by less experienced anglers […]

Can You Get a Fishing License at Walmart?

Can you get a fishing license at Walmart? Yes. Prior to online services, Walmart was the place to go for fishing licenses. It’s still a great option, especially given its selection of must-haves like sunscreen, coolers, lures, and line. If you want to better understand the process and make it as smooth as possible, keep […]

Wading No More: The Best Fly Fishing Kayaks Reviewed for 2024

Traditionally, fly angling meant wading into cold water with a good pair of insulated hip waders. But now, a new breed of angling kayak designed with fly fishing in mind has changed the game. No longer limited to a short stretch of a river or bank, with the tight ‘yak, fly anglers have a lot […]

Canoe vs Kayak - Which is Better for Fishing?

In the right hands and conditions, both kayaks and canoes excel as platforms for anglers. But there are distinct differences that can make one option or the other better for you. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of misinformation out there, and some of the articles you might find on the internet are clearly written by […]

Best Fish Finder GPS Combo for 2024 - Reviews & Buying Guide

GPS tech has revolutionized how we fish. Not only does pre-season scouting pay off like never before, but the ability to mark waypoints and critical features like docks or hazards also makes GPS a must-have game changer. For , virtually all the high-end fish finders incorporate GPS, allowing you to network with your motor to […]

What to Wear Fishing: Clothes for Every Season and Condition

Fishing exposes anglers to the worst Mother Nature has to offer. And as in most outdoor activities, the right clothing is essential to protect yourself from the elements. From sun to rain, heat to bitter cold, clothing selection is critical. But if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss what […]

How To Tie Mono To Braid: Best Braid to Mono Knots for Backing and Leaders

The two most common reasons that push anglers to connect nylon monofilament to braid are backing on a spool and tying on a tough leader. Backing braid with mono cuts costs and prevents the braid from slipping on your arbor. And as we’ve discussed at length before, a leader is an excellent idea with braided […]

The Best Color Fishing Line: Maximizing Visibility or Minimizing Contrast

Choosing your fishing line color can be complicated, and it’s important to understand that the “best” color depends on your situation and needs. For instance, if you’re fishing for crappie and really need to keep track of multiple rods and detect every light strike, a bright yellow, high-visibility line might be the best choice. But […]

Surf Fishing at Night: Our Best Tips and Tricks

If you haven’t tried surf fishing at night, do yourself a favor and get out to the beach at sunset. There are a host of good reasons to hit the sand at sundown, and if you’re looking for reasons to make that happen - and tips and tricks to maximize your success - you’ve come […]

The Best Rod Holders for Surf Fishing: Sand Spikes Reviewed

Sand spikes, essentially rod holders designed for surf fishing, are a great piece of gear to enhance your beach adventures. Not only do they free your hands and arms from the work of holding a long, heavy surf-casting rod all day, but they also allow you to securely run more than one line, enabling you […]

Best Drill Powered Ice Augers Reviewed In 2024

What We Consider When Selecting a Drill Auger Why use a cordless drill and a convertible auger? Before battery tech reached its current level of performance, the idea that you could generate enough power to run a beast of a drill, and keep that power coming all day in cold weather, was just a pipe-dream. […]

Best Hand Ice Augers: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

Maybe you’re just old-school, or perhaps your fishing hot spot only requires a few well-placed holes to produce. Maybe you’re on a tight budget or just looking for an ultra-light, ultra-dependable option for the hard water. As legions of anglers can attest, a hand auger makes sense for a variety of reasons, and the best […]

Best Electric Ice Augers for 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

Experienced hard-water anglers know that ice fishing can be tough work, especially when you’re drilling hole after hole for your tip-ups. And the thicker the ice, the more powerful that auger needs to be to chew through to the water below again and again.  That kind of power used to be available exclusively in heavy […]

How to Tie a Crankbait: Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Techniques

Tying crankbaits isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s something people ask a lot about nonetheless. Which knot is the best for crankbaits? Should you use snaps or just tie directly to the split ring? These choices matter, both in terms of how quickly you can get your lure back in the water as well as […]

Best Saltwater Tackle Boxes, Bags, & Backpacks Reviewed

Tackle storage is a tricky issue: you need enough space for the gear you need, ready access to your lures and tools, and portability - all in one easy-to-carry package. And when you add in the beating your equipment takes from salt and sun, most storage options fall short. But there are great storage products […]

Christmas Fishing Deals

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How to Fish a Crankbait Like a Pro: Everything You Need to Know

Crankbaits, like jerkbaits and chatterbaits, are among the most misunderstood lure options despite also being among the most popular. In some sense, they’re a counter-intuitive lure: loaded with sharp treble hooks, they’re meant to be run into sticks, stumps, logs, rocks, and other cover that threatens to snag them faster than a new shirt in […]

Jerkbait vs Crankbait: The Real Difference Explained

What’s the difference between a jerkbait and a crankbait? If you ask the internet, you’ll get answers about lip shapes, body styles, depths to which they run, and maybe even the number of hooks they wear. What you won’t find is the real answer: they’re totally different lures that just happen to look a lot […]

Best Surf Casting Rod and Reel Combos: Tested and Reviewed in (2024)

Anglers on a budget, or fishermen who are just looking for tackle for a vacation, often take a hard look at combos - rod and reel pairings offered by the same manufacturer. When done well, these combos are a thing of beauty: excellent reels matched to capable rods - the complete package, so to speak […]

Best Fishing Boots for Foul Weather and Slick Decks

Cold weather, salt spray, and bloody decks are a potent combination that demands plenty of protection. Not only does your footwear need to keep you warm, but it also needs to keep you dry and on your feet, rather than your back. That’s a tall order, and not many boots are up to the task. […]

Best Surf Fishing Reels Review: Our Top Picks for 2024

Fishing from the beach or pier demands exceptional equipment, and from surf rods designed for super-long casting to reels that bring the fight to the fish, you need tough, durable, dependable tackle. But while surfcasting reels share a lot of things in common with any spinning reel, they’re subtly different in terms of their drag systems, […]

Best Portable Fish Finders for 2024

Many anglers require a portable fish finder. Whether they fish from the bank or use a rented canoe or kayak, they need truly portable electronics, not just demountable ones. You'll find recommendations for "portable" units that require drilling for mounting or an external power source. Unless you own your boat, neither of these options will […]

Best Ice Fishing Chairs Reviewed: Hard-Water Comfort for 2024

Long days on the ice demand good equipment, and from the right bibs and boots, to a reliable heater, to a warm, dry shelter, you need gear that won’t let you down. And if you’ve spent hours watching a flasher, you know that comfort matters - a lot! That’s why the right chair can make […]

How To Tie Two Fishing Lines Together

The need to connect two lines is common in angling, typically when joining mainline to leader or tippet. And whether you chase tuna offshore, hunt bass on a southern pond, or trick trout with a dry fly, knowing how to connect two lines is essential. But as any experienced angler can tell you, that point […]

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Whether you look for the tell-tale fins of reds on a salt flat or like to spot big largemouth waiting to ambush prey, sight fishing increases your odds dramatically. No longer guessing about where the fish are, you spend more time catching and less time casting. Long the purview of big boat owners, there’s now […]

Best Fishing Chair With Rod Holder - Wild Republic vs. Bass Pro

While folding chairs are a dime a dozen, fishing chairs that incorporate (or include) a rod holder are rarer than honest politicians. After an exhaustive search, we could only find two. But if you’re looking for a portable fishing chair that can double as a rod holder while you watch a bobber, we’ve got you […]

Best Crankbaits for Bass: The Tournament-Tested Pro Picks

I don’t know a bass fisherman who doesn’t have a few dozen crankbaits in their arsenal. Properly worked, they’re among the most productive options out there, especially when you need to cover a lot of water quickly. And while there are hundreds of crankbaits on the market, if you take a peek at the lure […]

How to Fish a Jerkbait Like a Pro: Everything You Need to Know

In clear water, there’s probably no lure as effective as a jerkbait. That’s a strong claim, and we need to back it up. Because jerkbaits mimic the movement of injured baitfish, when fished right, they trigger a primal reaction in bass. And as pros like Kevin VanDam will tell you, they’ll come farther to hit […]

How to Hook a Live Worm: An Easy-to-Follow Guide

Fishing with live bait is a time-honored tradition, and most anglers get their start - and never stop loving - throwing a worm under a bobber of some kind. Easy to rig and terribly effective, live worms are among the most common bait choices pretty much anywhere you fish in America. But if you're new […]

How to Humanely Kill Fish

While plenty of anglers practice catch and release, especially with sport fish like bass, there are good reasons to engage in some selected culling.  And when we start talking about panfish, specks, trout, walleye, salmon, and other delicacies we fight with our rods and reels, keeping a few for dinner is the rule, not the […]

How to Hook a Live Minnow

Live minnows are an ultra-effective bait for everything from crappie to catfish and walleye to pike, as many savvy anglers can attest. As you’d expect, most predatory species include a variety of minnows in their diets, and their senses are primed to detect the subtle motions and sounds and attractive scent of small, live fish. […]

Fishing Reel Gear Ratios Explained: Speed, Torque, Materials, and What Really Matters to You

Most anglers know that a “fast” gear ratio means that you can expect a reel to pick up lots of line per turn of the handle, and speed is certainly one of the aspects of reels that receives attention in advertising. But beyond that, there are mostly unanswered questions: Are stainless gears better than brass? […]

To Clip or Not to Clip: Should You Tie Directly to a Crankbait or Use a Snap?

If you start a discussion about using clips or snaps with crankbaits, you’re liable to hear some strong opinions. And for every angler who swears by them, there’s another fisherman who won’t use them. I can see both sides, having occupied both positions over my fishing career, and I’ll give time to the arguments, both […]

Types of Fishing Hooks: Everything You Need To Know

Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about all the types of fishing hooks: sizes, parts, points, gauges, and styles. Related: Best Fishing Hooks Also Read: Types of Fishing Rods Types of Fishing Reels Types Of Fishing Lures Types of Fishing Line Types of Fishing Bobbers Types of Fishing Bait Types of Fishing Sinkers […]

How To Hook Live Bait: Head to Tail

When you hook live bait, you’re trying to accomplish three things. First, you want to keep your bait on the hook. Second, you (generally) want to keep your bait alive as long as you can. And third, you want to place your hook where it has the highest probability of a strong hookset. That doesn’t […]

Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks: Fishing With Friends in 2024

If you regularly hit the water with a buddy, a tandem fishing kayak may be the perfect investment in shared excitement. And if you’re a solo fisherman who needs more space for your tackle, a tandem stripped of the front seat is simply ideal. Unfortunately, the popularity of tandems seems to be waning, and they’re […]

Best Poppers for Bass: Catch Bass With Topwater Magic

In bass fishing, soft plastics and spinnerbaits seem to get all the love. Now, there’s no denying their effectiveness, just as there’s no doubting the reasons behind their popularity.  But when topwater is king, the humble popper is hard to beat. One of the oldest lures out there, the popper has earned its place in […]

Best Humminbird Fish Finders Reviewed: Endless Innovation and High-End Performance

The pride of Eufaula, Alabama, Humminbird is now a name synonymous with high-end angling electronics. Offering some of the most full-featured units money can buy, you can count legions of pros on the tournament circuit and full-time fishing skippers as fans. But with a startling array of fish finders on offer, which one is the […]

Best Garmin Fish Finders Reviewed: Options for Every Angler

Garmin, a company known for its GPS know-how, has increasingly turned this experience in the direction of affordable fish finders. And while not in real competition with the high-end electronics offered by competitors like Lowrance and Humminbird, a question remains. Are Garmin’s best fish finders good buys? Let’s get some answers! Below, you’ll find reviews […]

Best Lowrance Fish Finders Reviewed: Top-Notch High-End Angling Electronics

Founded in Joplin, Missouri way back in 1957, Lowrance is no stranger to innovation, bleeding-edge tech, and the needs of hard-core anglers. Offering a complete line of fish finders to match any budget and need, legions of fishermen know they can depend on Lowrance’s powerful electronics to put them on the fish. But which model […]

Best Saltwater Lures for Every Situation: Gear Up for Pier, Surf, Inshore, and Deep Sea

Saltwater fishing offers an unbeatable range of species, and whether you fish from a pier, the surf, or a boat, there’s always something exciting to catch - whatever the season. But if you’re unsure about which lures are the most effective, you’re far from alone. It’s a question we get asked a lot, and it’s […]

Pflueger President XT Review: Is It a Worthy Upgrade?

Analysis and Results Pfleuger is a name trusted by many, many anglers, and I’ve met folks on the water that won’t buy anything else. So when the company announced an improved version of the famous President spinning reel, we had to have a look! Is the Pflueger President XT everything it’s advertised to be? Is […]

Penn Slammer III Review: The Best Spinning Reel for Big Saltwater Species

Analysis and Results If there’s a name every saltwater angler respects, it’s Penn. Known for no-nonsense performance and durability, everyone from surfcasters to marlin chasers is aware that Penn sets the performance bar against which everything else is compared. And in my experience, most contenders fail. Is the Penn Slammer III really that good? Let’s […]

Penn Spinfisher VI Reel Reviewed: Penn’s All-Arounder for the Salt

Analysis and Results There’s no question about Penn’s dominance in the salt, and there’s simply no brand out there with a better reputation, more fans, or more excellent products for inshore and offshore anglers. Like pretty much everyone else, we like Penn’s reels a lot, and we count the Battle II and Slammer III among […]

How to Tie the Pitzen Knot

Known by a variety of names, including the 16-20 knot and the Eugene Bend, the Pitzen Knot is popular nearly anywhere you can catch fish. It holds well in anything but braid, and it’s easy and fast to tie whether you’re using heavyweight fluorocarbon leader or light tippet. A close relative of the awesome San […]

How to Tie Jack’s Knot

Fly anglers demand a strong, small knot to attach their flies to the end of their tippet, but many - maybe even most - options simply lack the integrity we need. Small knots tend to lack strength, but when you’ve got a fat trout fighting in a strong current, weak just won’t cut it! Attributed […]

How to Fillet Bass: Smallmouth, Largemouth, or Stripers

Filleting bass, whether we’re talking about smallmouth, largemouth, or stripers, is an easy, quick process if you know what you’re doing. In overpopulated fisheries, culling small bass like this will improve the size of the remaining fish. But everyone starts somewhere, and you may be unsure of how to turn your fresh fish into two […]

Best Knots for Braid: Knots You Can Rely on for Every Situation

Braided line offers unique strengths that make it the go-to choice for legions of anglers in both fresh- and saltwater. Immensely strong for their diameter, you can pack a lot of braid onto a reel. That allows you to either increase the test of your line by quite a bit while still spooling on the […]

The Best Knots for Fluorocarbon: Knots You Can Count On Every Time

Technological improvements over the last decade or so have refined fluorocarbon, and now, it’s no longer just great leader material. Impressive pliability and lower memory mean that fluoro can now rival nylon monofilament as main line, and there are good reasons to consider switching. For us, the strongest selling points of fluorocarbon start with its […]

Best Kayak Trolling Motor Batteries - Power to Spare

An excellent trolling motor needs a battery that’s just as capable as it is durable so you can make the most of it, and there’s no sense buying a top-of-the-line motor and then delivering power via a third-rate source. Instead, kayak anglers need small, light, long-lasting batteries that won’t break the bank. But that’s a […]

Best Trolling Motors for Kayak Fishing: 2024 Buying Guide and Reviews

Long paddles and strong currents can turn into deal breakers for kayak anglers.  Especially inshore or in tidal estuaries, the demands of paddling to prime fishing spots can be exhausting at the best of times and either impossible or dangerous when conditions are less than ideal. For instance, when the weather takes a sudden change […]

Best Fishing Pants: Options for Every Climate and Season

Good fishing pants are essential, whether you wear them to protect you from the summer’s sun or the winter’s cold. Tough and easy wearing, the best options provide the protection you need while still being comfortable. And whatever season you wear them in, they need to be able to shrug off stains. That’s a tall […]

Best Neck Gaiters and Sun Masks For Fishing - [Ultimate Protection]

Of all the hazards anglers face out on the water, the sun is at the top of the list. Repeated sun exposure is a sure-fire invitation for cancer, and a growing number of fishermen who were once cavalier about the dangers of UV radiation are getting serious about protection. And as good as sunscreen is, […]

Best Survival Fishing Kits Reviewed (and Instructions for Assembling Your Own!)

Survival is something to take seriously. Whether you get lost on a long hike, get turned around in the woods while hunting, or find yourself without power or a grocery store after a hurricane, being prepared matters. Fishing is among the most energy-efficient ways to feed yourself in the wild, and a good survival fishing […]

Getting Stinky: The Best Lures for Catfish

Let’s be upfront about it: the most effective offerings for catfish are cut and live bait or the gooey mess of punch baits and other disgusting concoctions. Catfish of all species are typically found in murky, warm water, and they primarily hunt with their incredible sense of smell, using their sensitive lateral lines as a […]

How To Clean and Fillet Catfish: The Fastest Method We’ve Ever Seen!

Cleaning catfish can be simple, fast, and relatively clean - or it can be difficult, slow, and filthy. The difference is entirely in technique. If you want to know how to clean catfish quickly with a minimum of fuss, we’re here to help, and we’ll go through the process one step at a time to […]

How to Tie the Loop to Loop Knot

When the trout are rising to take mayflies from the surface and each cast could mean a beauty, taking time out to re-tie a leader is the last thing you want to do. A Loop to Loop Knot solves this problem. Tieable in a second or two, this knot allows you to attach the ends […]

How to Tie the Perfection Loop (Angler’s Loop) Knot

In contrast to many other knots, the Perfection Loop or Angler’s Loop is useful well beyond fishing. A favorite of climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts who need a fast, fool-proof method for producing a secure loop, the Perfection Loop is a must-know knot. And for fly anglers, this is nothing short of an essential. Not […]

How to Tie the Easy Snell Knot

Snelling hooks harkens back to the days of eyeless hooks, but savvy anglers know it offers distinct advantages. Not only does snelling offer a linear pull on the shank, creating better hooksets, it also dramatically reduces stress on the connection, leading to a more secure hook. And while there are several options for snelling a […]

How to Tie the Seaguar Knot

Developed by Seaguar, the world’s foremost fluorocarbon line manufacturer, the Seaguar Knot was built around the need to attach tough leaders to your monofilament main line. Right away, that should hint at the limitations of its use: the Seaguar knot is a one-trick pony - and frankly not one you’ll likely grow to love. Why […]

How to Tie the Offshore Swivel (Cat’s Paw) Knot

When you’re fishing with very heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon, many knots can be hard to tie because of the line diameter and its attendant stiffness.  Sharp loops and tiny turns just won’t form easily in 100-pound test! The Offshore Swivel knot, also sometimes called the Cat’s Paw, is an ideal choice for connecting big swivels […]

How to Tie the Alberto Knot

Designed by Alberto Knie when braided superlines were new to the market, the Alberto Knot is an excellent choice for joining a heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon leader to slender braid. Strong and reliable, the Alberto uses 14 loops to deliver friction and compression, allowing braid to grip like a 600-pound gorilla. Nevertheless, the FG knot is […]

Best Fishing Carts in 2024: Gear Transportation Made Easy

If you find yourself struggling to bring all your gear from your vehicle to the water, you probably need a fishing cart. Designed around the needs of anglers, a good fishing cart can bear the burden of a full cooler, a few chairs, and all your tackle and bait. Ideal for anglers who fish from […]

How to Tie the Improved Clinch Knot

The Improved Clinch knot is a staple of fly fishing, but you’ll also find it anywhere light monofilament lines are the go-to choice. An ideal knot for everything from panfish to trout, the Improved Clinch is strong, easy to tie, and pretty darn fast, to boot. But it does have weaknesses. As its popular uses […]

Bass Fishing with Live and Artificial Worms Explained - Nightcrawlers vs Soft Plastics

Worms and fishing are as closely associated as bluffing and poker, and whether you choose the latest soft plastic or a massive nightcrawler, both can produce trophy bass. The key is good technique and a proper rig. We’re here to help, and whether you’re just getting started or would like a refresher, we’ve got you […]

Bass Fishing in the Rain: A Few Tips to Make the Most of a Storm

When the sky opens up and the rain really starts falling in sheets, savvy anglers know that the most aggressive bass turn on. Don’t let dark skies run you off the bass! A good storm offers a winning combination: highly oxygenated water, nutrient-rich runoff attracting baitfish, and higher water levels that drive bass to move. […]

Best Kayak Fish Finders: Real Reviews by Kayak Anglers

Kayak fish finders have come a long way. And while the fish finder market is still dominated by huge screens, companies like Humminbird, Garmin, and Lowrance provide smaller designs that are ideal for anglers who paddle. Yes, the lion’s share of advertising and media hype still attends 7-inch and larger screens, but in the real […]

Fishing with Kids: Top Tips for Little Anglers

Building a relationship with your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. And developing this bond while sharing your love of fishing--well, that’s just icing on the cake! But to kindle a life-long love of fishing in the next generation involves more than just inviting them […]

Crappie Hotspots in Every State: Where to find the Best Crappie Lakes Near You!

Every serious slab hunter has a honey hole or two, some prized length of river or special spot on a local lake that’s pretty much guaranteed to hold big crappie.  Some folks will happily share this information, while others treat these places like state secrets and never breathe a word about them. We’re the sharing […]

River Walleye Fishing: How To Catch 'Eyes in the Spring & Fall

Melting ice and snow doesn’t just signal the end of winter and the beginning of spring--it also means that it’s time to hit the river for walleye. And when temperature begins to dip toward freezing again, it’s time to give the river a second look. While you can generally find bigger wallies in still, deep […]

Bank Fishing Tips

I’ve done an awful lot of fishing from the bank, and most anglers I know have, too. And while it can sometimes feel like you're missing out--that if you only had a boat, you could fish that perfect spot that’s unreachable from shore--the truth is that fishing from the bank doesn’t need to be a […]

Best Crappie Crankbaits

Besides working the shallow with long jigging poles and trolling with spider rigs there's another approach to slabs that’s not nearly as common or as well understood: the crankbait. Crankbait? If that leaves you puzzled, keep reading! Quick glance at the best crappie crankbaits: Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Cranks Bandit Crappie Crankbaits 300 Series […]

Can You Eat Bluegill?

Can you eat bluegill? Are bluegill good to eat? Well, the short answer is a resounding yes! While crappie might get top billing as America’s most sought-after panfish, I’d bet that anglers catch more bluegill than any other fish each spring, summer, and fall.  And from full stringers to packed coolers, you can bet that […]

Carp Recipes - Cooking the Queen of the River

Prized beyond all other fish in much of Europe, carp is a common sight on tables across the continent. And in countries like Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, it’s the traditional Christmas meal in millions of homes! Though carp has yet to generate much traction on the table in North America, you might want […]

Can You Eat Crappie?

Can you eat crappie? The quick answer is Yes! Papermouths, slabs, silver perch, speckled bass: crappie go by many names. And while biologists refer to the two species of this fish as Pomoxis annularis and Pomoxis nigromaculatus, everyone can agree to call them delicious. Crappie are a fast-growing freshwater fish common to North America, and […]

Best Ocean Fishing Kayak for 2024

Inshore fishing from a kayak is some of the most exciting angling you’ll ever find. And whether that’s standing tall while hunting reds in a salt marsh or fighting a shark beyond the breakers, big water will put your ‘yak to the test. You’ll need unmatched stability and seaworthiness, the best storage options, and you […]

Best Pedal Fishing Kayak for 2024: Speed and Efficiency in Spades

Not long ago, a paddle was pretty much the only option for kayak anglers. And if you’ve ever fought a moving tide or had to paddle miles to your fishing hole, you know just how underwhelming that option can be. But pedal-drive tech has improved rapidly over the last few years, bringing more options to […]

Best Kayak Fishing Accessories: All You Need for 2024

If you’re an avid kayak angler, or know and love one, you probably know that there’s a lot more to kayak fishing than a boat, a rod, and a reel. From gear that can keep you or a loved one safe, to electronics that locate fish, to carts designed to make transporting a heavy ‘yak […]

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Plenty of anglers don’t have the space to store a big kayak or the vehicle needed to transport one. And whether you live in a small apartment, drive an economical car, or just aren’t sure that you can handle the weight and encumbrance of a hard shell, an inflatable might be just the thing to […]

Best Fishing Kayaks - Angler's Buying Guide For 2024

The first time I took a fishing kayak out onto a pond, I was shocked by how stealthy it was for approaching bass without spooking them. And when I learned that it could take me and my tackle miles up the Chickahominy without worrying too much about the tide, it really expanded my fishing options. […]

Best Kayak Fishing Paddles Reviewed: 2024 Buying Guide

The right paddle transforms your kayak from a lumbering, lazy boat to a deadly fishing machine. That’s not hype. If there’s one piece of kayaking equipment that makes a transformative difference in performance, it’s a good paddle. Stiff, light, efficient, powerful: a quality paddle wrings every ounce of performance from your ‘yak’s hull. And whether […]

Best Rods for Kayak Fishing Reviewed: Paddle Hard - Fish Harder!

Kayak anglers know that specialized gear is often essential to success. With little room to spare on a ‘yak, traditional tackle boxes and coolers just don’t make the cut, and even ungainly tools like landing nets may crowd out much-needed space. Is this true for rods, as well? Do kayak anglers need specialized rods? I’m […]

Rigs for Trout Fishing: Spinning Tackle Options for Streams and Lakes

Not all trout anglers use fly rods, and fans of spinning tackle don’t need to feel left out of the game. Truth be told, ultralight spinning rods and ultralight reels really do outperform fly tackle when it comes to fighting big trout. They’re also far, far easier to cast well.  And with the right fishing […]

The Best Catfish Rigs: Blue and Flathead Essentials

If there’s one thing that separates novice catfish anglers from the pros, it’s rigging. Good rigs are designed to present live bait attractively, keep it put in a strong current, and control the depth of presentation to a tee. For blues and flatheads, that’s essential. Unlike the scavenging channel cat, they hunt their meals and […]

The Best Walleye Rigs for Three-Season Fishing: Our Favorites Explained

Experienced walleye anglers know just how effective live bait can be, and whether you prefer nightcrawlers, leeches, or minnows, the right rig makes all the difference. A good walleye rig is more than a slip sinker and hook, however, and to get the most from your time on the water, you’ll need to think outside […]

How To Set Up a Spinning Rod: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re brand-spanking new to angling, you may have no idea where to get started. You’ve got your hands on your first rod and reel, a spool of fishing line, and a handful of lures, hooks, and slip floats. But beyond that, you’re at a loss. Or maybe you haven’t pulled the trigger on a […]

Night Fishing: Our Top Tricks and Tips For Fishing At Night

Night fishing can be an exceptional opportunity for anglers in search of species like crappie, largemouth bass, walleye, and muskie. But most fishermen make their last casts shortly after sundown and then turn their boats back to the launch. That’s a big mistake! Big bass come in close at night. While not every species is active […]

Types Of Fishing Lures: Common Kinds of Lures Explained

Fishing lures come in an incredible range of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. For anglers new to the sport, the ins and outs of lure choice can be confusing to the point of mystery. We get that! With so many options available, it’s really hard to know what each one is, does, and works for. […]

Best VHF Marine Radios Reviewed

If you’re in the market for a VHF radio, we’ve got you covered. Here, you’ll find a complete buying guide, as well as reviews of some of the top handheld and fixed mount VHF radios. Best Handheld VHF Radios Uniden MHS335BT - Best Budget Handheld VHF Radio ICOM IC-M93D Standard Horizon HX890 - Best Handheld VHF […]

Kayak Fishing Tips: Our Best Tips for New Kayak Anglers

If you’re new to kayak fishing we’d like to offer you a big welcome! A kayak is my personal favorite fishing platform, and I’ve snuck my ‘yak into places no power boat will ever reach, landing big bass and monster reds. Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two - often the hard way. […]

Best Kayak Fishing PFDs Reviewed: Safe Options For Kayak Anglers

No piece of gear is more essential to a kayak angler than a good PFD. Full stop. A personal floatation device that works as it should can mean the difference between coming home to exaggerate the size of that cobia you landed and not coming home at all. Especially on big water, safety is nothing […]

Deeper Sonar Review: Deeper Start, Pro/Pro+, and CHIRP Reviewed

Fish finder tech has come a long way, and beyond the hull-mounted transducers and consoles common on bass boats and the like, companies like Deeper now offer tiny, portable fish finders that you can cast from the shore or mount via transom to your kayak. Costing ten times less than traditional systems, you might be […]

Best Cast Nets Reviewed: Catching Your Own Live Bait

I was fishing just north of Grande Isle, Louisiana, working a salt flat on the moving tide for reds. I had a live minnow swimming like mad under my Cajun Thunder popping cork, and it was only seconds before a monster bent my rod like I had hooked another boat. That pattern held up all […]

Can You Eat Koi Fish?

Chances are, you’ve seen these decorative fish at some point in your life, and from restaurant gardens to private ponds, the beautiful koi enjoys worldwide appreciation. That notwithstanding, koi are just pretty carp, and having been released into the wild, they’re now sometimes caught by anglers. That inevitably raises the question, “Can you eat koi […]

How To Sharpen Ice Auger Blades at Home: Two Methods and Step-by-Step Instructions

A sharp blade is a safe blade, and that’s as true of ice augers as it is of knives and axes. A sharp auger blade will bite ice without requiring much force from you, and less downward pressure on the auger leads to less risk should it fail to bite and kick. And, of course, […]

Pier Fishing Rigs: Four Options to Improve Your Odds

Pier fishing is a time-honored tradition among anglers across the country, providing an excellent low-cost way to access everything from the surf to deep water. And every fisherman with a bit of salt in his veins has warm memories made on a pier, whether they were dropping High/Low Rigs down to the pilings below, casting […]

Saltwater Bottom Fishing: A Complete How-To Guide

Saltwater anglers know that many of the most prized species hunt the bottom, especially in the shallower water most of us fish. And even offshore in waters like the Gulf of Mexico, where there is plenty of sun to keep the food chain humming, you’ll find big grouper, fat snapper, and sharks in abundance near […]

Best Baitcasting Reels Reviewed - Top Choices for 2024

After careful research, field testing, and detailed comparison, we’ve put together an unbeatable resource to help you find the best baitcasting reel for the money! Quick look at the best baitcasting reels on the market today:   Abu Garcia Revo SX REVO4 SX-HS Awesome casting Excellent drag with a very heavy maximum Excellent capacity Incredible […]

Surf Casting Rigs: Long Casts, Tough Leaders, and Sharp Hooks

Fishing from the beach offers unique challenges, and we’ve covered the specialized tackle that dominates the surf before. If you’re not sure what you need to get started, please check out our articles on the best surf casting rods and reels.  Make no mistake: in addition to specialized rods and tough reels, surf casting demands […]

Carp Bait Recipes

Using a homemade carp bait is one of the best ways to hook into a huge carp. There are so many out there that it is often difficult to determine which ones are best. Carp are typically not that difficult to catch. I have caught several myself on bait as simple as a piece of […]

Crappie Rigs: Best Rigs For Crappie Fishing

Call them what you like: papermouths, sac-a-lait, slabs, or crappie--they’re just plain fun to catch! And as crappie fanatics can attest, a good crappie rig is just what you need, whether you prefer trolling deep water with a boat full of rods or casting near the vertical cover they’re known to love. If you need […]

Types of Catfish - Catfish Species Explained

Catfishing sounds easy. Just wait till dark, run a big hook through a rotting chunk of liver, add a weight that allows you to cast, and let ‘er rip--right? Not so fast! The more you know about catfish, the more you realize that every species has a different preference for prey items and habitat--each of […]

Best Hooks For Catfish Reviewed

As catfish anglers are quick to note, these big, bad fish need hooks to match. That can come as a surprise to fishermen used to other species, but if you’ve ever had a hook snap or bend on a fat blue, you’ll quickly learn that thick, tough hooks are the only way to go.  We’ve […]

Best Fishing Canoes Reviewed: Solo, Tandem, and Square-Sterns Compared

While bass boats may dominate your local lake on the weekends, legions of anglers are discovering the advantages of fishing from a canoe. Not only can you access water far too shallow for larger boats, hitting spots that hold unpressured fish, but you can also save tens of thousands of dollars by skipping the huge […]

Best Fishing Shoes: Your Top Options For All Situations

Fishing shoes don’t get much press in the angling world, but if you’ve ever suffered through a day of cold, wet feet or taken a spill when you lost your footing, you know the value of the right shoes for fishing. Have you been looking for a new pair of fishing shoes? We’d love to […]

Best Fishing Coolers Compared and Reviewed: 2024 Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a fishing cooler, you’re probably asking if the premium price tags on high-end coolers are worth it. The answer is probably yes. With durability that promises decades of all-season performance, premium fishing coolers are a breathtaking initial expense that makes long term financial sense. Spend a little more now, […]

Best Inshore Spinning Reels: Ready for Hard Fights and Big Fish

While there are tons of spinning reels on the market, very few are designed for the salt, and fewer still are available in sizes that can handle bull reds or small sharks. For that kind of performance, the pickings get pretty slim, and only a handful of companies really offer the goods. If you’re an […]

Best Minnow Bucket: Top Choices Reviewed

Whether you chase slabs with minnows, toss shad to big cats, or throw shrimp to reds, you know that hot weather and live bait don’t mix. And to keep your expensive or hard-won bait at its best, you need a the best bait bucket that can provide hours--perhaps even days--of cool, aerated water. Unfortunately, bait […]

Can You Eat Largemouth Bass: Yes!

Can you eat bass? The short answer is yes. But be aware that keeping largemouth can be contentious, and most serious bass anglers frown on the practice, preferring catch and release. Related: Bass Fishing Tips, Types of Bass, Best Time To Fish For Bass Table of Contents (clickable)1 Why Catch and Release Started2 Does Keeping […]

Best Spinning Reel For Bass: Spin-in a Largemouth

While baitcasting reels dominate the tournament scene, plenty of anglers already know that good spinning reels are more than up to the task for largemouth.  And if you just don’t care for baitcasting reels, shy away from buying new rods to fit them, or want a one-rod solution to all your fishing, a spinning reel […]

Perch Recipes: Meals to Please Any Family

Anglers across the northern half of the United States know that yellow perch is almost as exciting on the table as it is on the hook. And whether you take your perch through the ice or on the open water, a full cooler of lively fish is going to make your family happy. Perch sport […]

Jigging For Walleye - Tips Guaranteed To Help You Land More Walleyes

Jigging for walleye can be one of the most productive methods of fishing for these golden beauties. Several tactics must be taken into consideration prior to you setting up to jig. Jigging can be very productive as long as you are fishing in the right spot with the right jig setup. Below I will review […]

Do Fish Have Periods?

Sometimes here at USAngler, we get a really off-the-wall question. This is definitely one of them. People are curious about fish reproduction, and they may have seen a fish bleeding from its cloaca and assumed it was a menstruating female.  But that’s not how fish reproduction works. The quick answer is that fish do not […]

Best Fishing Lures: 21 Lures Every Angler Should Own

If you’ve ever seen a professional angler’s tackle boxes and bags, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the sport is really about collecting as many lures as you can. But take a closer look, and you’ll find that most are variations on a few simple themes. And while that pro may have every color, pattern, […]

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods Reviewed

Table of Contents (clickable)1 Best Saltwater Fishing Rods1.1 Saltwater rod for surf fishing1.2 Offshore saltwater rod1.3 Inshore saltwater spinning rod1.4 Fishing Rod and reel combo for saltwater Best Saltwater Fishing Rods Saltwater rod for surf fishing Surf fishing demands a long rod that can cast like a dream, as well as an extra-long handle clad […]

Ice Fishing Gear & Equipment - Are You Ready for the Hard Water?

If you’re getting ready for ice fishing, you’re not alone. We are too! And if you’re anything like us, you’re counting the days until the ice is thick enough to fish. Until then, preparation is key, and as any experienced angler can tell you, the right gear is essential to make the most of your […]

Spinning vs. Casting Rods: Know Your Tackle

If you’re a new angler, the differences between spinning and casting rods may not be apparent at first glance. That’s OK--they’re pretty much just variations on a theme, with the principal difference being the reels they’re designed to wear. If you want to understand these differences better or find out more about common rod styles, […]

Best Fishing Nets: Making Sure You Land The Big Ones

Hooking and fighting are only the first steps in catching a fish - landing them is the difference between a memorable morning and the one that got away. Fishing nets are pretty much essential tools for avid anglers. They allow you to scoop a fish from the water much easier than you can with your […]

Best Fish Hook Removers Reviewed: Options for Every Angler

Sometimes, removing a hook can be simple, and it’s easy to pluck it right out. But when you’ve really buried a single hook, need to pull a treble hook free, or have a hook set too deep to reach with your fingers, the right tool is essential. And anytime you’re dealing with big, bad fish […]

Lake Whitefish: Tips and Tricks to Catch Whitefish in Spring

If you’re an angler from the northern US or southern Canada, chances are, you’re familiar with lake whitefish. And whether you fish them through the ice or on open water, you know that they’re as fun to catch as they are good to eat. Though primarily a commercial species, sport anglers are slowly warming to […]

Best Inshore Spinning Rods Reviewed

Between challenging weather; long, rough rides; and big, mean fish, inshore anglers put their tackle to the test. And the right choice for an inshore rod can mean the difference between a memorable catch and a disappointing failure. From sight-casting to reds to throwing live bait specks or flounder in a channel, a good inshore […]

Fishing Line Abrasion Test: Mono vs. Braid vs. Fluoro (Shocking Results)

Line choice is critical, and the wrong decision can have catastrophic consequences. And while there are many issues to consider when choosing the right line for your situation, experienced fishermen know that abrasion resistance is near the top. From barnacle-encrusted pilings to sharp rocks, submerged debris to jagged stumps, there are more than a few […]

Flounder Fishing Tips & Techniques

Flounder are one of the most popular game fish in America, and from New England to Texas, you can find anglers looking for big flatfish. As delicious as they are fun to catch, we’ve found that a few tips and tricks can really improve your odds. Do you know which live bait flounder prefer? Do […]

Lake Trout Fishing Tips - Guaranteed To Help!

Fishing lake trout through the ice is a winter staple for anglers in the northern US and Canada, and these big fish offer heart-pounding opportunities throughout the coldest, darkest months. Ice-out frightens or frustrates a lot of less-experienced anglers, though, as the more or less consistently cold water gives lakers a lot of room to […]

Saltwater Fishing Tips: Get Your Gear Right in 2024!

The heart-pounding thrill of fighting a big tuna, tarpon, or sailfish is hard to equal, and if you’re as addicted to the salt as we are, you know how it gets into your blood. And from flounder to blue, specks to stripers, the variety of species saltwater anglers chase is astounding. But some things remain […]

How To Set Up a Spinning Reel: A Step-By-Step Guide

Spinning reels are essential tackle for every angler. From their wind-busting ability to cast to their simplicity to use, it’s easy to see why. And whether you chase bluegill on your local lake, catfish in a slow-moving river, or specks and reds in the surf, you’ll find that a spinning reel will quickly become a […]

Bluegill Fishing Tips: 7 Tricks Guaranteed to Work

The humble bluegill has a place in the hearts and memories of most freshwater anglers, and if you’re anything like us, one of these feisty little fish probably got you hooked for life! While many of us graduate to bigger and “better” species like bass, spending sundown chasing bluegills as an adult is no less […]

Surf Fishing Tips to Help You Catch More Fish: Time, Tide, and Technique

Whether you prefer having the beach all to yourself or like fishing with a few friends, there’s something magical about the sound of the waves on the sand, the anticipation of a big bite, and fighting a keeper through the surf. Surf fishing is heart-pounding angling, but if you’re new to it, or just having […]

Best Crappie Rod And Reel Combos Reviewed

Spring is in the air, and for many anglers, that means one thing: crappie fishing! As you gear up for the start of crappie season or re-assess your tackle after a few trips to the water, you might be wondering about the best crappie rod and reel combos designed specifically for slab-hunting. Combos are an […]

Best Saltwater Rod and Reel Combos Reviewed

If you’re anything like us, the pull of the salt has you by the heartstrings. And if you need a new rod and reel, a great combo can get you on the water quickly. At their best, combos offer excellent reels matched to equally nice rods, but it can be hard to know which of […]

Best Rod and Reel Combos Reviewed: Top Options in 2024

The best rod and reel combo delivers all the performance you need at a price you’ll love. Awesome as a quick way to get you into the action, plenty of anglers opt for a combo to save time and money. Not sure about which might be right for you? Keep reading! Quick glance at the […]

Best Reel for Walleye Fishing - Buying Guide & Reviews 2024

There are plenty of good ways to catch walleye, but they all depend on the right rod and reel. And whether you’re casting or trolling, that decision can make or break your efforts. What’s the best walleye reel? What separates a good trolling reel from one designed for casting? What separates an exceptional reel from […]

Best Fishing Reels for Any Situation - Reviews and Buying Guide

Need a good reel but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Below, you’ll find an exhaustive list of the best fishing reels for any situation, freshwater or saltwater. After careful research, field testing, and detailed comparison, we’ve put together an unbeatable resource to help you make the best choice for your needs. […]

Best Fishing Rods Reviewed - Top Rated for 2024

Need a good fishing rod but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Below, you’ll find an exhaustive list of the best fishing rods for any situation, freshwater or saltwater. After careful research, field testing, and detailed comparison, we’ve put together an unbeatable resource to help you make the best choice for your […]

Fly Fishing Terms

Table of Contents (clickable)1 Fly Tying Terms1.1 A1.2 B1.3 C1.4 D1.5 E1.6 F1.7 G1.8 H1.9 I1.10 K1.11 L1.12 M1.13 N1.14 O1.15 P1.16 Q1.17 R1.18 S1.19 T1.20 U1.21 V1.22 W1.23 X1.24 Y1.25 Z Fly Tying Terms A Abdomen - the segmented rear section of an insect's body. Adult - the winged stage of aquatic insects; reproductive […]

Best Bait and Lures For Redfish: Our Favorites Reviewed

There’s more than a little truth to the idea that 90% of the fish are in 10% of the water. If you find reds in a school, especially if they’re actively feeding, pretty much anything you throw is going to get hit. For instance, when they’re feeding on panicked mullet in shallow water, any spoon, […]

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fishing Deals for 2024 - Amazing Savings!

*Bookmark this page and visit periodically. We update this page daily with new deals! Black Friday is the perfect time for anglers to snag the best deals on fishing tackle and gear. As the holiday season approaches, we're casting our nets to bring you the most impressive discounts on rods, reels, tackle boxes, and more. […]

Best Gifts for Fishermen in 2024

Have an angler in your life for whom you need a gift? Unsure what to get them? If you're looking for ideas for fishing Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or just something creative for any occasion, we’d be delighted to help! Below, you’ll find a list of the best fishing gifts that run from inexpensive to […]

Best Spinning Reels to Cover All Your Bases: Our Favorite Ultralight, Light, and Medium Reels Reviewed

Looking for the best spinning reel that can help you slay slabs? Or do you need a bigger reel for bigger fish? There are a few spinning reel options that can cover all your bases in a single line-up, and today, we’ll be discussing them. And as always, we’re here to help you make the […]

Shimano Curado 200 HGK Reel Review

Line capacity: 30/190, 50/120, 65/80 (braid) Bearings: 6 + 1 roller bearing Gear ratio: 7.4:1 Weight: 7.6 oz. Maximum drag: 11 lbs. Shimano’s baitcasting reels are among the best options for serious anglers, and their legendary performance has been putting--and keeping!--smiles on faces for generations. But with new upgrades, the Curado line is even better […]

Best Tips for Tip Ups: Catching More Fish Through the Ice

If there’s one thing all ice anglers can agree on, it’s that tip ups are an effective way to cover a lot of hard water no matter how cold the weather is. And if the thought of a lake packed with pike and walleye, but covered in ice and snow, gets your heart pounding, we […]

Fall Bass Fishing Tips: How To Catch More Bass In The Fall

As the days shorten and the air grows crisp, it’s a sign that magic is happening below the surface of your local lake. Fall is here, and as water temps plummet, largemouth shed the lethargy caused by the summer’s heat and begin feeding in earnest. For anglers in the know, fall can be the most […]

How To Tie a Drop Shot Rig

Whether you fish fresh or salt, a drop shot rig is a great way to suspend a bait near the bottom, keeping it out of muck and weeds and putting it where it counts: right in front of the fish. Originally a saltwater technique, anglers on the west coast quickly adopted it as a finesse […]

How To Set-Up a Baitcasting Reel: Easy Step-by Step Instructions

While setting up a baitcasting reel is a lot more complicated than simply tying your line to the spool and setting the drag, there’s no high-mystery to it. We’d like to help you optimize the performance of your baitcasting reel, and whether you’re an old-hand or a new angler, the tips and techniques we’ve assembled […]

Top Tips to Maintain a Marine Battery: Getting the Most from Your Investment

As most anglers know, marine batteries are a substantial investment. They’re powerful, long-lasting, and durable. But as in most things in life, you get what you pay for--and you pay a lot for batteries that can start your outboard, run your livewell and electronics, and keep your trolling motor humming-away all day long. To get […]

Want to Catch Monster Muskie? Our Favorite Tips and Techniques Explained

If there’s a freshwater trophy that can excite every angler, it’s a monster muskie. Esox masquinongy gets its name from the Ojibwe “maashkinoozhe”–meaning “ugly pike,” and just one look reveals that these fish are close kin. Relatively uncommon and hard to target precisely, there are things you can do to tip the odds in your […]

Shimano Curado K Reel Review

With legions of devoted fans and plenty of advertising hype, we ask the question on your mind: does the Shimano Curado K really live up to its reputation? The simple answer is yes. The Shimano Curado K is probably the best reel at its price point, and it may just be the best reel you […]

Types Of Fishing Reels - How Well Do You Know Your Reels?

Any angler worth his or her salt knows the ins and outs of the tackle they use. But most of us fish one or two types of fishing reel, maybe three if you work the hard water or cast flies. But do you know them all? Can you tell the difference between a centerpin and […]

Do You Know Your Rods? Types Of Fishing Rods Explained

Fishing rods are as diverse as the needs of anglers. Whatever you’re after--no matter the technique--there’s a rod for you! From tackle to help you fight a monster to delicate rods designed to fish small mountain streams, the right options for you are just a few clicks away. But do you know what types of […]

Best Fishing Scales Reviewed: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Without a scale to weigh your fish, you’re just guessing. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about angling over the years, it’s that “educated guesses” tend to grow with each telling. Yes, I’ve known a few people who could assess a bass to within a few ounces just by eye, but they’ve been rarer […]

Crankbait Rod Giveaway
How To Catch Redfish - Our Best Redfish Fishing Tips

The first time I fished for reds I was hooked. Standing in a small boat as the sun sank below the marshes, I could see their tails cutting the surface of the shallows. Armed with a bit of shrimp, I sent my rig right up amongst them. My hook was swallowed as it hit the […]

Summer Crappie Fishing - How to Catch Slabs All Summer Long

Crappie are pretty easy to catch, but the summer heat can test even the best anglers’ patience with papermouths. And as every slab addict knows, high summer separates the real pros from the casual crappie chasers. But the dog days of summer don’t need to mean the end of crappie season--if you know where to […]

One Knot to Rule Them All - How to Tie the Uni Knot

A good angler knows the right knot for every situation, whether that’s a blood knot for a low-profile connection of mono to mono, a bowline for tying a boat to a piling, or a nail knot for attaching leader to fly line. And while there’s certainly no knot that’s good for everything, it’s awfully handy […]

Best Trout Lures and Soft Baits Reviewed: Spinning Tackle Trout Lures 101

Perhaps no area of angling is as dominated by fly tackle as trout fishing. That only stands to reason: trout can be finicky feeders, and the more realistic the presentation, the better your chances of attracting a strike. It’s understandable why expertly tied flies are so effective. Not only do they look like real insects, […]

Drop Shot Tips

Related: Top choices for drop shot rods! Table of Contents (clickable)1 What is Drop Shotting? The Basics2 Drop Shot Tips What is Drop Shotting? The Basics A drop shot rig suspends your hook above a weight. It’s a simple idea with some profound consequences. Unlike standard worm fishing, the weight--rather than your line--is taking the […]

Cooking Crappie Like a Pro: A Few of Our Favorite Recipes

Crappie isn’t just fun to catch, it’s one of the best tasting fish you’ll ever feel on a hook. Offering fine, almost crab-like flesh, it’s a fantastic addition of flavor to the table and a great source of protein and healthy fats. We love to cook crappie. From frying to roasting, grilling to smoking, We’ve […]

When Main Line Isn’t Enough: How, When, and Why to Use Fishing Leaders Explained

Braided main line is the go-to option for serious bass fishing, but as we’ve discussed before, superline offers some distinct disadvantages when used alone. These weaknesses necessitate the use of leaders, as many experienced largemouth anglers can attest. And whether you run braid, fluorocarbon, or nylon monofilament, when you’re after sharp-toothed fish like pike, mackerel, […]

What Do Crappie Eat? A Quick Guide

If you ask any crappie fanatic what these voracious fish eat, you’re likely to hear “Whatever I’m throwing!” There’s some truth to that, too, as crappie aren’t known to be particular about what they consume. But the more you know about their natural prey, the better you can choose lures and live bait to catch […]

How To Use A Fish Stringer With Technique

Do you like to wade for flounder? Or spend a Saturday morning on your kayak pulling bluegill from the local lake? Or do you hunt smallmouth from a canoe, getting into the shallow stretches that motorized boats just can’t reach? If you’re anything like me, there are plenty of times a cooler or live-well just […]

Best Fly Tying Hooks

The beginning fly tyer can really sink some serious money into fly tying hooks if they are not careful. So that you don't spend a lot of money foolishly on hooks you'll never use, let's spend just a minute determining the hooks you should start out with. The first step is to determine which flies […]

Fly Tying Materials

So, now you've been through the list of tools needed, let's look at the fly tying materials you'll need to get started. Again, just as with the tools, this is not an all-inclusive list of all the materials you'll ever need. This is simply a very basic list of materials that will get you started […]

Fly Tying Tools

Ok, it's time to jump right in and learn about the fly tying tools you'll need to have in order to get started tying flies. This is not an all-inclusive list of all the fly tying tools you'll ever need. This is simply a list of tools that will get you started and will allow […]

Best Fly Fishing Vests: Buying Guide and Reviews

When you’re wading in search of brook trout, you don’t have the luxury of a tackle bag. Instead, you’ve got to carry all the equipment you might need with you, and that means a good fly fishing vest. An essential buy for fly anglers, a good vest has space for your flies, leader, tippet, pliers, […]

Fly Tying Bench Plans: Step By Step Instructions with Images
How To Cast A Fly Rod

An experienced fly fisherman is art in motion. It is so awesome to watch a seasoned fly fisherman on the stream. I remember early on in my fly fishing watching a mentor of mine on his local waters. No matter what surrounded him, he could cast his fly anywhere he wanted and land it so […]

Best Fly Fishing Line

A fly line is another crucial component of any fly fishing outfit. The wrong type of fly line can lead to poor fishing and very unpleasant casting. Any fly line you use should match up in weight perfectly with both the fly reel and the fly rod. Why is the best fly line so important? In […]

Crappie Fishing With Minnows: A Guide To Rigging Minnows for Crappie

There’s no soft bait, no jig, and no spinner more attractive to crappie than a live minnow. That’s a simple fact that any experienced angler can tell you. Indeed, it’s often the case that they’ll take a minnow even when they just won’t hit anything you can pull from your tackle box. That’s why, for […]

Early Season Slabs: How To Catch Crappie In The Spring

As the water warms and the days grow longer, crappie move to the shallows to spawn, giving anglers a perfect opportunity to catch these speckled devils. In fact, spring is prime slab season, and if you’re crappie savvy, it’s perhaps one of the most exciting times to fish all year long. Whether you’re new to […]

What Is A Lunker? All You Need To Know

Does your local lake have a lunker? Well, people who love fishing will probably tell you. A lunker, in an interesting sense can be that legendary monster fish in your lake that old fishermen will tell you about. These are what fishing enthusiasts call the trophy of their fishing life. Catching one will mean skill […]

Trolling in the Deep? Best Downriggers Explained and Our Favorites Reviewed

Whether you prefer the excitement of summer lake trout, the thrill of deep-running walleye, or the adrenaline rush of monster kokanee, there’s no better way to troll than a downrigger. Originally designed for commercial fishing, downriggers are now a popular technique for sport fishermen on large, deep lakes in the northern U.S and southern Canada […]

How to Hook a Monster: Best Lures for Northern Pike Explained and Reviewed

Northern pike are ferocious predators. Known to science as Esox lucius, these powerful, sleek hunters haunt the dreams of many anglers, and they’re prized for their legendary aggressiveness, powerful fights, and acrobatic leaps. We’ve offered our best tips and favorite techniques to catch more pike before. But now it’s time to take an in-depth look […]

Best Fishing Watches Reviewed: Time and Tide on Your Wrist

Some anglers lean toward minimalism, looking for a purity of experience that draws them into a deeper connection to nature. Think about fans of tenkara, for instance. But others are gear hounds, looking for tech that can help them catch more fish, more easily, and in greater comfort. Among them, you’ll find anglers looking for […]

Best Braided Fishing Lines Reviewed: Greater Strength, Longer Casts, More Sensitivity

Braided fishing line quickly caught anglers’ attention when they were first introduced to the sport, and their popularity hasn’t waned since then. In fact, it’s easy to find fishermen who swear by braid, and its many favorable characteristics make it an ideal choice for a variety of situations and techniques. No one type of line […]

Catching Crappie In Cold Weather - Our Best Winter Tips and Tricks

If you live south of the Mason-Dixon line, it’s tempting to surrender your crappie tackle for rifles and shotguns in the late fall, turning to hunting rather than fishing for your outdoor fix. Unlike anglers in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Maine, you can’t enjoy ice fishing, and the crappie bite on open water is […]

Best Headlamps for Night Fishing: Light Up the Darkness and Land More Fish

If you’re an angler, there undoubtedly has been a time on the water when you’ve regretted not bringing a light to illuminate your environment. Be it in the dusk or the dark of night, or early in the morning before sunrise, a headlamp is an essential piece of gear that should always be brought along. […]

Best Ice Fishing Bibs Reviewed: Staying Warm and Dry on the Ice

Keeping warm and dry on the ice is essential. While an awesome shelter and heater can help, if you’re constantly fiddling with your tip-ups, fishing in the open, or taking a long snow-machine ride to the ice, you’ll need the best bibs you can find. Even just the repetitive kneeling that ice angling demands will […]

Salmon Fishing Tips

King salmons also known as Chinook salmon are by far the largest salmon species in North America. These fish are an absolute blast to catch. They are one of the largest species you can catch here in the north, and are sure to give you one heck of a fight. It is not uncommon to […]

Best Fillet Knives for Anglers Reviewed: Sharp, Flexible, and Secure in Your Hand

A good fillet knife is an essential tool for cleaning fish. Sharp, flexible, and secure in your hand, these long, thin knives make quick work of producing fillets for your table, and no serious angler doesn’t have at least one ready to go. But do you know what separates the best from the rest? If […]

Lake Fishing Tips

Sometimes anglers love to search out a treasure spot in the middle of the bush. We sometimes find ourselves dragging boats, canoes or even balloon setups just to have a chance to harvest some great fish. Fishing charters and fly-in fishing charters live off of this type of fishing; lake fishing. Many of us who […]

Abu Garcia Revo SX Review

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel offers a great option even for more experienced anglers who are looking for an effective way to battle fish of all shapes and sizes. This reel has a durable carbon body that means that you will be able to keep using it for many years to come without […]

Abu Garcia Pro Max Review

The Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel has a uniquely durable construction that is perfect for reeling in the big fish. This reel offers a number of impressive features that you will want to know about before deciding whether or not to purchase it. Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviewed Some of the features of […]

Suckerfish Fishing Tips

Silver Redhorse (suckerfish) Background Information Ever wonder what kind of fish ends up on your line when you're targeting walleye? Well, that mystery fish may be the infamous Silver Redhorse or most commonly known as a suckerfish. Like walleye these fish tend to be located in deep fast moving water. Fast moving water help these […]

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review

The Battle II spinning reel are priced quite reasonably and have a lot to offer, especially for those who tend to do freshwater fishing. You will find that these reels are very sturdy and have soft touch knobs for easy and comfortable handling and retrieval. The anti-reverse and smooth drag features that this reels boast […]

River Fishing Tips

If it isn't the ocean or the lake you are trying to master, then it has to be the river. River fishing is one of the best environments to fish in. River fishing is home to many species which include walleye, salmon, trout and the occasional patrolling pike.  River fishing is mostly where you find prized game fish such as walleye riding […]

Pier Fishing Tips

Pier fishing can be a very rewardable and productive way of fishing from shore. I have participated in several pier fishing outings and have caught some of my biggest fish off a pier. There are often pier fishing techniques and courtesies that every angler must follow. Below we will first dive into the pier fishing […]

Best Ice Fishing Heaters Reviewed: Keeping Warm on the Ice

What to Look for in a Quality Tent Ice Fishing Heater Safety First There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet, but this is something you need to get right. Your life depends on making a smart choice, not because you’ll freeze to death, but because a heater that’s not rated for indoor use can […]

Best Soft Baits for Hard Water: Our Favorite Plastics for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is at the forefront of innovation within the sport of angling, and while each new summer sees much the same gear on the water, the short days of winter witness new gear every year. On the hard water, for instance, the days of long rods are finished. Today you’ll see most ice anglers […]

Ice Fishing for Bluegill and Sunfish: Tips and Techniques

There’s something about catching panfish on ultralight tackle that gets in your blood, and there’s no reason to end that excitement once winter’s grip takes hold. Bluegill and sunfish are among the most popular ice fishing targets. Plentiful, easy to entice into a bite, and simple to pull through a small hole in the ice, […]

Can You Eat Muskie? Well...It Depends!

Muskie, the common nickname for the muskellunge (Esox masquinongy), derives its name from the Ojibwe “maashkinoozhe”--meaning “ugly pike.” And that’s not a bad description of this large relative of the pike and pickerel. While edible, and indeed to some people quite delicious, we generally recommend catch and release for reasons we’ll explain below. And to […]

Best Musky Reel: Buying Guide & Reviews

Catching musky is one of the most enjoyable types of fishing you can partake in. Picking the quality reel is essential when fishing for musky. Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best musky reels we think could be just right for any aspiring or veteran musky anglers. Related: Best Musky Fishing Rod […]

Best Ice Auger For Fishing: Which Auger is Hungriest for the Ice?

Drilling holes in the ice isn’t the fun part of fishing on hard water, and you want this job to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Whether you prefer the lightweight simplicity of a good hand auger, or the unrivaled power of gasoline, choosing the best ice fishing auger for this hard work is […]

Are You Well Equipped for Crappie? Best Crappie Rods Reviewed

Whether you hunt your crappie in open water or in the tangles of downed trees, rod selection is critical to success. And while you don’t necessarily need a dedicated crappie rod, it’s worth remembering that a common nickname for the species is the “papermouth.” If you’re wondering what makes an ideal crappie rod, look no […]

Best Walleye Rod For 2024 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Walleye are not known for being the strongest fighting fish, but getting the proper rod to catch them is still extremely important. They have one of the softest bites of any fish, which means it’s extremely hard to detect their strike. Having the best walleye fishing rod can help combat this problem and allow you […]

Best Ice Fishing Gloves For 2024: Finding the Warmest Grip

One of the fastest ways to get forced off the ice is cold fingers. We can all sit through a snowstorm sipping from a mug in the shanty, but none of us last long with frozen fingers, do we? So, how do we keep our precious digits from icing over while maintaining enough dexterity to […]

Best Baitcasting Rods For The Money – 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

When you’re after big bass, pike, or muskie, you need the best baitcasting rod with plenty of backbone, excellent guides to protect your line, and the ability to throw heavy lures on the strongest lines you can buy. That’s just as true if you’re on the hunt for catfish, monster walleye, or lake trout. Baitcasting […]

Best Fishing Pliers for Freshwater and Saltwater Reviewed

Every time I’ve forgotten my fishing pliers, I’ve regretted it immediately. Pliers are an essential angling tool, and the range of tasks for which they’re perfect is almost endless. Need to clip hard-to-cut line? Check. Need to remove a deeply embedded hook or mash a few split shot? Check and check. Need to clip a […]

Best Ice Fishing Boots: Warm, Dry, and Sure-Footed Boots Reviewed

The right gear is essential, as is knowing how to choose it. That’s as true for ice boots as it is for anything else, and excellent footwear can mean the difference between an exciting day pulling crappie or muskie through a hole and the misery of fighting cold feet and numb toes. To help you […]

Best Spinnerbait Rod - Buying Guide and Reviews For 2024

Finding the right rod for spinnerbait fishing can be a bit tricky, as you need to look for certain actions, power, and materials. Don't worry, we're here to help. Below, you’ll find a complete buying guide, as well as reviews of the top spinnerbait rods. Quick glance at the best spinnerbait rods on the market: […]

Best Fly Fishing Reels Reviewed For 2024

While rods take the top seat in the fly fishing world, a good fly reel should enhance your angling prowess, helping you to achieve long, ultra-precise casts and fight aggressive fish with confidence. But with the wealth of reels on offer from major manufacturers, it can be tough to know which one is best for […]

Best Swimbait Rods - 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

You don’t want to use just any rod when going out and casting swimbaits, as they can be quite hefty! You’ll need to make sure your rod is strong enough to handle casting and retrieving such a large lure. The weight of a swimbait can range from minuscule to 8 ounces or more, and if […]

What Is The Best Time in Each Season To Catch Crappie?

If you’re anything like us, slab hunting can keep you up at night, and at the very least, the prospect of hitting the water the next day before dawn can make your sleep a tad restless! Here, we’d like to take a look at one specific aspect of sac-a-lait fishing, answering the question, “What’s the […]

Best Tasting Freshwater Fish To Eat: A Few of Our Favorites, Recipe Ideas, and Tips

Fish aren’t just nutritious, providing essential protein as well as heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They’re delicious, easy to clean, and simple to prepare, too. And as most anglers already know, there are a variety of freshwater fish that make a welcome addition to any table. We’d like to discuss a few of our favorites and […]

Ice Fishing Muskie: Tips and Techniques

Muskie, though known to be aggressive apex predators, are sometimes called the “fish of 10,000 casts.” And there’s some truth to this: they can be elusive trophies, though the heart-pounding excitement of landing one keeps die-hard fans coming back to the water, season after season. And as winter approaches, that excitement doesn’t dim like the […]

Ice Fishing Gear and Equipment Checklist

This ice fishing gear and equipment checklist was put together so you won't forget anything important the next time you head out on the ice. Fishing License Fishing Rods & Reels (insure your line is in good shape) Tackle Box Tip-Ups Live Bait (minnows and/or grubs) Auger (and fresh gas) Heater (and fuel canisters) Sonar […]

When Do Largemouth Bass Spawn? What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Mating Season

The spring spawn initiates the most predictable movement of largemouth bass all year, and locating big bass during the mating season is as close to a sure thing as you can get. But many anglers struggle either because they don’t understand the spawn very well, or because they’re unsure how to capitalize on a fishing […]

How To Store Fishing Rods in 2024

It's no secret that fishing is a popular pastime enjoyed by people all over the world. What may be less well-known, however, is that there are many different ways to go about it - and each method requires its specific equipment. Among the most important pieces of gear for any fisherman is the fishing rod. […]

How to Plan a Fishing Trip in 2024

No matter what time of year it is, a fishing trip can be a great way to spend some time outdoors enjoying nature. It is also a great bonding experience for friends and family or a peaceful solo activity. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to go fishing, there are some key steps that you'll […]

Best Walleye Lures, Baits and Jigs - A How-To Guide for Monster Walleye

Walleye are aggressive predators and strong fighters, and they’re always looking for an easy meal--with the exception of the spring spawning ritual. That makes them a blast to catch, and like Pringles, you’ll quickly find that just one is never enough! We’ve written about walleye before, outlining the basics of their behavior. And since fall […]

Best Musky Lures - 2024 Buying Guide and Reviews

Muskies are ornery, aggressive fish. This makes them ferocious and extremely fun to catch. However, you won’t be catching many without a great lure to bait them in. Below, we’ve labeled what we believe are the best musky lures on the market--and we hope the work we did will save you a ton of time […]

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel - Buying Guide and Reviews For 2024

At USAngler, we’re big ultralight fans, and much of the time, this is the fishing gear we reach for first. If you’re in the market for an ultralight setup, need to replace your worn reel, or just curious about dipping your toes in the ultralight water, keep reading. Below, you’ll find an in-depth discussion of […]

Best Ultralight Rods That Are Heavy on Fun: 2024's Top Ultralight Rods Reviewed

    Our Top Picks: The St. Croix Premier PS60ULF, The , and The There’s a world of difference between a $200 rod and a $20 alternative, and our top picks reflect that. But from the incredible performance of our premium options to the budget-minded alternatives, all will get the job done and then some. […]

Best Musky Rods For The Money - 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

When you’re fishing for musky, your gear needs to be heavy duty and up to the task of landing these ferocious fish. The rod is the piece of equipment that takes the most abuse, as it’s used to wrangle the fish in, holding all of their force along the way! Given the importance of the […]

Best Crankbait Rods Reviewed For 2024

Sneak a peek into any bass angler’s tackle box, and you’ll find crankbaits. Yes, soft plastics might have the edge, but there’s no denying that crankbaits are deadly on largemouth, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t throw them. That said, I know quite a few folks who’ve missed a nice fish or two by […]

Best Fly Fishing Rods Reviewed for 2024: A Rod For Any River

If you’re new to fly fishing or an experienced veteran of everything from brookies to steelhead, it always pays to research the fly rod market. With recent improvements in blank tech, fly rods are getting better and better, easily exceeding the performance of top choices from just a decade ago. If you’re looking for an […]

Can You Eat Bonito? Are They Good Fish To Eat? - Yes, of Course!

While not a popular choice at the dinner table in the United States, the fish that are commonly called bonito are considered a delicacy in the countries of the northern Mediterranean and Black Sea. Table of Contents (clickable)1 What are Bonito?2 What Does Bonito Taste Like?3 Bonito Recipes3.1 Marmitako: Basque bonito stew with potatoes3.2 Grilled […]

Best Tackle Box, Backpack, and Bags Reviewed in 2024: Be An Organized Angler

My grandfather’s tackle box was always a mess. He’d manage to find what he was looking for, though, often beneath a tangle of old line, a few steel leaders, and pliers so caked with rust that even a thorough soaking in WD-40 wouldn’t get them moving again. Much of it had to do with the […]

The Best JerkBait Rods - Buying Guide and Reviews of Our Favorites

One of the most fun and rewarding ways to catch bass is by fishing with jerkbaits. If you want to get into this awesome technique and land more fish, you’ll need to ensure you have the proper equipment for the job. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best jerkbait rods for angling! […]

How to Jig for Crappie: Basics, Tips, and Techniques to Help You Catch More Slabs

Jigs are perhaps the most versatile weapon in a crappie angler’s arsenal. From casting to tightlining, trolling to slip floating, they can be used in a variety of situations with a range of techniques that are virtually unrivaled. In fact, if I were to choose only one lure option for crappie, it would probably be […]

Best Jig Rods for Bass: Our Favorites for 2024 Reviewed

Flipping, casting, swimming, dragging--jigs can do it all! It’s no surprise, then, that they’re a popular choice for largemouth, especially in high summer when the vegetation gets thick. Because you can run jigs in weedless versions, and because they’re ideal for pitching into nearly impenetrable cover, they let you fish places that other lure choices […]

Best Lipless Crankbaits: Explanation and Reviews of Our Favorites

Whether you target cool-weather bass or hunt walleyes in the weeds on nasty, cold mornings, a lipless crankbait deserves serious consideration. Best in water less than 10 feet deep, lipless crankbaits are a go-to option when the fish are shallow, combining enticing action with a vegetation-forgiving design. But these excellent crankbaits demand a technique all […]

Best Surf Fishing Rods Reviewed: Casting From The Beach

Surf casting rods are unlike anything else on the angling market, and they’re built to deliver the long casts, unimpeachable strength, and rugged durability surf anglers demand. Do you know what separates the best from the rest? Looking for a great rod at a price that won’t break the bank? Keep reading! Here's a quick […]

Best Telescoping Rods Reviewed - Big Fun in a Small Package

Telescopic rods offer maximum portability. They’re an awesome choice if you want to keep your fishing gear in the trunk of your car, pack a rod on a hike to a stream, or bring your rod on your next flight. While probably not the equal of a conventional rod, they’re much easier to store and […]

The Best Flipping and Pitching Rod - Buying Guide and Reviews of the Top Sticks

There are many fishing rods on the market that are great for flipping and pitching. However, some that market themselves as suitable for flipping are less-than-ideal for the job. Given this, we’ve reviewed some of the top options on the market to help you make a wise purchase. We’ve listed our winner, along with the […]

Best Rain Gear for Fishing Reviewed - Top Choices for 2024

Die-hard anglers know that foul weather can mean great fishing, and a little rain and wind won’t keep them off the water. They do this with the help of the best rain gear for fishing But to make the most of the action a front can bring with it, you need outerwear that can shed […]

101 Fishing Quotes

We know you're eager to see our huge list of fishing quotes. Take a look below. Fishing Quotes 1. “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after,” Henry David Thoreau. 2. “If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage […]

Best Monofilament Fishing Lines Reviewed: Mono is Better Than You Might Think

Humble nylon monofilament has been around for a long time, and chances are, you started fishing with it before you switched to fancier braided lines or fluorocarbon. It’s an unfortunate truth that many anglers now sneer at mono as an inferior product. We’re not convinced that they should, and we’d like to explain why. Nylon […]

Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines Reviewed: Using Fluorocarbon as a Main Line

To help you decide if fluorocarbon is for you, we’ll discuss fluorocarbon in depth, assess its utility, and recommend the situations in which we think it shines. We’ll also provide reviews of some of our favorites for . Here's a quick glance of the best fluorocarbon fishing line on the market today: Related: Best Fishing […]

Best Spincast Reels Reviewed: Quality Alternatives to Baitcasting and Spinning Reels

The best spincast reel is simple and more than up to the task of bluegill, crappie, perch, catfish, walleye, trout, bass, specks, reds, and most pike. Better yet, they're affordable and well made! If you’re looking for the best spincast reel, want to give one a try, or are thinking about where to get one […]

Best Spinning Rods for 2024 - Buying Guide and Reviews

Talk to any experienced angler, and you’ll quickly realize that the right rod plays a huge role in their success. In fact, a good rod, quality line, an excellent reel, and the right lures are nearly as important as raw skill and know-how. But there’s an old adage about lures that applies to rods as […]

Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Odds

Fly Fishing small streams and creeks can offer explosive excitement, and you’ll often find me working a local river that’s about two rod-lengths across at its widest points. The trout can be thick as thieves there on the best days, but they’re as wary as a cat at a dog park! If you’re having trouble […]

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