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Written by: Pete Danylewycz
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The Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel offers a great option even for more experienced anglers who are looking for an effective way to battle fish of all shapes and sizes. This reel has a durable carbon body that means that you will be able to keep using it for many years to come without any problems. Its line management system is second to none, and there are many other things about it to love.

Abu Garcia Reco SX Review

Some of the features of the Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel include:

  • 8 stainless steel Bearings and one roller bearing provide increased corrosion protection.
  • Am-gearing System offers precision Machined gears for extreme smoothness.
  • Computer optimized gear design for extreme efficiency.
  • Carbon matrix Hybrid drag System for smooth reliable drag performance.
  • Im-c6 body design.

This spinning reel’s line management system is definitely on the best things about it. It is a combination of the Rocket Spool Lip Design and the Everlast Bail System, so your line will always lay completely flat on the spool no matter what your technique or lure weight is like.

Another great thing about the Revo SX spinning reel is the drag, which is simply incredible. It begins without any hesitation at all, and it functions very smoothly as the fish starts going into the deeper water. If you want a reel that will provide you with the power and strength you need to draw fish away from their cover, this one is ideal.

The body of this reel is made of an x-Craftic alloy frame and C6 carbon body, which results in a very lightweight and corrosion-resistant design. This means that you should have absolutely no problem at all using this reel in saltwater or freshwater. The red and black color scheme looks very nice, and the foam grips make holding it a comfortable experience to say the least.

The overall performance of this reel is outstanding, and it is designed to handle smaller fish as well as big game fish. The spool lip on this reel has a slight angle to it, which can help out a lot with allowing the line to flow freely. If you typically use lightweight bait when fishing, this is a great choice.

Pros and Cons

The durable and high-performance design of the Revo SX is certainly worth taking into consideration if you are in the process of looking for a new spinning reel. This reel is designed for efficiency, and it is highly versatile as well. The carbon matrix hybrid drag system is one of its best features, as it maximizes drag performance.

Although it’s a fairly minor, one of the few negative things about this reel is the slight discoloration in a fairly small section on the handle, which might look a bit unsightly to some.


The Abu Garcia Revo SX spinning reel is an excellent choice for both beginning anglers and more experienced ones. Its durable and efficient design makes it a great selection for anyone who wants to step up their fishing game in a big way.

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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Pete grew up fishing on the Great Lakes. Whether he's casting a line in a quiet freshwater stream or battling a monster bass, fishing is his true passion.
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